Sunday 7 September 2008

'Tak Chun' Wai

Go here :
and judge the merit/credibility of this article in TheStar ( read Wong Chun Wai ).

Chun Wai, the official ball carrier of MCA and the Badawi family, jumped the gun and performed a similiar stunt a day earlier by barking out aloud at Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad for a thought-provoking posting in

The ball-carriers' howls were however ignored by readers who had the IQ and EQ to understand what was being articulated by the leader with 22 years experience as Prime Minister of a successful multiracial nation.

When his attempts to incite racism among the Chinese community, through an earlier article in his blog ('Dr M misses the Point'), failed the racist Chun Wai didn't give up but decided to drag others into his crusade.

When his blog posting failed to incite or fuel the sentiments of the Chinese and the Indians, he takes another step in the dangerous direction.

All the other media stopped harping on the issue but, as usual, Chun Wai had to do it to satisfy his racist soul.

The heading of the article 'Leaders Upset With Dr M' suggests something grave but the provocative line stops there. The content of the article appears to be in a far more wider context.

On Saturday the 'dead-horse' Prime Minister vehemently warned the media against fanning sensitive racial issues but the 'ball carrier' has done exactly that in his newspaper today.

While eroding the impartiality of TheStar, the 'Datukship-hungry' Chun Wai has clearly proven to be a hardcore racist.

It is racists like Chun Wai who should be arrested under the ISA for manipulating the media for their personal and their pay-masters political gains.

But, being a dead-horse, Badawi wouldn't lift a finger to stop such racists among us.

p/s I don't think Ling Jr would have been approached to comment for the article as Chun Wai is the running dog for the other Team in MCA. If the 'Ling' team wins, Chun Wai is screwed.

Try promoting Dr.Wee and friends through another issue and don't drag them into your racists sentiments.

Get a life la, triple-Datuk. Your days in TheStar are numbered ... Kamunting welcomes you.

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Anonymous said...

You pointed out that the blog "incite racism" but fail to point out exact phrases or words that give hint to racist remarks.

In what way is Chun Wai's blog racist? You know, they say that it takes one to know one. Do you have some sort of prejudice in your mind too, perhaps?

Perhaps I do not possess as sharp of a mind as you when it comes to indentifying racist remarks.

Could you be so kind as to point out the parts or portions in which Chun Wai tries to "incite racism among the Chinese community" in "Dr M misses the Point"?

Anonymous said...

Hi Apanama, so regret u are literate but very narrow minded. Can't u open and tolerate with other people comments? Pls refer to mahaguru58 blog, see how he comments on those Muslim like u.

Anonymous said...

I am no big fan of CW Wong but if you think he is racist, explain-la WHY dun just accused.

Anonymous said...

I hope Syed Hamid has the balls to arrest Wong Chun Wai under the ISA.

Anonymous said...

Stone age mentality in a third world wonder NEP never reached its target. UMNO divison chief belts out clearly racist remarks n will get away with warning....anyone else without a 'bin' in his name would end up in Kamunting. Mature governance indeed! Wasn't there a similar regime in South Africa sometime back?

Anonymous said...

Don't always hide under the skirt of ISA!

Anonymous said...

You disappoint me!

Anonymous said...

Another Kampung boy that always blame
chinese are racists when something goes wrong? Did malay lose any rights today? They are still dominant politically and come on - economically too. Dont lie to me if there is no rich malays. But what non-malay wants are accountablity , transparency and no corruptions. Is that too much for malay and islam?

Anonymous said...

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