Wednesday 6 August 2014

Sedition for explaining corruption?


I almost fell off my chair after reading the newly minted Wanita MCA chief's gallant call for Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin to be charged for sedition. Going by the tone of Datuk Heng Seai Kie's statement, I'm sure she would have demanded for the former Information Minister to be locked up in Kamunting if the ISA had not been repealed by Najib.

Charge ex-minister with sedition over bribery comment, says MCA 

MCA wants a former Umno minister to be charged with sedition for disparaging the Chinese as being the "biggest givers of bribes in the country".

Describing Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin's posting on his blog on Sunday as "rhetoric-filled racial discrimination", Wanita MCA chief Datuk Heng Seai Kie challenged the former Information minister to prove his claims or apologise for his slander.

"I urge the attorney-general to charge him under the Sedition Act so as to set an example and serve a warning to others," she said in a statement today. - Malaysian Insider

Well, why would you want to charge someone for stating facts about popular public perception for decades?

I would suggest Datuk Heng to embark on a fact finding mission to rebut Zainuddin's statement that the 'Chinese are the biggest gives of bribes in the country'. Heng, go get an independent body to do a poll if you dare.

Maybe Heng, by virtue of being a national MCA leader, should stop living in denial and organise awareness campaigns to fight corruption among the community she represents.

I just have a few simple question for Heng.

Q. Who do you think initially introduced and bred corruption in this country? 

A - Farmers and fishermen

B - Rubber Tappers and railway hands

C - Civil servant and Security guards

D - Traders and Businessmen

Q. Who runs brothels, prostitution dens, gambling dens, mesin kuda, secret societies, ah long, smuggling syndicates, sleazy massage parlours and human trafficking ? 

Q. Who are the drug kingpins in this country and beyond? 

Q. If a big number of the civil servants today are said to be corrupt, who corrupted them?

Q.Who sells almost anything and everything for money?

I don't mean to offend my Chinese friends by posing the above questions but hypocrites and desperate politicians like Heng must remember that facts would remain facts, no matter who you are.

Don't try your populist political antics too often to score points. Try embarking on something more worthwhile.

As much as we don't deny the role of any community in building this nation, we must also be wise enough to accept facts as they are. Don't do a YTL lah!

NOTE: Datuk Heng may want to consider keeping her hands off the can of worms and try organising joint anti-Corruption awareness programs with the MACC. MACC may have some factual record of graft offenders in the country too.  MACC don't take action against corrupted minds, do they?



lalala said...

If you try to bribe a Malay police in Singapore, he will arrest you. So why can't the same fucking Melayu policeman do the same?

You and Zam can go fuck yourself. Fucking keling.

adieu1999 said...

Heng Seai Kie, pilihanraya pon xboleh nak menang, lg byk nunyi nk dakwa² orang. Ape nk ckp xbetul perception smua orang selama ni?

Pwince said...

Well, an obvious riposte would be to ask, ever so politely, who are the biggest receivers of bribes in the country?

It takes two hands to clap, doesn't it? Unless one is a contortionist of unparalleled skill.

Whatever happened to saying "no" when offered a bribe?

To put it bluntly, for every giver, there is a taker.

Givers wouldn't exist if there are no takers.

A fact that apparently Zam's vaunted intellect has failed to grasp.

But, of course, he wouldn't be expected to know about such exotic creatures like "commission" agents, middlemen, rent seekers and such like. Would he?

Mustapha Ong said...

We are all concerned about corruptions that are still rampant in our country. Saudara Zam should not have accused a single race and community (Chinese) that is responsible for being the majority giver in corruptions, but should have made a general statement in the issue raised publicly. I believe the other races Malay, Indian and others are also equally responsible as the givers and takers in the corrupt practices.

Dhahran Sea said...

Ayo so righteous aa? Typical la, your unke s'pore is the best country on the planet aa? If its so good why don't you fuck go and fuck live there laa..sepet (I assume la)...

Apanama said...

Cut out the f@#k and other vulgar words please. Such comments may not be published. TQ

operandek said...

Not all cases of attemted bribery were brought to justice partly because those who were offered bribes might not want to prolong the matter.

If let say the ratio of attemted bribery and actual bribery is 10:1, meaning, there are so many potential givers out there.

Hence, more incentive and protection must be offered to those who were offered bribes so as to encourage them to take the givers to court.

If this is made possible, the number of potential givers also gonna get less and less and in tandem. In the end, it is a good deterence for attempted bribery and true bribery.

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nagaman said...

Bingo Apanama raised right questions. Silly Heng.
Is MCA going on big time denial campaign to appear hero to Chinese. ? Zam said said some truths, bitter it may be. Even chinese recognise corrupt practices rampant amongst Chinese- but that its a way of life. Bribery was way of doiing business amongst chinese business community. Highest bidder wins. For them there's nothing wrong, that's how they do business. Its all business, nothing personal. The word corruption appeared when the practice was brought to administrators , civil servants. Without a doubt the rampant givers were Chinese, big money involved, big contracts, so why not after all they were the business men and towkays with money. I think we have all lived with that truth. SO MCA and Heng a bit late to kick a big fuss and protest. Zam stated the obvious. And its equally true many takers from the Chinese bribers are also Malays.

SO what the hell la Heng. You were defeated in the last elections like many other MCA candidates. The ones who appeared most anti Malay like Wee Ka Siong sailed home. Is that why now you want to take that route.?

The fact is that Heng like many MCA leaders lost the plot. You wanted to appear 'badder' and more 'rascist' then the rascist DAP. You can't win la unless you join DAP. Because the hard truth remains , like other UMNO candidates who lost- you all relied on too much rhetorics. But you were lazy and did not attend to your constituents needs. You were busy pussy footing and bodeking the leader. You just didnt do your job and take care of the Chinese and your voters, be with them and not appear once in while . All these sabre rattlings and being 'more holier than thou ' and want to appear more radical than the next Chinese in DAP.
Its not going to work. Attacking Zam will only make you a zero to zero but no hero.

What Heng can offer to do is admit it and what can you do about it. And if you insist the takers are also Malays , then do something about that too because you believe its wrong not because you want to score points. But ever since you lost many seats you and a few MCA leaders think that you must be seen to
be more anti Malay then the DAP. SO you beat your chest and 'foul' any first chance you get.

Aiyooo.. please la Heng....such devious politics dont work anymore. Go back to basics. Go and serve the people even if you are no longer and MP. Thats the real test, the real hero. I hate to rub this in. But be more like Gerakan uncle Mah.