Thursday 22 January 2009


WHO is In-Charge?

The outcome of the meeting between Khazanah, the Economic Planning Unit (read Prime Minister’s Department) and Malaysian business supremo Tony Fernandez pertaining to the creation of another airport in Labu has many implications.

Of the many queries, the outcome would most certainly answer one BIG question running in the minds of Malaysians and foreign investors alike.

WHO in actually in charge here?

WHO decides on the long-term interest, viability, national security and most importantly who takes care of the wider interests of the RAKYAT?

The KLIA@East appears very much like an ill conceived idea of a few individuals that has been put on an extremely FAST-TRACK, until it was brought to a halt by concerned cyber-citizens … led by none other than Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad’s voice of reason.

More than 90% of the arguments in cyber-space suggested that Tony’s Airport in Labu is a BAD IDEA that should not have been on the plate in the first place.

Sime Darby, Tony’s partner in this dubious venture, brought along their own baggage after being unceremoniously kicked-out from Institut Jantung Negara – IJN.

Sime Darby is now perceived to be a ‘crook’ in the corporate world.

The public-outcry against Tony’ Airport failed to get any reaction or response from the Government, including from the now non-existent Minister of Transport (this guys is incompetent to the core) or his boss Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. (who also happens to be Tony and Tan Sri Musa Hitam’s BOSS).

The deal seemed sealed with the full backing of the Government, until Khazanah Nasional managing director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar poured cold water on Tony’s face.

Azman’s statement REJECTING Tony’s Airport while defending the National Airport Master Plan was of great relief, BUT how in the hell did Tony and his goons arrive here with their ‘airport in the sky’?

HOW & WHY did the government give Air Asia and Sime Darby the nod for the dubious project when KHAZANAH is so strongly against the idea?

I think the Prime Minister owes us, MALAYSIANS, an explanation on this.

Tell us WHO’s In-Charge …we know its not you! You might not even know where Labi is, I mean LABU is.

p/s Sime Darby’s ‘black hearts’ might tag along Tony for the meeting at the Ministry of Finance. These guys are still adamant of building Tony’s Airport … even if its in the sky right above KLIA. (Untuk menegak-kan benang yang sudah kuyup di-basahi kencing rakyat)

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Bloggers, keep it up, lets do another IJN on Tony's Airport.