Wednesday 29 October 2014

A trophy many moons ago

Tourism Ministry should be looking into similar adventure programmes to re-introduce Malaysia to the younger generation (of the world) who may not know of Camel Trophy and the muddy terrains of our hinterland.

We must go back to basics since we are fast losing our 'unity in diversity' attraction to unbridled freedom and reckless democracy.

I don't think tourists would be interested in street protests and students breaking into universities, so we need to take tourists and our young back to the jungle. Our Orang Asli in Semenanjung and Orang Ulu in Sarawak could teach these outsiders a thing or two about peace, unity and respect.

Take tourists to the rural areas and jungles before they get entangled in our daily dosage of idiosyncrasy and confuse themselves of what this blessed land is all about.

Such 'back to basics' trip would also be more informative and educational than the loads of zero-quality reality shows clouding the minds of our young on the various TV channels nowadays.

Anyone staring at quality control on the kind of rubbish that is allowed to be aired on TV nowadays? LPF does censorship but who ensures minimum quality?

Ok, lets get back to basics before we start another argument on who touches what.


Pulang lah ke-pangkal jalan. Nampak macam dah sesat ni.

In 1993 it was Camel Trophy Sabah, this time lets do Camel Trophy Malaysia.


Brock Rumlow said...

Well, there are Malaysians out there who would love these outdoor adventure stuff but you see, Mother Nature is getting gang-raped by our so-called developers.

The EKVE Highway? It'll cut through the Ampang Forest Reserve & since it'll be build, why not degazette the whole place and build more condos?

"Legal" timber logging? It's slowly eating into the Kenong Rimba State Park in Kuala Lipis. Only when the locals caused an uproar then the logging has been scuppered, for now.

What about Perak? The Royal Belum - Temenggor State Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Malaysia and yet you can see barges bringing timber from deep in the forest to God-knows-where.

Cameron Highlands? Minister G. Palanivel said he is "powerless" against the ruthless buccaneers of illegal farmlands.

Rape. Sadly, it's in our culture.

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Anony said...

"Pulanglah ke pangkat Jalan. Nampak macam dah sesat ni."

Are you also referring to 1MDB, MH 370, etc?