Friday 12 September 2008

Look Who's Talking


Either Muhyiddin Resign Or Be Sacked, Says Zaid

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 12 (Bernama) -- Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim Friday came out guns blazing against International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who Thursday asked the transfer of power fixed for 2010 be brought forward.The de facto law minister said if Muhyiddin was not happy with the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, he should either resign or be sacked by Abdullah."It is very simple. If Muhyiddin is not happy with the prime minister, he can resign from the cabinet, as it means he has no confidence in Pak Lah (Abdullah), or Pak Lah should sack him."He was speaking to reporters after launching an exhibition entitled "Wallscapes: The Merdeka Paintings by Wang Lan, Wang Xu and Shen Jiawei" at Galeri Petronas, here Friday.

p/s This guy owes his living to Abdullah Badawi, so he sets his tunes accordingly. While Muhyiddin is a duly elected Member of Parliament answerable to the rakyat who voted him in, Zaid is simply Abdullah Badawi's 'boy' who was appointed as a Senator, saving him from disappearing into a state of oblivion.

Zaid, you have no locus-standi to urge Muhyiddin to resign. Nor do you have the standing to ask the PM what to do (you might be a member of the powerful kitchen-Cabinet, but please Mr.Zaid, keep your hidden affairs strictly in the Kitchen).

If you're a lap-dog, behave as one. Lap-dogs would be clobbered when their masters dump them.

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a mechanic said...

look like si zaid already panas punggung... :D

Anonymous said...

najib supports muhyiddin and ali rustam supports najib. others are on the way .... so WHO is Zaid again?

Anonymous said...


Zaid jangan suruh dia resign....nanti u kena bayar ex-gratia bila umno akar umbi marah


Anonymous said...

Looks like the political temperature is on the rise presently. Do you think it will boil over?

Anonymous said...

Zahid Perasuah


Pegi top perwakilan cawangan dah dapat dari sebelah sana.

Bertanding tak. Ahli tak. Kena disiplin.


Nostradamus said...

A Malaysian Time Clock Slowly Clicking towards 16 September!
(Versi Bahasa Melayu dibawah)

Tick, Tock! Tick, Tock! Tick Tock!

Inbetween, spare parts and batteries still insufficient in case it stop.

Some try to move it faster by 15 minutes, some by 30 minutes.

Nobody thought of moving it backwards. I wonder Why?

Most keep on looking at the clock on the desk to check the time.

Some just make sure it is moving all the time.

Some just keep on staring at the clock, not sure whether it is moving or stopped.

Somebody propose the clock is not dependable. Must replace with another clock or bring in an
old working clock. At least the old clock don't show the date and month.

Someone even propose to have more clocks to make sure the time is correct.

Someone propose to put sunshade on the clock face so only some can see.

Some propose to change the numerals on the clock so that not all can read the time.

Some even propose removing the second hand from the clock. After that maybe someone will propose, removing the minute hand also.

Finally someone propose, "Why don't remove the hour hand also and just have the date and month displayed?

"Time is Golden? Does Man determine Time and Fate?"

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Jam Malaysia berdetik Perlahan-lahan ke 16 September!

Tick, Tock! Tick, Tock! Tick Tock!

Sementara tu alatganti tambahan dan batteri masih belum mencukupi, jika berhenti.

Ada yang cuba percepatkan masanya 15 minit, ada yang nak 30 minit.

Tak ada sesiapa pun yang mengerakan ia ke belakang. Hairannya aku?

Kebanyakan cuma memerhati jam atas meja dan masanya.

Sesetengah cuma memastikan jam tu masih senantiasa bergerak.

Sesetengah cuma merenung jam dan tidak pasti ia masih bergerak atau berhenti.

Sesetengah bercadang jam tu tak boleh diharap. Kena ganti dengan jam lain ataupun bawa masuk jam lama. Sekurang-kurangnya jam lama tak tunjuk tarikh dan bulannya.

Ada juga orang bercadang untuk menambahkan jam-jam untuk menentukan masa itu betul

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Sesetengah bercadang mengeluarkan jarum panjang saat daripada jam. Selepas tu mungkin ada juga yang akan bercadang mengeluarkan jarum panjang minit juga.

Akhir-akhirnya ada orang bercadang, "Mengapa tidak keluarkan jam pendek juga dan tinggalkan cuma tarikh dan bulan untuk dipaparkan.

