Saturday 22 January 2011

Grand Conspiracy ... the Enemy Within ?

It has been almost a year since Kulim Bandar Baru Member of Parliament and ex-Anwar Ibrahim confidante Zulkifli Noordin exposed an evil pact to tarnish the Prime Minister's image by linking him and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Sharibu.

For the record, Zulkifli was the lawyer for one of the accused in the murder but withdrew after being pestered by a 'third party' to fabricate evidence to implicate Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife to the murder.

Zulkifli's expose came as a shock to many but at that point of time the firebrand politician had refused to reveal the identities of those who had directed or rather ordered him to commit the evil act. It is public knowledge now that Zulkifli had later sought a meeting with Najib and set the records straight. It is believed that he had exposed the hidden hands who wanted to prevent Najib from leading the government at any cost.

Following Zulkifli and another PKR turned Independent MP, Datuk Seri Zahrain Hashim's revelations of the grand conspiracy, the conspirators were stunned and almost immediately stopped harping on or linking Najib to the murder.

But it seems, after almost a year now, the desperate conspirators are at it again and have begun spinning the same lies in Tenang (Labis-Johor) where campaigning for a by-election kicks off today.

Zahrain, in his latest blog posting HERE claims that there are fresh efforts to spin the same lies aimed at halting the growing support for the Prime Minister and ruin his efforts to unite the rakyat.

If we listen to Zulkifli's revelation in the above video recording carefully, the delicate evil plan was not only to demonise Najib and his wife but was also aimed at systematically demolishing all vital institutions that formed the pillar of the administration.

The credibility of these institutions are to be crushed to de-stabilise the Government and its leadership.

The targets were the Malay Rulers, the Royal Malaysian Police, the Judiciary, the Attorney General's Chambers, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission and individuals leading these institutions.

Zulkifli says it loud and clear that the pattern or game plan of the concerted evil acts were similar to those which resulted in the deadly May 13, 1969 racial clashes.

The question now is has any of these subversive acts been put to rest or are the culprits still moving with their ill-conceived agenda to ruin this nation?  

It seems that the attacks on the vital institutions and personalities have not subsided although some institutions have had a change of leaders. 

Some recent newspaper reports and blog posts have been rather disturbing, particularly that which questioned the credibility and allegiance of those purportedly serving the best interest of this nation and her people.

I hope that the relevant authorities, if need be the Prime Minister himself, take a closer look at these reports as the last thing we want at this point of time is to have parasites and subversive elements within our vital institutions. 

An enemy within is the last thing we need, now and forever.

p/s Watch the video above again and THINK! 

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Anonymous said...

Muka dia pun nampak macam penyangak. Takkan dia Melayu kan? Melayu tulen pakai songkok hitam, le atau ketayap putih. Dia Melayu liberal kut?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Zulkifli Nordin reads the situtation well ahead the govt or umno or bn.

Too many 'bodekman' around Najib , he cant see ahead of him unless he push them aside.Ministers are no different. Senior govt officials - some are too incompetent to help the ministers.

They almost lost the last election for failing to read situations and get right and effective anyalysts and analysis.We have a right to be angry and upset with UMNO and BN for failing to deliver then. NOw they have to get their actogether and not rely on the PM and DPM totally.

Zul Noordin is right. There is a oncerted move to attack instituions to weaken , esp the Malays support. The move is specific against the rulers eps , Selangor ,Perak as they are outspoken and they know their state constitution therefore not easily bullied.

A move has started to discredit them because the malay support for the ruler is too strong.Infact by doing the right thing Sultan Selangor is actually doing what the govt should have done and should be doing .The KSN is ineffective that SUK Khusrin is allowed to fry and be insulted.

PR govt thru PKR Khalid Ibrahim is too weak, i n disarray, corrupted and power grabbing. All things they promised to clean up have been vote for lies and more lies. Khalid is a weak MB bec he's got no political base as a leader, squeezed out of Selangor leadership. He need to show he's got what it takes, but he's digging a hole for the state to sink in. Khalid is being blackmailed by his camera-gate.

The Govt's media body is too slow and lack lustre in providing info and correcting mis-info.Most of its 'pro' bloggers are stuck in the 19th century arguments an strategy. So its not surprising that they cant see whats going on esp in Selangor bec they are too cowardly- hoping that the Ruler being strict and knowledgeable would do their job for them.

Now - the opposition are targetting the Royal institution, esp Selangor and Perak by spouting blatant seditious and treasonous announcements and actions. Because they know the govt would be afraid to take them on at this time.

So on Monday 24th Jan , dont be surprise - 2 BN ADUN reps would be 'detained' by some 'gangsters' to stop them from attending state DUN assembly.Expected reaction: Pretend its not happening until some sharp blogger brings it up.

So those of you who care, read Zul Noordin and know that he's got the right reading - there is a 'Rampasan Di Raja'. To the fed BN and state BN sleepy heads - its happening under your noses , so you dont deserve my vote.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Sekali merdeka bukan ber-erti merdeka buat selama-lamanya. - Dr.Mahathir Mohamad

Anonymous said...

Yang haram itu Babi. DAP lagi haram. Anuwar Ibraham paling haram.

Nukilan A.Samad SaidIT

Anonymous said...

Dear PM, please understand that there are still a considerable number of Malaysians who have some faith in BN and in particular in your leadership.
We, the silent majority, are with you. We are not exactly happy with the BN components but we are harbouring hopes that you would be a good leader.
We trust your ability but please break free from being controlled by any particular individual or team of individuals.
There is so much negative news about you and top of the list is about how you are subservient to your wife.
We respect Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor as the wife of the Prime Minister and that ends there ... FULL STOP.
Same goes to your brother and his circle of corporate players.
Please Datuk Seri, we have no choice but to support you. Dont let us down.
Please clean up UMNO and the rest of the BN components of deadwoods and we can assure you more than two thirds majority in the next general elections.


Natural Cure For Prostate Cancer said...

Politics is dirty and dirty is haram... Let us all vote God and let Him lead the way for a better future generation. Improve ourselves positively! Make sure happiness is ours before, now and after..Amen.

26 Jan 2011

Anonymous said...

PN Najib needs to remove all seditious and racist people in BN. But unless he offers the below 3 items :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

Equality and liberal application of Islam will win for BN, not apartheid against minorities and Islam used as a selective tool of control against non-UMNO-putras.

With both BN and PR equally nepotistic and BN still allowing apartheid, Pakatan will very likely destroy whats left of BN for being stronger on the non-apartheid issue and UMNO's record of abusive behaviour even against Malays and of course even the stripping of the Sultan's immunities.