Tuesday 21 February 2017

Transparency International - Independent investigation on the 700 million dollar man

Listen to the gentleman in the video. He is Michael Hershman an International Anti Corruption Conference (IACC) council member. 

He was commenting on the USD 700 million (RM2.6 billion) in Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak's personal bank account. This was in September 2015 during the 16th IACC in Putrajaya.

- Don't cover up, don't obstruct justice because it doesn't work. Tell the truth. 
- It is not going to go away. Delay is not going to make this issue go away. The truth will come out.

Transparency International chief Jose Ugaz who spoke at the opening of the conference too was openly critical of the suspected criminal. 

- There are two questions that need to be answered: Who paid the money and why? Where did it go?

- One man could answer those questions. If that does not happen then only a fully independent investigation, free from political interference, can uncover the truth.

- Until that happens, no claim from the government on anti-corruption will be credible.

- "Most insidious of all is political corruption. The twisting and distorting of the law by governments plagued by cronyism and captured by special interests"

Almost one and a half years have gone by since global anti-corruption movement leaders spoke out against the Umno president's infamous billions of ringgit in his personal bank account. 

That one man who could answer those questions have not done so. In fact he is bolder in his lies and deception without regards to rule of law or morality. There is not even an iota of decency, dignity or trustworthiness left in him. 

A fully independent investigation, free from political interference, to uncover the truth, as suggested by Jose Ugaz, is now timely. 

Ordinary Malaysians would welcome such an open investigation led by prominent, independent international investigators who seek truth above everything else.

Probably Transparency International could take the lead to uncover the evasive truth surrounding the approximately USD700 million in the Malaysian Prime Minister's personal bank account.

We must start somewhere to try and recover the billions of ringgit siphoned from the government of Malaysia via multiple financial tricks and investment scams. 

Why not start the ball rolling with the 700 million US dollars in Najib's Ambank account. After all he is the root cause of the biggest financial/corruption/kleptocracy scandal in the history of Malaysia.


"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln


Anonymous said...

Shame on you raja-raja kapor dan kayu.

dt rahman pekan said...

politicians think of d next election,

statesmen think of d next generation, and

kleptocrats think of d next heist.

Anonymous said...

Dato Rahman jpc,

Rosmah thinks of the next latest design of Birkin handbag in the market

Salleh thinks of the next lucrative ministerial position

Tajuddin thinks of next silat ayam to stage

3.85 thinks of next comedy competition

Shahrir thinks of the next million in return for "stable felda"

Anonymous said...

And......another one bite the dust...errr errrr....pengumuman pegumuman,....mana dia Tan Sri Ambrin Buang oh Tan Sri Ambrin Buang.......

Yet, Agong boleh ker endorse jer without asking or at least queried? How the hell you'd think 'PAYUNG' is being ridiculed by certain individual/s whom risked being arrested?

Anonymous said...

PI MAMPOS TI ZIONIS lu ni! Yr. Zionist New World Order will be DEFEATED - Insya-ALLAH!

Lihat betapa HIPOKRIT, PENIPU, KELAKAQ dan DAJALnya si TIZionis-KEPARAT yg, dibiayai si PENGGANAS/PERASUAH no-1-DUNIA iaitu Soros-NED/CIA-MOSSAD-sy.-sy Korporat mega Barat/Zionis; utk. MENGGULINGkan pemimpin-pemimpin [terutamanya yg. BUMIPUTERA (INDIGENOUS/NATIVE) atau Islam] serta Kerajan-Kerajan 'Dunia Ketiga' yg. diBENCI depa termasuk Malaysia, Rusia, China, Bolivia dan Venezuela cthnya!

Sebab itu patutnya TI ini diHARAMkan bawah Akta TERORISMA!
Lihat di http://spectrezine.org/transparency-international , Transparency International, January 12, 2011; Steve McGiffen: Steve McGiffen is Spectrezine’s editor and a professor of international relations at the American Graduate School in Paris:

….For TI, corruption is a largely third world or transition economy phenomenon and governments such as those of the Netherlands, the UK and the US are almost by definition no part of this problem. Corruption is in addition repeatedly associated with public bodies and public ownership, to the extent that makes TI part of the campaign to discredit these things led by the CIA daughter body the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and related US groups.....

Yet the failure to tackle corporate corruption is not simply a matter of flawed instruments. It is actual TI policy!....

The real reason is quite clearly connected to its funding sources, which include major corporations, western governments and organisations such as the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundation which have a clear right-wing agenda. …..

