Saturday 31 January 2009



Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s speech at the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority organized Global Competitiveness Forum is once again sending waves across continents.

Our Statesman’s thoughts, ideas and wisdom (plus wit) is still much sought after by the Global community and influential Governments while compulsive LIARS like Anwar Ibrahim are busy selling themselves like downtrodden pros#@%&tes.

Mahathir calls for rebuilding of global financial system
Ghazanfar Ali Khan Arab News

“He pointed out that the doctrine of his governance is, which is the slogan in Malaysia, is “prosper thy neighbor”. “If the neighbor is prosperous, there will be less problems across the border and the problems of the neighboring nations will not spill over to,” said Mahathir, who is an acclaimed statesman.

He said that the attempts were made to overlook the problems and patch them up, which later surfaced alarming proportions.
He referred to the Enron and AIG failures in the US to substantiate his point.”

Read the full ArabNews article

AND while in Riyadh, Our Statesman also repeated his views about the Israeli atrocities in Gaza and WHO the real War Criminals are.

Mahathir blasts Israeli terror

Ghazanfar Ali Khan Arab News

RIYADH: Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad strongly backed the Saudi call for a probe into Israeli war crimes, and said that the UN must set up a war crimes tribunal against Tel Aviv to investigate what he called the genocide of innocent Palestinians. Speaking to Arab News yesterday, Mahathir said he supported the Arab peace initiative of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah."

Full article HERE.

Also read Rockybru's 'Out of the blue, a potshot from the pros#@#ute' HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Woi Hishamuddin Aun,

Tak malu ke kau sekarang ni jilat j**ur Rosmah?

Dulu kau yang kata Najib di queen control oleh Rosmah. Dulu kau yang cakap Rosmah yang akan jadi PM dan dia yang akan decide siapa akan jadi GEIC NST, bukan Najib.

The whole world knows that you have been running down Rosmah and Najib.

Malu lah sikit, my friend.

Your time is over lah...

Anonymous said...

Abang, i dengaq the nst pookie, oops Bookie AChai pun sudah mula main kotor sebelum dia di tentang masuk kandang babi. katanya dia 'ditugaskan' dalam operasi dendam terhadap pekerja nst yang tidak sealiran dgn kuncu2 PM, KJ dan Kalimullah. mereka yang kononnya ditindas itu dikatakan terlalu pro-Najib . betul ker ni?
Ketua Biro Pahang salah seorang dari mereka kot... berani betul si Acai pookie!

Beringin Satu

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