Monday 10 June 2013

Don't follow the losers

They cry out aloud for democracy and transparency but have conveniently shied away from their war cry in their own party. 

PAS whose president wields a little or lesser power is dictated by a spiritual leader who often mistook himself for the Prophets. 

The unelected spiritual leader is the actual leader, not the elected President. Democracy has to be redefined to accommodate Pas... maybe.

DAP on the other hand has democracy etched in its name but in actual practice, as being continuously exposed by its former members and leaders, democracy appears like a corpse in DAP backyard.

The father and son political tyranny in DAP is an open secret. What is not so secret any longer is the way the Lim dynasty chokes dissent in DAP, even while screaming for a CAT administration here and there. 

By right the much disputed Dec 2012 DAP CEC election, where vote rigging and manipulation is suspected and alleged, ought to be held again. 

By right, by democratic norms, the party should call for a re-election of the CEC which appoints top party leaders including the powerful secretary general.

DAP members claim 750-odd eligible delegates were barred/not allowed to vote during the disputed CEC elections. They have also claimed that more than 500 phantom delegates could have voted to elect the 20 DAP CEC members in Dec 2012.

They suspect the 'inclusion' of Zairil Khir Johari was a fraudulent act, an afterthought engineered to please/hoodwink the Malays in DAP and those at large with blind hatred against the Government.

So, why is the popular secretary general who happens to be party supreme commander's son reluctant to call for a re-election of the CEC? Is DAP not a democratic party whose top most leaders are appointed by TWENTY members?

If you are appointed by only TWENTY members whose very own election is in dispute, you should shut the F up and mind the democracy in your party.

You certainly don't have the moral or political right to point fingers at others, more so at your opponents, when democracy in your party is on the dead bed.

PKR is a party for ONE man, led by ONE man and his wife, with ONE single objective... to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Everything else about PKR is bullshit.

Democracy is just another slogan for the Opposition parties in Malaysia. Its very similar to their version of transparency, anti-corruption, cronyism, nepotism and such.

I just hope those in Barisan Nasional won't emulate Pas, DAP and PKR, especially when its about democracy within the party.

Hidup Malaysia!

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Carlos Santiago said...

terasa nak tergelak je

Anonymous said...

Brilliant article! and Arab Spring to be used as a tool to tightened their claws for more power.

Hey...btw since Tun M, the greatest leader but a dictator to oppo, I have never heard of any new successful Malay entrepreneurs or young businessmen being groomed by Pak Lah and Najib administration. What I heard are people of Cambridge-Harvard consultants and government servants who are appointed by the government and used their positions for themselves and cronies. People like Azman Mokhtar who seems like clinging to power forever and sucking the country wealth. What are they good at? Is he not a government servant or a businessman?

Concerned grassroot

yoko ono said...

carlos santiago,have you not gone to au2 keramat?or tmn melawati pasar tani?these are policies that works.malay nasi lemak entrepreneurs everywhere.have you not noticed how mb pkr via pnsb gave tauke judi danny tan gdv rgt 7 billion land while selangorian gets 10sen free water a day?or datum jelatek contractors given to teresa kok wiramas sdn bhd?of course,mokhzani too is a kencana oil n gas

LesSaid said...

I have always been suspicious of people / organisations / parties / countries with the designation "Democratic" in their names or titles. Case in point: DPRK - Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (North Korea) and other communist countries, present or formerly.