Saturday 10 May 2008

A Lame Duck Prime Minister, says Karpal Singh.

-Training his sights on Abdullah, Karpal claimed that the prime minister’s comments yesterday was an attempt to divert attention from the crisis within Umno pertaining to his leadership.
"Obviously, the prime minister is turning what is purely a legal issue into a political one with racial undertones. I would have expected the prime minister to be politically mature instead of joining others who are baying for my blood.
"It is equally obvious that the prime minister is trying to divert attention from his own shaky position after calls from numerous Umno divisions that he should step down and the challenge by (former Umno vice-president Tengku) Razaleigh Hamzah to take him on as Umno president in the coming Umno general assembly.
"Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is, without doubt, a lame duck prime minister," he said. -

Note: Excerpts from Malaysiakini's Sedition reports: Defiant Karpal says PM seeks to divert attention'

p/s Finally the DAP chairman is telling Malaysians the truth - ONLY when he is cornered.

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Husin Lempoyang said...

Buat pertama kali, Husin menyokong tindakan Pak Lah.

Tetapi jangan salah faham, Husin belum cium tangan lagi.

Anonymous said...

AKIBAT BANYAK CAKAP...telajak perahu boleh di undur...telajak kata badah binasa...sack karpal from party.uncalled for and really unnecessary remarks on Tun, Kelantan and Perak. SAD MAN KARPAL