Tuesday 20 January 2009



This 'good for nothing PAS president' Abdul Hadi Awang (bottom left ) is calling on the 'worst Prime Minister in the Malaysian history' Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ( top right) to stay put in his seat for a longer period of time.
Abdul Hadi, who is actually counting his days as PAS president due to an impending internal revolt against his 'good for nothing'leadership, is not out of his mind BUT is just a deceiving LIAR who should be kicked out of a religion-based party like PAS.
HADI AWANG is giving Islam and Muslims a very bad name by his latest 'Act of Deception' and blatant LIES.
Any idiot would know that for Hadi to openly call on Abdullah to stay on as Prime Minister is nothing more than DIRTY, DECEPTIVE POLITICS THAT IS FULL OF BLATANT LIES!
I THINK its time for other PAS leaders and members to make their stand clear on this CHEAP political manouver, so that MALAYSIANS could judge PAS and its leaders.
Do other more sensible leaders in PAS like Tok Guru Nik Aziz and Ustaz Nasharuddin agree with Hadi?
ONCE UPON A TIME when the country fell victim to the deadly JE/Nipah virus that was being spread by PIGS, PAS leaders- including ABDUL HADI AWANG - made open statements that Abdullah Badawi was a GEMBALA BABI (Pig shepherd).
Why then would Hadi want a 'Gembala Babi' to be his shepherd? This latest political stunt really beats me!
p/s If at all Abdullah stay on as PM beyond March, then Hadi might have been right ... ONCE UPON A TIME.

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Unknown said...

wow, so angry.
i need to read more to get a good picture of the whole story.
any recommended reading?

Anonymous said...

He is dead serious Bro ...and he aint a fool ... Pak Lah has given them 5 states ... if he stays on ... the whole country will be theirs ...Geezzz...why does'nt he just quit today ...

Anonymous said...

" are you sleeping ..are you sleeping ..dollah badawi ..dollah badawi ..anwar and hadi are waiting ..ding dong bell "

Memanglah hadi nak sibebal Dollah tu kekal ..Si mangkuk hayun tu memang suka tidur ..bila tidur ..senanglah penyangak tu rampas ..you think KJ akan defend ke ..dia yang pertama lari camp nanti ..
Taklah bodoh sangat kita nak ambil cakap Hadi ni ...

Anonymous said...

Don't be angry but many people think Pak Lah is better than Najib.
If you don't believe allow Malaysians to vote between Pak Lah and Najib and see what happen.
APANAMA betul pembodek la tak kan you buta what is happening around you or purposely blinded and make deaf.

Anonymous said...

There is no character sincerety in such incredible double talk!

Anonymous said...

Antara ciri2 org munafik:-
Bila bercakap dia berbohong