Thursday 16 October 2014

Malaysia needs ISA-like law

IS-Arrest copy

The IGP may never say it publicly again but it is an open secret that the the No 1 crime buster and his men are hoping against hope for the Government to reintroduce some form of a strict preventive law to keep to this nation and her people safe.

We are not only facing threats from senseless terrorists and religious extremists but also half-past-six gangsters who have started hurling hand-grenades in public places.

The threat is real. This is not some consultant churned out fictitious fear mongering. A big majority of parliamentarians would agree that Malaysia needs some sort of a no-nonsense law to deal with lunatics and would be lunatics among us.

Parliament is in session now and, like the men in blue, we could only hope for common sense to prevail among our elected representatives.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi, touted as someone who has a better feel of the grassroot-pulse, could lead a move by parliamentarians to demand for a new preventive law.

No doubt that the Prevention of Crime Act (PCA) is good but it is not good enough to handle terrorism in its new refined form.

Deep inside everyone knows, and agree, that Malaysia needs an ISA-like law badly. Even some Opposition politicians are privately accusing the Government of no consulting the rakyat before ISA was abruptly abolished.

Why play politics then?

p/s Just make sure the new law has no room for abuse/mis-use... or dumb politicians with an iPhone 6.



shahrom wahid said...

Malaysia needs ISA law not ISA like law. Bring back ISA. We do not want the state of unlawlessnes under the cloak of democracy to happen in this country. We have to learn from Arab and Hong Kong Springs. Not good for economy and family well being!!!!!!!

Malaysian said...

That may be true but please make sure this is not used against politician especially opposition. I am sure Malaysian will support ISA against criminals but not for political gain by UMNO.