Friday 11 April 2008


Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who should, and must apologise to all MALAYSIANS for ruining our beloved nations in the shortest possible time.
If everything that Midas touched turned into gold, everything that Abdullah did turned Malaysia into a laughing stock.
Our dire politics, economy, social situation and other conditions of life and living is an open secret now.
Abdullah & Co have successfully wiped Malaysia out of the international scene now where no one is interested to consider Kuala Lumpur's views in any given international issue.
No one cares about what Malaysia has to say about the crafted attacks against Islam, the killings in Iraq, Palestine, African nations.
Both, the Western nations and the poor/weak nations have stopped seeking our support or keen to consult us in many vital international issues as Malaysia is now considered 'an US stooge'.
After more than two decades of 'full independence' in the international world of politics and economy, we have been successfully persuaded into submission.
Malaysia is now no better than some of the oil-rich Middle-East nations whose leaders are practically 'held by the balls' by the West.
Maybe its the Oil-for-Food kind of arrangement but we are where we are today because of the absence of leadership in the government.
It's not even a weak leadership but a total "ABSENCE OF LEADERSHIP'.
Abdullah has, in just less than 5 years, removed Malaysia from the 'International radar' and placed us far behind emerging regional economies like Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.
Don't look too far at China and India, but Indonesia's economic progress in the last couple of years is almost ignored by the 'man who thinks he's the leader'.
Abdullah's only focus seems to be the 'tiny red dot' and the sense of protection he derives from the 'dot'.
So, coupled with his other well publicised blunders and 'ineptness' (except for being able to take a new wife), Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must APOLOGISE TO ALL MALAYSIANS for his damning failures as Prime Minister from 31Oct 2003 till April 2008.

p/s The new Information Minister should consider a LIVE TELECAST of the 'Prime Minister's Apology to Malaysians".


Apanama said...

spellins error - "LIVE TELECAST" that is...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone remember the last time a Head of State or Head of Government visited Malaysia? It has become so seldom that people like me are wondering whether Malaysia is still significant to the intnternational community.

Anonymous said...


Dear Umno members,

Please continue to support Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s decision to remain as party president and prime minister. It will be even better if the Umno Supreme Council decides that there should be no contest for the post of President in the forthcoming Umno general assembly.

For people like me who voted for the Opposition in the March 8 election, it is important for him to stay. For the Opposition parties it is even more important for him to continue to lead the party and the country for the next four or five years.

You see, if he stays on, I don’t have to feel guilty about voting the Opposition again in the next election. And for the Opposition parties, they don’t have to worry about losing. With Abdullah still leading BN, I am sure the Opposition will easily win all the remaining BN seats. In fact, it will be a walk in the park.

The truth is people despise Abdullah. He has done all the wrong things in the past four years. It will take more than the next five years for him to set things right. Certainly not with Khairy Jamaluddin and Kamaluddin Abdullah serving as his advisers, siphoning off tons of the rakyat’s money in the process.

Has anyone wondered why Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim or other Opposition leaders like Lim Kit Siang and Abdul Hadi Awang have not called for Abdullah’s resignation?

Well, the answer is simple. Abdullah is no longer an asset to Umno and Barisan Nasional. In fact, he is a liability. Abdullah will only make it easier for Pakatan Rakyat to defeat BN in the next general election. This time Umno and BN will slip into oblivion.

Abdulllah’s refusal to step down as Prime Minister and UMNO president points to several things – he is selfish, power crazy and has detached himself from the wishes of the majority.

Shamelessly he has refused to step down although BN suffered the worst defeat in the history of the country. He still clings on to power, saying that the 30-odd Umno Supreme Council members – who fear their own future – are supporting him.

But the 30-odd Umno Supreme Council members are not the voice of the majority. In fact, many of them lost in the recent general election. Having been rejected by their own constituents, can they now claim that they represent the voice of the majority?

Furthermore, a Prime Minister cannot come from a State which is being ruled by the Opposition. The Prime Minister, a lame duck in his own State, cannot lead the whole country. It may be legally right, but morally wrong. It only shows that he does not even command the support of his Home State.

He can no longer bring any development to the under-developed Kepala Batas because land is a State matter and no way is the DAP-led Penang State Government going to allow projects in Kepala Batas which will be seen as promoting Abdullah.

We want a good leader. Not a hypocrite. Not one who preaches Islam Hadhari, but seen in public hugging Michelle Yeoh. Not one who claims the he will rid his Cabinet of corrupt individuals but appoints Muhammad Muhammad Taib and Mohd Zain Mohamed as Ministers. Not one who claims that he will not give any post to MPs who lost the election, but appoints Shahrizat Abdul Jalil as special adviser with Ministerial status.

Enough of this hypocrisy! So please Umno members, let Abdullah stay until the next general election.

Anonymous said...

At the rate things are going and the way Karrrpal and Parancumaraswamy are prostituting themselves, the soon-to-expire Umno president might offer 'honorary Umno membership' to the two idiots.
Karpal is no clown... he is proving himself (beyond reasonable doubt that is) to be the moron of the highest order.
You are a shame to all Malaysians and the Sikhs in particular for your spineless behaviour lately Mr.Singh!
I also pity your sons and wonder how they are going to walk the street with their heads held high when their 'once admired father' is behaving like a desperado.
Mr.Karpal Singh! with all due respect, please shut up if you have nothing better to say.
Malaysian don't need your unsolicited and idiotic comments.

thank u.