Monday 3 January 2011

Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, PLEASE come clean!

WikiLeaks Finds Another Malaysian Scandal

Written by Our Correspondent   

Rais: Who, me?
Prominent UMNO stalwart allegedly raped his housemaid in 2007 but wasn't investigated

The latest round of WikiLeaks cables to embarrass Malaysia alleges that a "VVIP" later identified as Rais Yatim, the Information, Communications, and Culture Minister, raped his Indonesian maid in 2007, but got away with it because then-Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi apparently didn't want an embarrassing confrontation with the Indonesian government.

The 68-year-old Rais at the time was law minister in Badawi's cabinet. He has been a stalwart in United Malays National Party politics since at least 1978. Although the rape charges were passed to Badawi's office in 2007 and were well known to top government officials, it appears they were never investigated. Certainly, the charges didn't stop Badawi from naming him foreign affairs minister in 2008, nor did they stop Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak from naming him information minister in 2009.

However, on July 27of 2007, Rais did abruptly pull out of the running to become Commonwealth Secretary-General after the end of the previous secretary's reign in March 2008. He cited the conflict of his duties serving on the committee planning the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Malaysia's freedom from British colonialism. The complaint making the rounds appears to have been filed on July 23.

The lack of investigation of the case also prevents Rais from protesting his innocence. At this stage, lack of evidence would probably make the case almost impossible to prosecute, since it would end up with just the maid's word against Rais's.

Malaysia's blogosphere has caught fire over the allegations although Rais wasn't named as the alleged rapist until this weekend. A three-page Indonesian police report giving details of the maid's service in his home – with his name blanked out – has been making the rounds of the Internet since the middle of December.

It's sickening to read Asia Sentinel's scandalous report on Datuk Seri Rais Yatim's alleged crime. Asia Sentinel's credibility is questionable and they have this cunning (also burning) desire to paint us black, but why are we putting ourselves in such a situation.

Datuk Seri Rais Yatim is no ordinary man, he is a senior Minister in the Government of the day and holds a very important portfolio. The crime allegations against him are not petty either, its about a heinous act of rape.

God knows if the Minister is innocent or guilty but in the meantime could we have some clarity or rather clarification or explanation or denial or ...? 

By virtue of being the Minister of Information, Communications & Culture, I'm sure Datuk Seri Rais Yatim knows how to come clean ... if he wishes to.

Certainly this issue is not going to be sidelined by "Pitting bloggers against one another".  

Asia Sentinel's HALF-TRUTHS.

Where is the TRUTH, Sir?

p/s Minister, maybe you could start by sacking the dumb advisor or advisors..

p/s2 Asia Sentinel is so dumb to report that this issue was leaked by Wikileaks.

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Anonymous said...


if we were to adopt the principle of 'one must answer to all allegations' since 'silence means concurrence' then I would, on daily basis be making allegations after allgations against all and sundry, your goodself included perhaps and the persons accused will have nothing better to do in bhis life than being pre-occupied on full time basis, answering allegations.

I owe no one anything if I dont do wrong. I will answer only when I legally bound to do so. To sue someone for defamation is my prerogative under the law. Not suing does not mean I concur. To the contrary, it shows the accuser (and all those who believe in mere allegations and those who subscribe to such belief, have a serious deficiency in their mental faculty).

Apanama said...

Anon 2:27

Thanks for your views. Its not about one must answer to all. This is a case involving a very high ranking government official, a Cabinet Minister, and this matter also involves bilateral relations with Indonesia.
We are not accusing anyone but there seem to be smoke everywhere we go and the fire seems to be in your yard.
Is it not wise for you to come clean and explain the situation? You're an elected rep, a Minister, public figure and the face of the Government, there shouldnt be any problem in clearing up this mess.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

I agree in that as it involves a very senior & well known Cabinet Minister, there has to be a proper,formal response from the party concerned.

In these days of "allegations" flying around, it is always a wiser move to confront the same headon!

I remember many many years ago, when our dog{very old & sick } died at about 9.30pm.

My wife who was nursing the animal until the last few moments was shattered and went into the bedroom & wept.

So I had the task of burying the animal in the dark of the night, on the side of our garden that had a huge old tree.

It took a bit of digging - six feet at least, then the animal was big - so six feet wide etc.

After which as instructed by my wife, I placed flowers & lit a candle & sang, albeit quietly an old Joan Baez piece.

Unknown to me, my newly arrived neighbours had been watching & we sure I was burying my wife!!!

The problem was that the very next day at noon, wife had to fly overseas for a one week assignment.

Three days later, one evening, when I was sitting out at the patio, the local police in plain clothes visited me & after much shadow dancing, the old sargent major confessed that he was here because of the "report"- wife missing.

I cracked up laughing & called my neighbours over and as we sat there,my wife called from overseas & all felt quite silly.

My neighbours, till today are our best friends almost family.

The old cop , now retired , every time we meet, would tell the story & the youngsters would be stunned.

Did I sue?

For godnessake, my neighbours were concerned for my wife!

But I took it on head on - nothing to hide!

However, I was / am not a public figure!


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