Tuesday 31 March 2015

1MDB, Hudud and the looming darkness

Well, injustice could also land you in hell especially if it's committed under the pretext of doing good for society. 

The fear of injustice has been the sole stumbling block that prevented the ruling government from supporting Pas' Hudud for more than five decades. But after holding the fort and putting the interest of the multiracial society before politics for more than five decades, things appear to be changing now.

Umno has openly endorsed Pas' Hudud in Kelantan although for so long Umno had refused support because Pas' Hudud was not the same as the Syariah law spelled out in the Quran. Suddenly all those arguments and ridicule against Pas' Hudud appears to have come to nought. Suddenly some Umno leaders are trying hard to convince you that Pas' Hudud is something that has been prescribed in the Quran. 

Political expediency at its best? I hope not but Umno appears to be standing tall with Pas, at least in Kelantan.

Both Pas and Umno are weak in their own way, within their own grouping, but are they stooping so low as to use/abuse Hudud for their political survival? 

On one hand Abdul Hadi Awang appears to be hoisting the Negara Islam flag once again, via this latest Hudud saga, after having given it up a couple of years ago. Negara Islam was traded for Negara Kebajikan for political expediency before the last general election. Now it looks like a different ball game with Umno joining the band. Whatever it is, it never was and never is about upholding Islam and its teachings.

On another front Umno appears busy flogging the same horse to drown growing opposition against its president Najib Razak and his failure to lead. Topping the list of the growing opposition and concerns against Najib is the 1MDB scandal. Jet-setting flamboyance is among others in the long list of disapproval.  

Some say Umno has joined the Hudud bandwagon, not out of sudden conviction, but merely to stop the eroding grassroots support and most importantly to overlay the dark shadows of 1MDB that is looming around the corner. 

1MDB is hanging like the Sword of Damocles over Najib's head and Umno has to do all it could to save its president. I think Umno could do better by just changing its president and that too, I'm sure, would remain as an option especially when more shit hits the fan.

Recent moves suggest that 1MDB could be nearing its end and could be completely shut down. Asset stripping is already in motion. None other than 1MDB critic Nazir Razak's CIMB has been appointed to oversee some of 1MDB's 'fire sale'. 

What next? 

Would those who stole/cheated/siphoned/conned/acted stupid/closed one eye and/or responsible for 1MDB losing hundreds of millions if not billions of Ringgit be put out to dry or would such acts of treason be wrapped up and summarised as 'bad investment' ? 

If at all action is taken against those responsible in the 1MDB scandal, I propose for them to be tried in the state of Kelantan. I believe traitors would be served harsher punishment under Pas' Hudud.

In the meantime, would such traitors be called in for questioning and remanded for investigations or would 'wolves from walled street' be treated differently? 

Remember, injustice will lead you to hell.

p/s Rest assured that no amount of diversion, spinning, propaganda, character assassinations, threats and intimidation could right what is wrong. 

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Anonymous said...

Ah Jib Gor is a problem in his own personality, so how can he lead the Malays, let alone Malaysia? It is necessary at this point in time for all to reflect on how such a character could have climbed so high up the ranks of UMNO. It should never have been because his dad once did something good for the nation, should it?

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that in 2014 Malaysia saw the loss of Two National Carriers under mysterious circumstances...Serious Floods (above average impact)... invasion by terrorists in Sabah and... lower income due to halving in oil prices!

If the above signs are ignored, more will come at the people's demise.

bakri said...

Dear Sir

I can agree no less than what you said about 1MDB. 1MDB has done its damage to the country and the masses. While addressing on how to get out of this big mess (ought to be done by a new PM and not the existing one) punishing those who have taken full advantage in the course of putting 1MDB into jeopardy ought to be addressed. In this connection the PM who pushed for the 1MDB loans with all its shady deals must be fully held accountable.
With regard to hudud be it political as it may seem to be, I beg to differ. I am of the view the Allah's law must be upheld. PAS took the right step in jump starting the hudud. We as Muslims ought to give our support to PAS and UMNO on hudud. I do not subscribe to the hudud now being PAS's wholesale. Hudud implementation may not be easy but implement we must. Good deeds always do not come easy and objections and hindrances are to be expected. Our Prophet Muhammad SAW when introducing islam to the Quraishis faced intense challenges initially eventhough he was at the time known to be a trustworthy person (al amin). We have so many knowledgeable ulamas within and outside this blessed Malaysia who can contribute towards meaningful implementation of hudud, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Recently one monkey told members that our economy was at its strongest by referring to our reserves which has increased from rm30b plus to more than rm300b now.

