Friday 1 March 2013

LAHAD DATU crackdown - SABAH is safe

Official facts of the Royal Malaysian Police VAT69 Special Squad crackdown on the armed intruders near Lahad Datu, Sabah.  

09.59hrs - Firefight between VAT69 and intruders when intruders started shooting at patrol party from their hideout. 

TWO VAT69 Special Force personnel were killed while THREE others seriously injured. In an ensuing battle which lasted for about 30minutes, 12 of the armed intruders were gunned down. 

Our security forces, VAT 69 Special Forces and General Operations Force, have further tightened the cordon around the area. 

The remaining members of the armed intruders are still in the area and are suspected to be trying to flee. 

Operation to weed out the armed intruders have been intensified. The Royal Malaysian Navy and other units of the military are on full alert and have tightened security in and around Sabah. 

Following the gun battle this morning police recovered a cache of weapons including M16 & SLR rifles, pistols, hand grenades and bullets. 

Police are in full control of the situation and have warned irresponsible people from spreading unfounded rumuors about the security in Sabah.  

Sabah police chief Datuk Hamzah Taib briefed the media in Lahad Datu at 5pm and has denied that the police have imposed a curfew in Lahad Datu. 

Only the area surrounding Kampung Tanduo is off limit to the public.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has mandated the Royal Malaysian Police and the Armed Forces to take all necessary actions to end the standoff as soon as possible.

It is understood that Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussien is on his way to Sabah while the Inspector General of Police is already in Kota Kinabalu.

We want peace but don't push us to the wall.

My condolences to the family of the fallen VAT69 heroes. May their soul rest in peace. Al-Fatihah

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Anonymous said...

may the soul of the two brave policemen rest in peace for they have sacrifice their life for this beloved

i will never forget the couragenous of these two policemen who have fought bravely to defend this country from the intrusion of Kiram terrorist..

Anonymous said...

Kedua dua komando malaysia mati syahid demi bangsa agama dan islam dari pengkhianat anwar ibrahim proksi yahudi ini bukan mati katak seperti di memali .....mat libiol and gang mati katak

Anonymous said...

Komen from my LD friend : Kwn2, allow me a moment of indulgence to clear the foul stench of stupidity amongst the malaysians. Kes kat LD is nothing new to us sbhns, in the 90s they abruptly came to the shore at Semporna and immediately bombed the police stations, and went amuck at the town. They are smart people, some left at the sea naik dr kwsn bakau and lived 4 6 mth b4 start to mingle with locals and married them. The tausugs in LD now didn't came all at once, instead they came in batches, with inside helping frm their family at the village. Trust me they have been there at least 2 3 mth b4 the group bcomes complete, then they decide its time to wage war. Klu tak paham rules of engagement, jgnlah menunjuk pandai ckp bukan2 kata kerajaan lemau, ada hati nak banding dgn bersih. Polis kene masuk dulu sbb dorg trained as negotiators, tentera is the last resort as they will not spare anyone once commanded. They need time to ensure all the locals are out of the village and then cut their food and finance sources, hoping the tausugs will surrender. That is our rules of engagement. We are not barbaric stoic like the american soldiers. Yg pandai ckp je kt media skrg ni cuba bg arahan btukar kt sbh ke swk, meraung bwk keturunan naik turun ofis merayu xnak dok sana, tp mulut mcm haram mengutuk semua yg tlibat kt LD kata klu dorg kt sana lama dah setel. Kene suntik kt spital pun pejam mata mengucap2, tgk darah pun pitam lagi nak g perang. Those who went in and died today knew they might not come back alive, as that was their vow when inducted to the force. So please, belajar dr sejarah, nak blajar sejarah kene bnyk membaca, sbb tu org kita ramai jd mcm ni, mulut ngan otak tak sama frekuensi, bhs biadapnya bangang abadi. Fedup with their stupidity. Thank u for ur moment.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much do we pay those guys in VAT69. How does it feels like being involve in a gun fight?

And how does it feels like when there are people, especially the politician, accusing them of not doing their job properly when they are only low ranking policeman who just follow orders.


Anonymous said...

Chinese LGE & Kit Siang, Tian Chua, Theresa KOK, Karpal and all those indians really want to see more casualties among the muslims.

Reading news comments in Yahoo World and Yahoo US, this kind of people voices their likes to see more casualties.

Just read and you find out how bad this people are.

Anonymous said...

We need too send the politicians including chinese and indians to the war field like this..

Their comments may just be different after this.

mitchell said...

Bro, could you plse clarify your headline!!!!

mitchell said...

Your headline says "Sabah Is Safe" this your deduction or you are just parroting what Zahid and Hisham are saying. And for God's sake plse dont qoute the Sabah Chief of Police..this dumb ass from the denial of Musa Aman's relative involved in the money scam in Philipines till this "Sulu" issue has been saying "sabah is safe"... till our troops got killed!!!!
Relatives in Sabah are worried shit!! mana tak takut? 800,000 Filipinos in Sabah now..if any untoward incident happens, they are sitting please, Bro either clarify your headline or change it...