"Masa itu Emas? Adakah Manusia menentukan Masa dan Takdir?

Anonymous said...

That Zaid big mouth even dont have a vote in Parliamen.

eddy said...

Sudahlah Zaid, shut the hell up, you have no credibility with grass roots UMNO. You do not have the moral authority to even plead for Muhyiddin to resign, you were suspended for money politics and now you do not have enough votes from your own Division to be nominated as Division Head.

You came in thru the back door in the Cabinet, when Dollah leaves thru the back door, you follow alsolah, spare us your idiotic Malay Liberalism idea OK.

Anonymous said...

Zaid is revealing more and more of his intellectual capacity after joining Dollah Al-Tidori. I was thinking before that he was a cunning and intelligent lawyer. However, with statement after statement that he made right after becoming cabinet minister, his IQ slowly revealed its true color, just below average after all.

And with the latest ball sucking statement regarding Tan Sri Muhyidin, I think his IQ has actually gone below freezing point.


Anonymous said...

Zaid would have been high on his whisky when he made the statement lah, brother. Ignore the drunkard lah. He is a lame duck in UMNO.

Mamak, teh tarik satu!

Bung Karno said...

He has changed his name to : Datuk Zaid Bodoh.

Anonymous said...

Is this another lapdog, or simply a MORON ?

Muhyiddin perlu letak jawatan - Alwi


KOTA BHARU 13 Sept. - Naib Presiden UMNO, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin wajar melepaskan jawatannya sebagai menteri Kabinet jika beliau tidak berpuas hati dengan kepimpinan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Ketua Penerangan UMNO Kelantan, Datuk Mohd. Alwi Che Ahmad bersetuju dengan cadangan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim yang meminta Muhyiddin melepaskan jawatannya.

Beliau yang juga Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Kok Lanas menyifatkan cadangan Zaid itu memang wajar memandangkan Muhyiddin seorang menteri yang dipilih oleh Perdana Menteri.

''Contohnya dalam ibadat solat, jika seorang makmum (pengikut) yang merasakan imam tidak betul, dia kena mufarakah (berpisah daripada imam)," katanya di sini hari ini.

Mohd. Alwi berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas kenyataan Zaid supaya Muhyiddin meletakkan jawatan jika tidak berpuas hati dengan kepimpinan Abdullah.

Menurut Zaid, jika Muhyiddin enggan berbuat demikian, Abdullah mempunyai kuasa untuk memecat beliau.

Kelmarin, Muhyiddin dilaporkan menggesa Abdullah supaya memikirkan semula tarikh peralihan kuasa yang dijadualkan pada 2010 kerana tempoh tersebut terlalu lama.

Muhyiddin mendakwa, pelan peralihan yang telah diumumkan dua bulan lalu itu kini telah 'tenggelam' dan rakyat tidak lagi memikirkan mengenainya.

Mohd. Alwi turut mempersoalkan tindakan Muhyiddin membuat kenyataan itu memandangkan beliau adalah Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Etika Pemilihan Parti.

"Apakah tindakan itu menunjukkan beliau (Muhyiddin) beretika atau telah melanggar etika parti?'' soalnya.

Selain itu, beliau juga mempersoalkan rasional dan agenda sebenar tindakan Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri itu mengeluarkan kenyataan tersebut di Singapura dan bukannya di negara ini.

''Sebenarnya, Muhyiddin boleh memberikan pandangannya semasa perjumpaan dengan Perdana Menteri setiap hari Rabu dan mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi (MT), bukan secara terbuka di luar negara," katanya.

Anonymous said...

UMNO now is filled with drunkards, "back-door" people and "ass-lickers" etc... NO QUALITY.

Anonymous said...

Another Licker in the making ... all for survival as General Tan Sri Isa Samad is waiting with cannons lined-up facing Abdullah and his clowns.

The Malaysian Insider) Negeri Sembilan Mentri Besar Datuk Mohamed Hassan tonight fired the first salvo at Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin - telling him that he should resign from the Cabinet if he had lost confidence in the Prime Minister.

The former corporate player urged Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to be ruthless against those who want to be heroes for own self interest.

Speaking at the Masjid Taman Tuanku Jaafar before Isyak prayers, he told the PM, who was in the audience, that he would support him all the way and come what may.

