Friday 23 May 2008


Rattled by Tun Dr.Mahathir's conditional stepping out of Umno, the 4th floor kids are having sleepless nights.

They have a million things to be worried about but the top most appears to be rather realistic.

They, apparently, FEAR most that the Deputy Prime Minister might initiate a 'coup de' tat' and kick the PM while he is away in Japan.

There have also been strict WARNINGS to almost all mainstream media editors/controllers about reports pertaining to UMNO members LEAVING the party in support of Dr.Mahathir's concerns.

Strictly no reports about Umno members deserting the party !

(But all MSM editors/controllers/reporters/journalists have been accorded the FREEDOM to RIDICULE Dr.Mahathir).

p/s Hello!! Hello!! Whooo ?... No no, it can't be him. He subscribes to freedom of speech, a free press and everything else FREE in totality. I think it must have been his office boys. How dare you drag him into this ... he is so transformed after the GE that he might quit Umno in support of reforms to the top leadership.

Ha ha ha ... correct! correct! correct! He looks like Lingam ka?

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Anonymous said...


That SOB Haram Cumaraswamy has started barking again.
Penyangak tu suruh Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad di-tangkap di-bawak Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri - ISA.
This Haram Cumaraswamy is a full-blooded TRAITOR who should be subjected to FORCED Labour in Lorong Haji Taib.
Rambut palsu boleh di-atur!

Ni lah example 'anak haram' naik kepala bila Melayu tak erti bahasa caci pemimpin kita sendiri.
Anjing hitam ni pun nak ikut sama la, apalagi.

PM sure happy kan? BODOLAH!

batu hitam

Anonymous said...

HOI, jangan bisinglah! mainstream media mau tidor! tak fahamkah? tingkat 4 dah bagi tau mainstream media hantam dr m all out. kasi habis!

batu tiga