Friday 31 October 2014

If you are a 'daun keladi', its your funeral


As journalist and observers who remain strong supporters of the Government we think its our responsibility to engage more in constructive criticism rather than pointing fingers at the Opposition all the time.

Certainly the Opposition pact of Pas, DAP and PKR is a joke and the jokers have proved beyond any doubt that "Pakatan Rakyat' is indeed a joke. The latest drama in Selangor is testimony to that. So lets just leave them alone and see how BN actually fares in public eye.

No doubt Barisan Nasional stands slightly taller than the jokers now but BN members, particularly Umno, its president and all the president's apple polishers, must realise the fact that the slight edge comes only by default. You look better simply because the Opposition bunch are stabbing each other in public.

But if we look closely, the coalition of 13 or 14 political parties representing almost all the various ethnic groups and sub-groups in the country, is actually in deep slumber. Barisan Nasional is not functioning and performing as it should for a coalition which has governed this nation continuously since 1957.

It appears as though the BN has outsourced it duties to others outside the framework of the coalition.

Does BN function as it should/expected at the respective DUN, parliamentary, state level? From feedback gathered, many state assemblymen and parliamentarians couldn't remember off-hand the last time they had a BN meeting in their respective area.

How does BN function at the state level? Do state component party leaders sit down often to deliberate on issues and matters affecting the people in their state or is BN being run worse than a feudal third world framework?

Excluding BN meeting for 'allocations/peruntukan' during elections and by-elections, when was the last time your state BN leadership met and made decisions/suggestions on say the flood woes, crime, the mushrooming of online gambling dens and such?

By the way, does anyone remember when was the last time the BN supreme council (represented by all component party leaders) had their meeting? It looks like even the Malay Rulers meet more often than the ruling coalition.

Sultan Raja Nazrin of Perak appears to understand the real feelings and sentiments on the ground better than Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. What does that tell you?

Is BN still serious about continued administration of this blessed nation or is the coalition in a 'ready to surrender mode' ?

These are questions which each and every BN member should be asking themselves. These are questions which the Chairman of BN and all the polishers around him should be pondering about.

Stop shrinking your small minds further and find excuses to please yourselves and your boss as to why writers/bloggers are criticising the leadership, or the lack of it. We are certainly not criticising the Prime Minister and the the goons around him because 'Apco was not paying us' - as a little bird-brained aide from the high office has been heard saying.

Grow up. Not everyone is incompetent and shameless like you guys who carry tittles and positions but do nothing much but golf, engage in self promoting activities and self-fill datukship award letters. We really don't have to get personal but please stop covering your utter incompetence and lack of understanding of the ground situation by defaming others, especially writers/journalists.

Don't expect us to be like your obedient khadams for whom stinking gasses would smell like roses in their Facebook jottings and propaganda pieces.

I don't think Datuk Seri Najib Razak would need the services of foreign CONsultan to determine what the Umno president/Prime Minister should or should not say, and how he should say it, what words he should use and who he should blame in times of disaster.

The PM would not require the services of these foreigners who are now going around throwing their weight in ministries and minister's offices (with name cards proclaiming them as Prime Minister's staff)  if those of you (locals) who are entrusted to serve the Prime Minister are competent enough to do what you are entrusted to do. Get your act together before this goes into details and personal.

Back to the Barisan Nasional story. The Prime Minister said the days the Government knew it all was over. It looks like the days the BN knew it all is also over. Friends tell me even the days the Umno supreme council knew it all is over. They say even the Umno supreme council is fast becoming a yes-man forum, save for the remaining 'fire' from a few old timers.

So, who knows it all now... or rather who makes decisions for the rakyat now? It certainly doesn't look like the Barisan Nasional, the ruling coalition which has been entrusted by the people, makes any vital decision at all.

Tell me I'm wrong, and prove it.

p/s Kita kritik sebab kita sayangkan negara ini, bukan sebab APCO atau pegawai Perdana Menteri gagal memberi suapan berbentuk wang ringgit. Hentikanlah fitnah sebelum azab memakan anak bini. Jalankan lah tugas dan tanggungjawab dengan amanah. Gaji/upah akan ditakrif haram jika tugas tidak dilaksana. 


ray said...

Great insight, a timely WAKE UP call.
Jokowi's Indonesia will overtake Malaysia very soon if Rosmah is still ribbing PM ahjibgor.

Malaysian girls may even end up as maids for Indonesian rich. The men may become Mat Kontrak.

rakyat biasa said...

re: "Sultan Raja Nazrin of Perak appears to understand the real feelings and sentiments on the ground better than Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. What does that tell you?"

That the PM might as well be a sultan? But it would be hard to equal the Sultan of Perak's sterling educational qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Tahun 2020 Azeeeeeeez Rahim akan jadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


Anony said...

Ataupun Ku Nan?

Anonymous said...

Setuju..... Hiccup azeeeeeeeeeez. Kaki sapu project

kuman said...

The Prime Minister said the days the Government knew it all was over and thats why he hired the knew all CONSULTANTS . SEE That Ah Gib Gor, May Allah Swt beri hidayah pada Najib Tun Razak.

Suhaimi Khalid said...

Assalam Tuan.
Memang saya sering menjenguk blog Tuan. Tapi inilah pertama kali saya mencoretkan komen. Sebabnya? Inilah kenyataan yang paling dan jelas dan tegas daripada Tuan. Perasaan geram yang sudah lama terbuku di hati saya nampaknya sudah berbenih di hati dan perasaan Tuan. Sebelum ini, perasaan yang sama dapat saya kesan dengan jelas sekali pada tulisan DSKJ dan Tuan Syed di OSTB. SYABAS! (Mungkin Rocky's Bru pun kurang bermaya sekarang.)

Tapi, sayang sekali. Pandangan dan kritikan yang diberikan bagai masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan. Kalau ada respons sekalipun, amat tidak memuaskan. Kalau keadaan yang menjengkelkan berterusan, apakah masih cukup sekadar memberikan teguran, pandangan, dsb? Dan sampai bila?

Rasa saya, perlu ada suatu gerakan secara besar-besaran dengan tindakan yang berkesan - bukan secara kekerasan - oleh pelbagai lapisan masyarakat untuk mengubah keadaan demi kesejahteraan anak, cucu, cicit kita pada masa depan. Kalau memang BN dan PR tak boleh diharapkan. suatu gabungan baharu wajar ditubuhkan MULAI SEKARANG!

Sudah-sudahlah dengan pandangan dan kritikan tanpa tindakan.

Terima kasih,
Bekas Ahli UMNO Lama Bahagian Segamat.

Anon said...

During my days when our superior told us to tie the horse at a certain place we would tell him if we thought that the horse would die if we did so as instructed.

Anonymous said...

Akhirnya Barisan mengadakan mesyuarat semalam. Terima kasih atas teguran saudara. Moga pemimpin sedar dan pulang kepangkal jalan sebelum hilang segalanya.

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