Thursday 14 August 2014

BN should be magnanimous not opportunistic


Barisan Nasional must not accept appointments to the Selangor state executive council, if such an offer comes its way.

Speculations are widespread with multiple theories and strategies and one of them has it that embattled Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, who is now an independent, might consider appointing BN representatives to the state Exco.

In a pre-emptive move Pas leaders have come out strongly against any such move to accommodate BN, particularly Umno.

Thus, it is important for Umno to ward off any such temptations and stay true to the announced ‘no-strings-attached’ backing for Khalid as the MB. Any dealing for positions would only raise questions about BN’s sincerity in times of crisis.

Leaders aligned to Anwar Ibrahim have started whipping this rumour about Umno being included in the Exco, as a face saving measure from the humiliation handed down to them by Khalid.

Khalid had sacked all PKR and DAP Exco members who conspired to sabotage his administration via a ‘pact’. Only PKR’s Rodziah Ismail remains in the shrunken Exco line-up that includes four Pas representatives.

Technically and probably from the legal perspective too, the unexpected sacking should have effectively ended the legitimacy of the Pakatan-led Selangor state government.

Pakatan is not a legal, registered organisation like the 14-party coalition of BN.

Khalid remains as MB today because Pas, Umno (together they have 27 seats) and several other independent-minded state assemblymen, including Khalid, make up the required majority. It is no longer a Pakatan government.

If BN is indeed interested in regaining lost trust and people’s confidence then the coalition must stand in support of Khalid and Pas without any strings attached, at least for the immediate term.

No pacts, back-room dealings for positions or concessions, please!

Ini BN, bukan Pakatan Anwar Ibrahim kan?



Rashid said...

Totaly agree for Umno to stay as Khalid friendly ADUN

See Yow Kiah said...

You potong steam. The bn fellas must be dreaming of being exco already. Be true to the cause and be faithful to the people, bn. You will be rewarded when the time comes.

Arim said...

UMNO must not join PAS in the administration of Selangor. It is for UMNO's good since the party will not be tied down. Let the PAS dunggus enjoy their short term fruits of labour . These people don't use their heads to study and analyse historical events. Give Khalid the full support so that the rakyat can benefit.

SNS said...

Don't need to join exco. Otherwise, PAS will ask BN to reciprocate in Federal positions. Lagi pening.

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