Internally, TI is an elitist organisation whose structures of governance are undemocratic and anything but transparent. Decisions taken by its deliberative bodies are routinely ignored by its leadership. (6)….

…..the Ford Foundation has well-documented links to the CIA. The biggest source of funds amongst foundations, however, is George Soros’s Open Society Institute, which also has a clear right-wing agenda. Soros himself, moreover, was in 2002 convicted by a French court of insider trading fourteen years previously.

Some national TI groups receive extensive funding from the NED, including one of its four core institutes, the US Chamber of Commerce affiliate the Center for International Private Enterprise. Local ‘chapters’ also receive funding from Shell, a corporation which is a byword for corruption. KPMG Netherlands finances TI’s international secretariat, while KPMG Germany audits its budget. Their affiliate in the US settled out of court an audit fraud charge at a cost of $22 million. Many of TI’s corporate donors have been upbraided for fraud or failure to conform to company law in the US and elsewhere. Some, such as Vivendi, have repeatedly been hauled up for various forms of corruption. (7)

All of this makes unsurprising the best documented case of TI’s right-wing political agenda: Venezuela. As documented in The Guardian in May, 2008, TI made entirely false allegations against Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. (8) What makes this especially unsurprising is not merely the fact that TI’s funders include major oil companies Shell and Exxon Mobil, as well as the US government, but the dominance of anti-government activists in the leadership of TI Venezuela...TI continues to assist the international and national opposition media to produce anti-government propaganda......

(Tok Landak)

Anonymous said...

& I hope u r not be a typical COWARD Zionist who will censor my comment just now about your beloved corrupted Soros-sponsored TI Zionist!

Tok Landak.

Anonymous said...

just imagine this: no one has been sent to jail following the 44 billion losses from the Forex scandal and yet transparency international did not do anything about it. so are they really impartial or they are just another political tools to some.

mk said...

Tercekik duri landak ko ni ?

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya, ada ke perlu Transparency International nak datang menyemak bagi tau dgn kita pasal corruption dlm negara kita ?
Memang tak payah. Dulu dulu pun tak pernah payah ada ni semua. Kes Dato' Harun kecik aje. Dia masuk jel. Ketua Pemuda Umno tu. Apa boleh harap dgn ketua pemuda umno sekarang ?
Duit ni kalau kena dipindah kan antara cawangan bank bank tempatan,antara bank bank antarabangsa mesti melalui (direkod) urusniaga setiap bank yang terlibat dalam transaksi tersebut. Jadi Transaction journal mesti ada. Boleh kita mintak tengok ? Kalau betul la memang derma wang 2.6 ribu juta ringgit, tunjuk la transaction journal. Jangan sorok. Hal rahsia aje yang kena sorok sorok. Hal kerajaan rakyat ada hak tahu. Pelaburan kerajaan dan syarikat kerajaan rakyat nak tahu. Dah lama kita mintak nak tengok. Sampai sekarang menteri kewangan belum kasi lagi. Berdolak sana berdalik sini memang macam tak nak bagi tengok. Mana boleh. Apa punya perangai lanun ni !
The world is asking what is wrong with our country.
The world is talking about MO1.
The world is talking about jho low who is an "advisor" to 1mdb. 1mdb which on a release of the bond proceeds transferred $700 million to good star limited instead of petro saudi international jv bank account. Macam mana boleh silap ni ? Lepas tu $700 million tu di distribute to the con gang for the succesfully execution of the lanun conspiracy. Kita semua ingat boleh habis kat situ aje. Ehhh ada repeat. Banyak kali. Sekarang berpuluh billion ringgit cannot be accounted for. kerajaan (kementerian kewangan) dah gagal mengelakkan kerugian besar. Dah rugi. Hutang kena bayar jugak.
Sebab kerajaan sekarang bukan untuk rakyat, rakyat nak tubuh kan kerajaan untuk rakyat yang lain daripada kerajaan sekarang.
Transparency International bising bising pun tak boleh jadi apa benda pun. Rakyat Malaysia kena bangkit menentang salah urus tadbir kewangan negara ini. Kena tunggu pilihanraya umum 14. Lagi cepat lagi bagus.

Unknown said...

Hey stupid Tok Lanciau.
Do not talk about other things. Its irrelevant at the moment. Talk about duit kena klepet dulu. This is the most urgent agenda asshole. Talking cock is useless.

Unknown said...

Tok Lanciau,
Your Tuan love cina joe low n yahudi goldman sach so much if said something wrong then u will be out of dedak. Asshole