He noted that unity was important in the country, government and party.

He could not understand how someone could renege on a plan agreed to, referring to

Muhyiddin's decision to ask Abdullah to hand over power to Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak soon, and not in 2010 as endorsed by the Umno Supreme Council.

Mohamed said that such politicians should not criticize their leaders in public especially when they too had agreed with the transition plan. If they disagreed with the PM or had lost confidence in him, they should resign from Cabinet.

Not once did he mention Muhyiddin's name but the audience understood sting of his message and who it was being directed at.

On Wednesday, the Umno vice-president - a persistent critic of the PM since the general elections - urged Abdullah to leave office earlier than outlined in his transition plan.

Today, he told reporters that he was prepared to face the consequences of breaking ranks with the council, saying that it was his duty to articulate the concerns of the rank and file.

Mohamed Hassan's speech tonight suggests that any move to force out Abdullah will be challenged by his loyalists.

(((((There is a sentiment among senior politicians and Cabinet members that Muhyiddin should resign from the Abdullah administration since he no longer has confidence in the PM.))))) - this final paragraph sound like Mr.Pereira.

Anonymous said...


Can someone for God's sake tell Zubaidah Abu Bakar of NST to stop writing columns. I mean, ass-licking the Government is understandable because she is working for Umno-owned paper, but her columns do not stimulate the mind, lacks depth and intellectual debate, are not analytical and written with appallingly poor language. She is old enough to retire, but her articles are a far cry for the likes of Joceline Tan of The Star.

I know so many one-year-old reporters who can write better than her. I am surprised that NST editors can actually print her s**t.

The tea-toddler.

Anonymous said...

Hello tea-toddler.

I really stopped reading columns in the NST because its full of shit, except when S.Nazri, Rehman Rashid or Zainur write.

But pls stop comparing any moron with kJocelin Tonne as no journalist worth mentioning is worse than that dumbo.

She's not a bimbo, but dumbo who'd sell her soul n fake a smile for a few penny more.

She's entitled to her opinions but shud really decide what she wants to be ... a journalist or a 'salesgurl'.


Anonymous said...

Suddenly,everybody hate Zaid.What is wrong with you guys..Blind and deaf.Can't you see the stupidity of the Prime Minister??


Anonymous said...


Is it true Sir Zaid is clobbered by Datuk Fahmi in KB division. No wonder he is in a limbo. I also understand that, he is a close ally of KJ.

According to Zaid, he was promised by Pak Lah to be the Minister of Law after he came back from leave. What is the justification, is he really that good until Pak Lah needs to promote him....

BlueMoon said...

Senator Zaid is indeed very smart. He entered the room though back door and left the same room via the front door. To the ignorant, he will be remembered as a person with principles. To the believer he will be remembered as a person who compromised his principles with post and power

Apanama said...

Zaid is indeed very smart.. or so he thinks.
THINK! What would happen to the ex-gratia Minister when (not if) Badawi is removed (steps-down) before 31st Dec, 2008?
Zaid doesnt have support from his division to hold any posts, either in the party nor the Govt, so where does it leave him after Badawi is 'sacked' by Umno?
So, rather than being kicked-out of the Cabinet like Pak Lah, Zaid grabbed the opportunity which came via the ISA-arrest and 'escaped' like a Hero.
He actually used the anti-ISA sentiments to mount his escape while successfully 'maintaining' his 'pride, dignity and so called principals'.
If you can THINK, then Zaid has none of the above, since he promoted 'graft' in the Govt by paying unknown amount of cash to once sacked judges (purely for political reasons).

Goodbye Zaid Ibrahim! 'In Good Faith' successfully made me admire you ... till you became Badawi's stooge.

God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

The seven attributes of a good leader by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. A good leader may not be humble but at least he should not be boastful.

2. He must be prepared to accept responsibilities but should not be too pushy and insistent on taking the lead.

3. He should not seek to blame others for failures but to admit his own culpability. He should not point fingers or seek scapegoats.

4. He should be modest and not seek praise and glory.

5. He should know how to handle his followers as much as his superiors. He must be sensitive to the sensitivities of others.

6. He should be willing to do what he expects others to do. He should uphold the slogan of leadership by example.

7. He should be learned and more intelligent at least by comparison to the people he leads.