Tuesday 15 April 2008


Wonder where the chief spineless spin-doctors and 'mulut-selipar' individuals are hiding?

Both the 'traitors' have been hiding from the spotlight since after March 8, with the 'SIL' only appearing twice for some 'football functions' (looking for balls maybe).

The 'Hindu-god' is said to be absent from Jln Riong office most of the time, appearing only late at night or delivering specific orders via the phone for to his 'shivering running dogs'.

Among the specific orders is to maintain the 'attack' against Tun Dr.Mahathir with the 'bullets' provided by the shameless Karpal and his 'politically naive' son.

The 'nepotism cum cronyism filled' Karpal Singh (once the lion of punjab but now a pussy in Abdullah's kitchen) is licking the sloppy PM's shoes to the extend of tickling Abdullah's toes.

Mr.Singh's love for Abdullah could be understood as the sloppy guy is providing all the necessary room for the expired-politician to remain relevant in Penang while planting his son in Puchong.

Karpal (the disgruntled politician) should be ashamed of himself for going so low and so cheap to gain political mileage.

His recent open statements supportive of Abdullah while demonising Dr.Mahathir smacks hypocrisy of the highest degree.

A failed politician who was voted out during the tenure of Dr.Mahathir as PM, the 'barking Singh' had successfully returned to mainstream politics with the aid of the inept Abdullah.

His idiotic statements against Dr.M is another way for Karpal to lick Abdullah's boots, thanking him for the last breath.

Mr.Gobind, you have a long journey ahead ... don't fall into your desperate father's stupid spin to redeem himself for failing to live up to his preachings.

Mr.Karrrrrpal, you should be ashamed of yourself for selling your soul to a 'lame-duck' just to ensure your political survival. You're such a disgrace to the proud Sikhs in Malaysia.


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