Sunday 21 September 2008


Pak Lah ponders his future
If the PM had only thrown away caution, not chances...
- the above are two back-to-back HEADINGS of analysis from MalaysianInsider more than 48 hours after Abdullah was given an ultimatum to resign as Umno president by Oct 9, 2008.

Surprisingly the all-too-influential MalaysianInsider news-portal, a clandestine propaganda outfit of Mr.Callymullah, was dead-silent on the day Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was given a dressing down by the Umno Supreme Council.

Before that ‘auspicious day’, the news portal would beat even Cabinet members to plans and announcements up the Prime Minister and Umno President’s sleeves.

On numerous occasions Abdullah Badawi was left to repeat announcements published earlier by the on-line news portal.

MalaysianInsider, for those of you who wonder where it came from, is the brainchild of Abdullah’s kitchen-cabinet.

The portal’s primary role is to enhance and solidify the kitchen-cabinet’s HOLD on the Prime Minister while appearing to be enhancing his image.

Spinning is too mild of a word to describe the outfit.

And now, after being ambushed by the BRAVE supreme council members who have demanded nothing other than Badawi’s immediate resignation, the PROPAGANDA machinery is once again going full-steam.

Even if Abdullah might be resigned to the fact that his time is UP, those hungry power-brokers and the ‘Great Khazanah Robbers’ led by Mr.Cally are not likely to let him go that easily.

The culprits have started painting a different picture from the actual situation on the ground and are trying very hard to make it look rosy for Abdullah.

They don’t care, if their bluff is exposed and Abdullah suffers a HUMILIATING EXIT as ‘the only Umno president to be totally rejected by party’.

This band of bandits from the kitchen-cabinet not only risks losing their 4-year loot and all the posh life they have built through illegal means but they also face the possibility of facing the Long Arm Of The Law.

Yes! That is exactly why they don’t mind sacrificing Abdullah Ahmad Badawi!

Badawi is a spent shell! They are now just skimming to buy time. Time is all they need to cover their dirty-trails and ‘plant’ the right stooges at the right places, both in and out of the perimeters of POLITICS.

The clandestine propaganda machinery spearheaded by Mr.Cally would do all they could to ensure Abdullah’s stays put.

They’re now actively spreading lies insinuating that several State Umno liaison chiefs were backing Abdullah when in actual fact the voice of Umno grassroots is Loud & Clear.

The notion that Sabah Umno is backing Abdullah is a tall tale to begin with.

Maybe Musa Aman claimed so in a telephone conversation to Mr.Cally but are Sabah Umno (Division and Branch) leaders so stupid to back a dead-horse and expect it to win the race?

Maybe the paralyzed Penang Umno warlords could still be hanging out in Abdullah’s kitchen, that’s about it.

The bandits led by Mr.Cally would throw in everything they have to convince the Prime Minister that he still enjoys great support and that Malaysians are so in love with him, to the extend that they would crawl and cry on all major highways if he were to step-down.

They will portray the Umno president as the savior of the Malays while in actual fact a huge majority of Malays, both urban and rural, are losing their patience waiting for Abdullah to leave.

If you decide to ‘Stand and Fight’ the current Tsunami in Umno, Pak Lah, you’ll be wiped out.

PAK LAH! If you continue to listen to these PARASITES, as you have been doing all this while, we Malaysians are so sorry for you and your family.

p/s Let’s just watch this drama unfold – for now its ‘Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea’ kind of situation for Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Good Luck, Mr.Clean!

p/s2 - Sheih Kickdefella has some teasers here. As usual Kickdefella triggers laughter while giving an insight to Pak Lah's popularity ... even among policemen and their station lock-up.

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Anonymous said...

SOALAN: Pak Lah lepaskan jawatan Menteri Kewangan tetapi tidak jawatan Pengerusi Khazanah Holdings, kenape?

JAWAPAN: Nak bahagikan khazanah rakyat kepada anak, menantu dan kawan-kawan beliau. Itu lah saja niat Pak Lah.Khazanah pegang semua GLCs. Semua projek GLC di bawah khazanah.

Anonymous said...

Orang yang tidak cerdik ni sudah sampai tahap bahaya kepada keselamatan negara.

Kalau terjadi di-lain tempat e.g. Thai ke Filipina dah lama padam si tua ni.