Tuesday 23 September 2008


Another Adviser for the same NCER ?

Looks like an earlier DEAL where the Bernama Chairman has 'SCOOPED' us all ... last year.

So, Shahidan Kassim is effectively the 'Second' Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER).

From the archives of ...mmmmm apanama?

Thursday September 6, 2007
Bernama chairman made PM’s NCER adviser

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) chairman Datuk Annuar Zaini has been appointed special adviser to the Prime Minister for the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER).
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi appointed Annuar to the post on Aug 30.
Annuar, who has vast experience in the private and public sector, will be coordinating efforts to set up the plan implementation agency as well as monitoring all start-up activities in the region.
The Prime Minister’s Department announced Annuar’s appointment in a statement here yesterday.

Looks like an annual award though. Could Ahmad Ismail be the 3rd Adviser representing Penang, since we already have two ADVISERS from Perak and Perlis ? After that we decide on the ADVISER from Kedah.

p/s No, no! Don't protest Ahmad's appointment la. He was also present at the Penang Umno's Press Conference where Datuk Rashid voiced the State Umno's unanimous support for Pak Lah. So, he qualifies.

What! Ahmad should not be there because he has been suspended by the Supreme Council ? Helloooo, its OKAY la. He supports Pak Lah what ... he could also ADVICE the PM on the ADVISERS!

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Anonymous said...


I see two possibilities:

1. Abdullah conveniently forgot that he already appointed Annuar Zaini, and/or

2. Annuar Zaini is so ineffective that the entire nation (including Annuar himself) forgot he is the Special Adviser.

How's that for an analysis?

Ni munaley pona, nan pinaley warzhen....

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah loves appointing people to worthless advisory job. You give peanut you get monkey.

Raison D'etre said...


Kerusi harga tak mahal. Undi mahal.

So bagi banyak mana kerusi orang kapal pun okeyyyyy..


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Anonymous said...

semua nak makan gaji bute... sampai 2010 sekurang-kurangnya duit gaji jadi adviser nie boleh bikin sebijik banglo kat bini muda.