My questions are:
1) how did you derive on that?
2) if the economy is so great why gst?
3) govt kept saying gst was meant for country's development. What developments are you talking about? You dont just give huge amount to somebody without knowing the exact purpose/usage of the money.
4) what has the govt done that has bring income to the nation in wide scale? Please briefly describe
5) why is the life of people getting worst economically when the country has so much reserves?

I hope someone from the goverment could answer these questions for the people

Anonymous said...

Saudara Bakri, Allah's law must certainly be upheld; it is personally obligatory (fardu ain) as also obligatory upon the community (fardu kifayah) of Muslims, to do so. Allahumma irhamna wal muslimin.

That is why Encik Bakri the authoritative scholars (ulamak muktabar) of classical Islamic tradition uphold the Asha'irah creedal beliefs which are founded on the heritage of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and the Quranic revelation.
The ulamak muktabar have overwhelmingly agreed over the last 1000 years that there are five outstanding objectives in the formulation and implementation of the Islamic Syariah - known as the Maqasid al-Syariah ( pls Google for more info on this).
Now, as you admit, Malaysia has many excellent scholars who are thoroughly conversant on the multifarious meanings and objectives of the syariah law of the
Law-Giver, Lord Most Just and Merciful.
Even Sheikh Yusuf al-Qardawi has asserted what is known as the "Fiqh of Priorities" (fiqh al-aulawiyah) in the formulation and implementation of rules and regulations in Islam. He warns us against oversight and zealotry.
To summarize, could we enquire of you Encik Bakri which excellent Islamic scholars are you referring to when you support the Islamist Pas' political hudud ambitions?
The blessed Prophet s.a.w. warned us Muslims against hypocrisy and evil intentions in our actions - ESPECIALLY when we do it in the name of Islam and Muhammad s.a.w.
Sir, is this nation devoid of or short of good laws to protect the justice and compassion in our society of human beings?
If your grievance is that high-level politicians in the government are presuming to be above the law in their corrupt practices, then it is naive to think that those high-level politicians in the opposition are much more likely to dispense justice and compassion, given their dismal track records - surely you are aware that some of their aged chiefs are liable to be stoned for their illegitimate sexual indecencies; surely you are aware that the monies Hadi Awang collected "on behalf of" the widows and orphans of the Memali Baling tragedy have never been dispensed to them (pls Google Cikgu Non dan Memali).
If the law makers and enforcers do not possess integrity of character and conscienable intelligence, then who would pronounce them qualified to implement ANY system of laws - ESPECIALLY the "pointedly punitive" nature of PAS-HUDUD.

Wa ilahukum ilahu wahidan, La ilaha illa huwa ar-Rahmanir Rahim

Anonymous said...

Manusia tidak berhak menghukum dgn hukum Allah swt. Hudud adalah hukum Allah swt. No wonder whoever wanted to implement it ended doing injustice instead if justice. No wonder all the coutries that implement hudud are doomed. Its because they go against what Allah says. The impossibility in some of hudud judging process like 4 witnesses in zina cases already explained that it is not for the human to simply judge and punish others with hukum Allah swt. We need to come out with our own way of investigation and judging process and our own punishment and hope that no person is wrongly judged becoz we, the humans can only follow evidence. Even a confession could be made by force. Only Allah swt knows the truth.

Anonymous said...

Again, repeat again, the PAS hudud bill is man-made, not a divine instrument. It has been subject to so many tweakings, revisions, changes, interpretations, looks like too many cooks spoil the broth.
As for 1MDB, why aren't those who issued all those misleading statements on the repatriation of the cayman funds, loans for refinancing, etc. etc taken to task, arrested, and investigated?

Anonymous said...

Bila org2 gomen wat hal takpe...bla rakyat biasa cepat jer nak amik tindakan...mmg cam sial...Allah sahaja yg maha adil dan akan balas keparat2 ni