Sunday 26 October 2014

What are we coding in our young ?


This is no special class -- it is a scene being recreated across England, which in September became the first major world economy to make coding a compulsory subject for children in publicly-funded schools from the age of five.
The government overhauled the computing curriculum after industry figures warned that children were not learning the skills they needed to compete in the 21st century.
And now these pupils are not just playing computer games, but learning how to make them. - The Mole

While Britain eyes digital future and prepare kids today to be masters of tomorrow we in Malaysia seem to be busy with never ending politics, provocation and lunatics who are given room and space in mainstream discussions and dialogues.

Whether they are deliberate moves or naive steps of a growing number of idiots among us, we as a nation seem to be easily provoked and our mind clouded by otherwise non-issues.

Well, I don't see why touching a dog is so wrong but on the same note I really don't understand why you have to organise a doggy event to touch dogs. I also don't see the point of a certain newspaper really going all out for that particular touch a dog event. What is the point here? Who are you provoking?

And now we have another fellow deciphering Halloween after a few centuries. Do we really have to entertain such clowns?

While this is all that seems to be going around us in mainstream debates/discussions on a daily basis, what kind of coding do you expect our kids to master?



IT.Scheiss said...

In 2011, I attended a conference where a Malaysian cabinet deputy minister spoke so proudly about how Malaysia had the highest number of Facebook users per capita.

So, that is how Malaysia will achieve the goal of becoming a developed nation, with a high income, knowledge-based economy by the year 2020 - i.e. by having even more Facebook users per capita.

Good for Britain that she has made computer coding a compulsory subject starting from primary school.

IT.Scheiss said...

Oh yes! About Halloween.

The Chinese already have the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, which could be called "Chinese Halloween", so why do we need to celebrate the western Halloween?

Apanama said...

The last I checked, Halloween is not even a public holiday. ;-)

Anonymous said...

They don't have to, but if they want to then no one should stop them

Praxis said...

-Battle lines have been clouded by a weak incumbent leadership.

-Dr Mahathir's vision, technological genius, and world-class statesmanship downplayed because of his Muslim background.

- his probity also taken advantage of

-Battle lines have been clearly and simply drawn up - Malay dilemma and Chinese dilemma

-While outcomes are in God's hands, we have to continue lend support to the forces of higher statesmanship.

raayeop said...

wow... dan anak2 kita hanya tahu menggunakan gadjets untuk bermain games.. cuba lihat siapakah yang menghabiskan masa di internet center bermain game sepanjang hari..