Thursday 28 May 2015

1MDB - Arul Kanda is back to back Najib

CEO returns for a strategic dinner... and PAC later.
BIG bullshit. No?
BIG bullshit repeated in Parliament by Finance Minister. No?

Bullshit after bullshit. No?

Nur Jazlan: PAC arranging meetings with Arul Kanda, Shahrol

27 MAY 2015 

KUALA LUMPUR: – The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will arrange meetings with 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) chief executive officer (CEO) Arul Kanda Kandasamy and former CEO Datuk Shahrol Halmi as soon as possible following their failure to turn up for their scheduled meetings with the PAC yesterday, said PAC chairman Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed. 

He said PAC would not delay further in calling them up after confusion arose pertaining to the letter sent to Ministry of Finance (MoF) by the PAC on May 6 for them to testify before the committee. 
“Don’t worry, they will come (to give their statements), they have already made public that they will come. “We also do not want to delay this procedure, we will be calling them up as soon as possible, there is no more delay, the confusion that arose between the MoF and the two witnesses (in regards to the letter) caused some slight problems to us,” he told reporters after holding a meeting with representatives of the Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority at Parliament House today. 

Elaborating further, Nur Jazlan said PAC had sent a letter to MoF on May 6 to get Arul Kanda and Shahrol to give their statements yesterday (May 26) in regards to the PAC’s probe into the company’s dealings. -- BERNAMA

I'm quite sure Datuk Nur Jazlan and his team of MPs in the PAC would have the opportunity to grill Arul Kanda Kandasamy sooner than expected. 

It is understood that the responsible CEO of 1MDB has rushed back to Malaysia from his overseas business engagement to face the PAC in the next few days, or latest by next week. 

It is unclear when Arul Kanda actually landed back in Kuala Lumpur after his unavoidable work commitments overseas but the newly minted CEO did take part in an equally important 'strategic dinner' with prominent figures, some who will go down in history for varying reasons. 

Just hoping that Arul Kanda had grabbed the opportunity to explain how the USD1.103 billion in hard cash could have transformed into assets and later units in a matter of just three months. 

Over and above that, Arul Kanda would have also taken the opportunity to make it clear to Tan Sri Shahrir Samad, Datuk Rahman Dahlan and Mr Paul Stadlen as to how 1MDB had misled MoF officials into believing that the 'units' in the private Swiss bank in Singapore were actually hard cash.

Arul Kanda must not forget that this cash-asset-units twister has now put the Malaysian Prime Minister at risk of being cited for misleading or telling a lie in Parliament. 

A police report has been lodged against Najib over this 'lie'. The police, I'm pretty sure, would be able to wrap up their investigations before the PAC wrap theirs. It's a simple straight forward case. 

If Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail is still in office and not replaced by a young but senior Umno lawyer by the time police conclude their investigations, Gani would have to then decide if there is enough evidence to charge the Prime Minister. (Please make sure the Parliament Hansard doesn't go missing. Tq)

If Malaysia is Italy, Najib would certainly be in Silvio Berlusconi's shoes by now for 'the MoF officers prepared written answer for the Finance Minister'.   

Coming back to last night's jovial Aloft in KL Sentral dinner, Arul Kanda must have also given some exclusive insights to the BNBBC chairman, the Minister and the British Advisor on the possible content of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)'s recent report to Bank Negara. 

Well the fact is that Arul Kanda is back,  just a day and not a month, after his original appointment with the PAC. The PAC could now continue with its interrupted business and set a date to listen to Arul Kanda. 

Malaysians, and some Singaporeans, are eager for his latest 'I can assure you' assurances. 

p/s Wonder if Shahrol would also cut short his one-month postponement and sit for a similar strategic dinner... so that everyone appears to be on the same page before they appear before the PAC. 

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Anonymous said...

Well the drama continues for the clueless PM.

He needs to execute his responsibilities himself and not perpetually delegating to his "trusted" subordinates.

Truly exciting times to watch if they can "tegakkan benang basah".

Anonymous said...

Bangang Jemuan: Never has so much wealth been usurped from Malaysians by such a miniscule intellect. Lord take pity on us common people, we who have no other means but to comply with whatever orders that are handed down from the big people.

Unit Ah Jib said...

WTF ! This Ulama Haji Arul Kandasamy now say it is cash by refuting Sarawak Report here -

But last week Najib and his other morons corrected their reply to Parliament and say it is "Unit"

Anonymous said...

Over and above all else, don't forget Arul has confirmed all financial deals carried out by 1MDB is with the written approval of the Prime Minister Najib.

Thus he has washed his hands clean of all sins, and rightly placed the alleged wrongdoings back to where they belong, with PM Najib.

They can come up with lots of excuses, but always remember:

Borrowed RM42 billion
Buying spree RM15 billion
Where is the missing RM27 billion?

paktam said...

Now we have new extras, TS Shahril Samad and the menteri. How are they involved.

Anonymous said...

Hahhh This Mamat Nasi Kandar sudah pulang untuk Putar K35*&%!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like 1MDB now have Two Boards!

This is needed to fend off Attacks launched by a Lone 90+ year old man!

One Board is Chaired by Wak Lodin and the Other with Shahrir Samad as Chairman...

Of Course PM is "Adviser" to Both Boards.

If that still Doesn't Work he will have to revert to his only secret weapon...Big Mama

Anonymous said...

heh heh

Clueless and gang are tied to Big mama's apron strings ... hhmm ... does that mean she is the puppet master??