Monday 11 August 2014

A third force


Last time the word third force was playing on our lips was after a group of PKR members of parliament quit their party in 2010 and formed the independent bloc Konsensus Bebas. The performed well as independent MPs in Dewan Rakyat.

The group of five led by the then PKR Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim left after ‘doubts overcame confidence’ in Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership.

Zahrain, who was former PKR Penang state chairman, dumped the party following prolonged differences with Anwar Ibrahim and Penang chief minister cum DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng.

“Political parties place the party agenda as their primary interest and the leaders are inclined to grab power. The rakyat are victims of the struggle for power and position,” Zahrain had said then when announcing the consensus’ aspiration to be the third force.

It has been more than four years since the announcement in June 2010. Today we’re are in the midst of another political drama, courtesy of the same party and the same power crazy purveyors of democracy, good governance, rule of law, justice and freedom

These are also the very same politicians who cried ‘conspiracy of the highest order’ when the books were thrown at them in the past.

This latest episode in PKR’s never ending drama should certainly rekindle debate on the need for a third force in national politics.

Politicians and political parties have become so self-centered that the society is divided and becoming increasingly insane by the day. This applies to both sides of the divide, including their respective populists and apologists.

We seriously need to bring sanity back because in the present state of affairs, morals, ethics and rule of law have surrendered to unscrupulous politics.

What else can you say when the likes of DAP, a party filled to the brim with lawyers turned politicians whose cry for human rights and freedom reaches far corners of the world, supports Anwar’s dictatorship?

Are these not the same, now seemingly pseudo champions, who accused others of dictatorship and demanded foreign governments and international organizations to censure ‘those dictators and their draconian Government of Malaysia?

How could DAP, the party that often rides the moral high horse and preaches rule of law, agree to a desperate politician’s move to remove a sitting chief executive officer of a state government by force?

Is Khalid Ibrahim not innocent until proven guilty or is that privilege only enjoyed by Pakatan’s de facto leader?

Why is the DAP stooping so low by condoning such illegal acts? Is it all about politics and power or does it also involve huge financial consideration and the coffers?

Speculation is abound but PAS has certainly stood up giving a glimmer of hope for those within Pakatan who expected political sanity. The Syura Council’s reasons and rationale of supporting Khalid Ibrahim is nothing but a commendable act of political maturity.

Pas appears like the lone party with one eye, in the blind bind of Pakatan. We shall watch closely if politics overtakes common sense along the way although this time around Pas has made it crystal clear.

Pas’ spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang standing against Anwar’s latest antics is indeed refreshing. Political observers heave a sigh of relief as many thought such bravado ended with the late YB Karpal Singh.

Who could possibly forget Karpal’sAnwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat statement?

But is the DAP merely a confused partner in this latest ‘Who wants to be the MB’ show?

Conveniently side stepping its own fallacy of supporting PKR’s draconian action against the Selangor MB, DAP leaders have now started ranting against Pas’ offer for Khalid to join them.

A populist DAP leader had even described Pas’ offer to Khalid as nauseating. He is however still mum over Pakatan’s cowboy politics in Selangor.

This is the state of the ‘Ini kali lah!’ politics introduced by those who made Malaysians believe that the Barisan Nasional led government was so unworthy and corrupt.

Many conveniently forgot the fact that the BN had managed and administered Malaysia for almost six decades. It may not be perfect but the coalition’s track record is not a secret.

Certainly BN is not free from blame or weaknesses. Just look at BN’s state of health in Selangor at the moment. Truth may hurt but it would be naïve to continue to hide facts.

Only Umno appears to be still standing in Selangor but the BN lynchpin itself is void of a leader and/or leadership. We cannot continue to expect the BN chairman or deputy chairman to spoon-feed the once all too powerful BN Selangor.

Umno and the BN have not identified or shown the people of Selangor their new leaders, after the old ones were rejected in two consecutive general elections.

As even BN looks comfortable with old horses, the need for a third force in national politics appears even more pressing now than four years ago.

Even if Pas leaves Pakatan and decides to run the race all by itself, the nation needs a new political force to narrow the divide. It’s a dire need for voice of reason to be transformed into a political force.

Not a pipe dream

Talk is now rife about a group of influential leaders, a big chunk of them from PKR, contemplating to start the ball rolling for a functioning ‘third force’.

This group, sources close to a senior PKR leader say, are convinced that DAP’s politics of hatred and Anwar’s charming deceptions are both nearing the end of their shelf life.

“This is the right time for those who have lost trust and confidence in Anwar and Pakatan to breakaway. They have a valid reason to do so now, based on the same grounds that Pas is reconsidering its association with Pakatan.

“These leaders are taking into consideration the most likely outcome of Anwar’s sodomy case too,” a lawyer familiar with the dealings confirmed.

If sanity prevails, we could be witnessing another exodus and a new group of independent elected representatives in the state assembly and in Dewan Rakyat. This time around it may even lead to the birth of a new political party. A back to basics party that is people-friendly.

Those who “Eat, pray and love” good governance, human rights and democracy would certainly join this new force.

p/s Khalid Ibrahim’s lawyers are said to be working overtime drafting legal notices against those who had issued malicious, slanderous and defamatory statements against the Selangor Mentri Besar.


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