Thursday 29 January 2009


Classic case of a DESPERATE true-blue turncoat ...who is JUMPING from myteam to YOURTEAM!

Over the last five years, ever since Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was made the Prime Minister of this country, Air Asia has been flying very high.

The cheap-airline was flying even higher than our National Carrier – MAS and Tony Fernandes enjoyed the privileges of a Cabinet member in flexing and breaking existing industry policies.

What Tony and self-proclaimed kingmakers from the FOURTH FLOOR wanted, they GOT IT! Either by hook or crook, they just simply got whatever that they wanted.

And all those honeymoon in the blue sky seems to be losing altitude and CRASHING.

The super-hero of the Malaysian aviation industry who jumped into the scene and prostituted the Transport Ministry is now publicly crying that his biggest mistake was to be associated with Badawi’s famous and all too powerful Son-In-Law.

Tony wants to swear by any Holy Scripture that the SiL doesn’t hold any stake in AirAsia. The spoiled-brat of a businessman has also started attacking bloggers for standing up against his BULLSHIT!

He says blogs are ‘sick and twisted’ and blamed a “vicious” community of bloggers for failing to appraise his company objectively.

Tony says he is not a CRONY, but Who is Kalimullah, the AirAsiaX chairman and a substantial stakeholder in your company Mr.Tony? I’m sure he is not the nuclear scientist from Pakistan, is he?

STOP YOUR BULLSHIT TONY! Just FLY if you can or let MAS take-over AirAsia. After all everyone knows that you are almost bankrupt and please don’t expect the RAKYAT to fund your ‘airport in the sky’.

Read his BULLSHIT which appeared in Malaysiakini HERE.

p/s Were civil servants on official trip 'forced' to fly AirAsia, Rural Air Services raped for the temporary pleasure of Tony and friends, more than RM100 million of debts yet to be paid to MAHB, MAS' international routes (London) stolen from MAS ..... the list (of cronyism and abuse) could go on and on.

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1 comment:

SLUM DOG said...

Yes Tony, serve you right. Why did not you just go and ask RM 2 billion from the Government, like the deal Tajuddin got from MAS when that man was PM, disguised as a bailout and then sucker it to the scum bags out there who are the epitome of hypocricy and make slum dog look like a pedigree.