Saturday 26 April 2008


A conversation with some foreign investors who were in town a couple of days ago 'popped up' the million dollar question as to WHY the drastic reform announcements concerning the Judiciary and the Anti-Corruption Agency were not made before the March 8 general elections.

Though the decision for the formation of a Commission for the appointment of judges, compensation to Tun Salleh Abas & gang, and the transformation of 'HK-copycat ACA' was taken with a 'bag of salt', many seem to support the idea.
(Including Datuk Seri Rais Yatim who has cheekily suggested for another Commission to 'examine' UMNO)

But what seems a little not right is the timing of the back-to-back announcement by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

WHY was the announcement NOT made before the elections since it would have certainly gained the votes of almost all the judges and some members of the Malaysian Bar? (Including their friends and family members, maybe.)

WHY nothing was mentioned about the PM (and his able-minded advisers) wanting a much independent ACA during the election campaigns? (The 12th GE is now deemed to be on of the closely fought electoral battles in the nation's history)

When the foreigner asked me ' Do you think these announcements are SINCERE attempts by the Prime Minister to take Malaysia forward or are they merely the POLITICAL manoeuvres of a DESPERATE politician? I couldn't answer!

Could somebody help me with an acceptable explanation !!!!

(my friends have left for Vietnam and would make a stop-over here, on their return trip to France, to fetch the answers for their QUESTIONS).

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