Thursday 3 April 2008


The TRUTH is that only very few Malaysians have any form of respect or admiration for the out-going Prime Minister while the FALSEHOOD is that he is (or has been) working very hard to bring about various forms of reforms which MALAYSIA lacks.

The TRUTH is that while we had stacked hope over hope for the out-going (or to-be-sacked) Prime Minister to buck-up and provide some form of direction for the NATION, he seems to have been basking in the 2004 glory, with his eyes and ears closed. ( don't mean his favourite pass time).

It brought both anger and sadness to watch his 'not so intelligent' face on TV claiming victory even after being spat on the face in five states, including the FT - (Kelantan is a different ball-game). This is the TRUTH.

The whole nation was jolted by the outcome of the March 8 election and have embarked on an arduous soul-searching expedition but the 'pretending Prime Minister' is happy with his 'crafts and batik' appointments. Trust me...this is also the TRUTH.

If you want more of the FALSEHOOD ... turn on to TV3's Buletin Utama or get the 'over-drive product' from the spin-doctors who are now busy packing their bags.

Heard the NO:1 spinner has not been to the 'spinning room' in Jalan Riong for more than a week now.

Wonder what he's spinning now.


Anonymous said...


You apa nama?

Apanama said...

apa ada pada nama jika 'CPU' mcm Mr.Lah?