Friday 2 September 2011

3rd ANNIVERSARY: Anwar masih pembohong?


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Anonymous said...

ha..ha..ha bro, if you look at his facial expression and body language, he is clearly a big liar. He would never change his old attitude. Wonder why his people are still sticking to him knowing that he is now a burden to them...ApaiSwak

Moshe said...

What a fool must he be?. He thought Malaysia can be rolled over with his piped dreams. Oh What a fool must he be?

Anonymous said...

It's really strange how so many idiots including those from DAP believe this great liar.

Oh,I get it. The idiots want this compulsive liar to be PM because they have invested heavily and cannot afford to lose any more.

When this problem laden liar becomes PM, their leech type supporters will blackmail him into giving projects or other favours or else they will release many hidden secrets.

A problemmatic leader is the easiest way to instant wealth.

DPP Donplay pundek.