Friday 31 May 2013

Did Anwar Ibrahim tell the truth?

BERNAMA Interview with Hamid Awaludin
Hamid Awaludin was Indonesian minister of law and human rights from 2004-2007 when Jusuf Kallawas vice president, and was Indonesian ambassador to Russia and Belarus from 2008-2011.

Anwar Ibrahim claims it was Jusuf Kallawho approached him whereas JusufKalla said he was approached by Anwar. Which is true?

Hamid Awaludin:

I was present during Jusuf Kalla’s discussions with both Anwar and Najib. It was Jusuf Kalla who accepted Anwar’s request to mediate. He did not take theinitiative and approach Anwar. Jusuf Kalla does not have any political and economic interests in Malaysia.He is busy with his affairs in Indonesia. So why wouldhe take the initiative and approach Anwar? It isn’t logical.

Jusuf Kalla considers both Anwar and Najib as good friends. He wanted to help because they were competing fiercely with one another. That is how hesaw this.  

Anwar claims there were several "preconditions" in the agreement elections, fair media, etc. Can you outline any preconditions?

Hamid Awaludin:

I am very sure that there were no preconditions discussed between Jusuf Kalla and Anwar. For me, adeal is deal. And there was a deal that both parties – Anwar and Najib – agreed to.

Some people always try and find a loophole after the event, or an excuse not to deliver on their promise.Some people are different in character to others.

Anwar now claims PM Najib didn't sign the agreement and it was therefore not valid. Jusuf Kalla says the PM did give his verbal agreement and therefore the deal was agreed by both parties, and was valid. Is Anwar correct or is JusufKalla?

Hamid Awaludin:

Anwar knew that Najib did not sign the agreement.Najib had very reasonable, political reasons for not signing the agreement and Anwar understood and accepted it.

But Najib gave his word that he would honour the agreement. He consented to the agreement. Basic morality teaches us that man’s word is more important than his signature. And deeds are more important than any declaration. Najib delivered on his promise. He called for national reconciliation during hiselection result acceptance speechNajib’s deeds matched his word.

On Election Day, do you feel that the agreement was still in place? Had anything happened before Election Day to invalidate the agreement?

Hamid Awaludin:

I am very sure that nothing jeopardized the agreementin the run up to the election or on Election Day. The agreement still stood. Things changed after Najib was declared the winner. Even the day after Najib’s victory, I was personally optimistic that deal is deal, and both sides would abide by the dealBut Anwar broke the deal. Perhaps he was unable to manage his followers,especially because the DAP had won more seats thanAnwar’s own party. Anwar found himself in a difficultpositionBut a leader must lead, not be led.

Do you and Jusuf Kalla feel Anwar broke the deal? If so, how?

Hamid Awaludin:

I feel that Anwar still does not accept political reality.Perhaps he has things he will not say because he doesn’t want to hurt people. I dont know.

Do you feel Anwar was/is sincere in wanting national reconciliation in Malaysia?

Hamid Awaludin:

I believed that Anwar had sincerity and I still hope hehas.

Why do you think Anwar is behaving in the manner in which he is – denying the agreement, refusing to cede defeat andorganising protests across Malaysia?

Hamid Awaludin:

From the beginning, Anwar convinced himself that he would win the election. He had struggled for so longand he thought that this was the end of the struggle. He thought he would win the battle and defeat BarisanNasionalHis belief was strengthened by opinion polls that were often in his favourAnd each rally Anwarheld during the campaign attracted massive crowds. But in the end, the people’s choice is the ultimatefactor in democracy.
Anwar believed he would win the election but he was afraid Najib would resist and not hand over power. So Anwar wanted insurance against this scenario. That is why he came up with the idea of the deal.



Anonymous said...

Oh Anwar Ibrahim is so 'perasan'! Got obsessed by his BIG ambition.. D true winner is one who accepts defeat. How can he possibly lead a country? He can't even handle his emotions.

Pakatan Rosak said...

Anwar has broken every promise he made, and is a compulsive liar.

He was so confident of winning the elections with the financial backing of some foreign rogues. He even promised those rogues a handsome reward ( which he has no intention to keep ).

Now that he has thrown out the water before it rained, he is in a hopeless situation. Debts are piling to the ceiling and he is having sleepless nights.

Now as usual he will blame everything under the sun for his folly.

He also fooled the Australians with empty promises but they found out his true colours and abandoned him. So he went to fool the Indonesians, hoping they were unable to think.

So, it is high time for him to repent ( using Karpal Singh's advice ) and go to the mountains in the Himalayas to seek solace until he finds it. Of course ne may also find some other excuses for that too.

For the rest of the logical thinkers, forget this compulsive liar.

Luckily, he did not win. If he did, he will milk the Government dry under his rule to pay off his debts to the International Ah Longs.

To the question whether Anwar told the truth, the facts speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

anwar bapak penipu, anwar juga the mother of all liars.. worst liar of the decade, the people of the world shall see what is anwar doing to Malaysia, people of the world shall be the judge...anwar is a born liar..

Anonymous said...

"...Did Anwar Ibrahim tell the truth?..."

ha, ha, ha!

best joke ever!

Anwar Al-Jub is a pathological liar.

he has forgotten what truth is about.

Anonymous said...

Truth is not in Anwar dictionary.

Unknown said...

IN the days leading to 505 many of the candidates and wannabes from not only BN but also PR which could be considered as the proverbial `Counting the chickens before they are hatched', Or as the Malay said `dengar guruh dilangit, air setempayan dicurahkan!' Normal in thsi Psycho-war to demoralise the meek!
Anwar is more the veteran in this than Najib even with his battery of expensive brains and foreign PRs Corp! In fact, if Najib JK & his INdon counterpart would think deep having him sign alone with Najib only giving a VERBAL assent, it is a major PR do for AI!
IT show his boldness and daring, if PR failed to wrest Power he is covered!
There is no May Riots (even when UMNO repeatedly screened `Tanda Putra' to select young and old Malays1 Even now FINAS is still clamouring for the Public screening of that shoddy RM 4.8million taxpayers funds to drum um Nationalism and racism1
If, the big if, Najib had signed and yet formed GOM, he would be crucified by UMNO for utter lack of confidence and selling out when it was ado and die mission for UMNO!
Now with Petitions being filed (only 27 by PKR, 20 by PAS and ? by DAP and ? by UMNO) we moved to the next phase, legal warangles!
So who and what of the duo's pre-505 deal IS academic - does not make AI the PM, at least till new events change it! Najib may be challenges or stripped from his UMNO Presidency on the say-so of the supporters of MM and DZ, but Najib has covered that already!
Pak Lah's SIL, MY, ZH, HH and dozens others are in his `Debt' for being TPM and full Ministers!The N & V Pact can be considered passe! Politicians always cover their tracks, in this survvival War games! Both Najib and Anwar are the great hopes of BN/PR, with many riding on their WINing of GE13 and Putrajaya!

Anonymous said...

seems that anwar also have the similar problem as PM..

they both have wrong PUNASIHAT...Najib's Punasihat said that BN gets Chinese support, Selangor already in hand, higher number of seats in Penang, if not win, a very slim majority for PAS in Kelantan..

ANwar's Punasihat said, Putrajaya is theirs, Sabah belong to them, so sarawak, Kedah still with them, N9 is another new states for Pakatan..

but at the end both are loser..this is not happening...

guess who wins then?