Friday 9 May 2008

PETRONAS - You Guys Are So Cheap!!!

Is the Government of Malaysia under the current questionable leadership unhappy about the RM 10,500 (RM15, 000 before tax) a month token payment to Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad for his continued (National) service as the Advisor to Petronas ?

Dear members of the Cabinet (the Kitchen cabinet and all the 4th floor Cabinet members included), are you guys trying to send some kind of a message by detailing out the pittance that Petronas pays for the invaluable services of a former Prime Minister?

Is this how the Government (which operates like a Sendirian Berhad (Pvt Ltd) company now) shows its gratitude to a STATESMAN who is respected world over for his ‘brains’?

Such despicable attempt at one-upmanship against Dr.Mahathir invokes great anger among many well brought-up Malaysians who still admire and respect him and Tun Dr.Siti Hasmah.

I believe we are indebted to the ‘NUMERO-UNO’ couple for leading us in all aspects of life for many years – including the 22 years when Dr.Mahathir was THE Prime Minister.

A long list of Multinational Corporations from a host of nations from any given continent in this world is queuing up to 'tap' Dr.Mahathir's priceless mind.

Nations as powerful as China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Cuba, Indonesia, France and others like Thailand, Vietnam, ALL of Africa, (the lists goes on) AND the MUSLIM NATIONS IN THE WORLD hold Dr.Mahathir even higher than their own leaders.

The respect and recognition was not because Dr.Mahathir gave them lucrative contracts through Dasar Ekonomi Baru, nor were they Malaysians who enjoyed 22 years of his able leadership. (These foreigners are also not UMNO members).

Dr.Mahathir truly commands great respect due to HIS unique ability and not merely because he was the PRIME MINISTER.

I think by now it’s an open secret that not any Talib, Daud or Harris could earn the respect and admiration just by assuming the position as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Please! Don’t try to drag the STATESMAN down or attempt to wipe out his legacy by embarking on a subtle smear campaign for he is beyond all such ‘child’s play’.

Don’t even try such tricks in countries like Japan or Bosnia because someone might slap you tight for talking bad about their IDOL.

p/s Since the GLOBAL PETROLEUM industry players are fully aware of the fact that Petronas’ venture into the African continent is primarily due to Dr.Mahathir’s personal networks and excellent relationship, maybe it’s time for them to make an offer for his ‘expertise’.

I was made to understand that giants like SHELL pay as high as USD 750,000 to USD 1 Million annually to their advisors from a host of nations.

Petronas! Pls tell the PM (whoever it is) not to push his luck.

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