Thursday 1 May 2008

Dr.Mahathir the Blogger.

On his last day as Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr.Mahathir described his long service to the nation as simply his 'Labour of Love'. That was on 31st Oct, 2003 - almost five long years ago.
And today, on 1st May - 2008 (Labour Day), he embarks yet on another mission to enlighten Malaysians.

Whatever his critics may want to say, Dr.Mahathir's LOVE for the nation and his worries about the continued survival of the Malays, supersedes all other interests in his consistent struggle since the early 1940s.

Some Malays may be blind to the fact that Dr.Mahathir has been consistently pursuing his 'fight for the future of Malays', even when the struggle is against the 'most powerful Malay in disguise and his band of masked robbers'.

p/s This last torturous (for those who really know the actual happenings but powerless to act) five years just goes on to prove that not every Tom, Dick and Harry could be a LEADER. It takes more than just mere Cermerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang kindda slogans.

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well said.