Wednesday 19 June 2013

THE lunatic and his looney tunes


Many of us practically fought tooth and nail to drive home the argument that you don’t have to change the government of the day to bring about productive change for Malaysia.

Malaysia is a blessed nation. We are blessed people of a nation held together by diversity. Certainly our level of togetherness was a little better in the recent past, until a new brand of politics started taking centre stage.

The neo-liberals may have convincing arguments but the end game of the ‘new’ politics was ultimately about regime change. That was the name of the project. Regime change in Malaysia, and it is an open secret.

As regime change was the project, the name of the game in the last general elections in Malaysia was not democracy, transparency or fairness. It was not even about eradicating corruption.

The role of the Opposition was also transformed. They wanted to be the Government, not Opposition, and they wanted it at any cost.

Rather than being the check and balance, the eyes and ears and at times the brains of the people, the Opposition was hijacked by a group of power crazy people.

The leader, of this group of experienced political animals and their younger neo-liberal ilk, had made his intention very clear. He wants to topple the BN-led government and become the Prime Minister.

Having failed to convince enough people to support him, he now wants to hold daily street demonstrations to topple the government. He has even been rehearsing for the Oath Taking (as PM) before the YDP Agong (King). That is how crazy the lunatic is.

So, some of us simpletons are convinced that this is crazy. That it is crazy to support the wants of a lunatic who wants to be the Prime Minister. It is crazy to support this group of power crazy people who sell half-truths as the gospel truth to their faithful supporters.

It is crazy to support a bunch of traitors masquerading as activists and politicians. 

The lunatic and his well choreographed performers are damaging the country from all angles to paint the ugliest possible picture of the government. They hold firm to the ‘end justifies the means’ maxim. It was all about a regime change in Malaysia.

The main institutions of the Government were targeted, with malice and the sole purpose of fanning hatred against the government and the leadership. Crime is now a political chip and they have a bunch of learned lawyers heading that mud-slinging unit.

Even an express boat mishap triggered pot shots at the government, while the authorities were frantically searching for the missing passengers.

The new politics in Malaysia came in the form of unproductive gutter politics. All means were justified as long as the purpose is to topple the government.

Even a learned ‘doctor’ of a researcher who is now a politician was proven to have told/spread blatant lies about phantom voters during GE-13. There were countless other lies and deceptive propaganda aimed at fooling the voters.

Tun Dr Mahathir fleeing the nation before polling day and the BN transporting 40,000 odd Bangladesh nationals from some sky kingdom to vote for Najib. Both are clear examples of how even the learned were fooled with such ridiculous allegations.

That was another of the lunatic's serial bullshit for idiots who god worshipped him. 

He has been going around telling people, (some idiots actually do believe him), that Pas, Dap and PKR should be allowed to form the government as they had actually won in the GE.  

A few Bangkok/Washington based foreign journalists and writers have vouched that the regime change agenda was an American plot.

Well, it could even be a plot hatched in Temasek but at the end of the day its up to us Malaysians to make our choice.

The much anticipated 13th General Election is over. There has been loads of change but Malaysians have made it clear that we don’t need a regime change.

Barisan Nasional, a 13-component institution that represents each and every group of people in this diverse country, has been returned to power. BN has 133 parliamentary seats. Pas, DAP and PKR share the remaining 89 of the 222 parliamentary seats. That's the final count.

Project ‘regime change’ in Malaysia failed. A few straight thinking politicians in PAS have accepted the fact that they have been hoodwinked by those bunch of power crazy lot among them. Even Pas has indirectly kicked out the 'Anwarinas' among them. Mat Sabun, Husam Musa and Dzul were clear targets of the anti-AlJub faction in the party. 

The lunatic, being what he is and has always been, doesn’t accept the fact. He is still trying to fuel massive street protests and civil disobedience to topple the Government.

Unsurprisingly, a growing number of those in PAS and some able-minded ones in DAP have begun distancing themselves from the lunatic and his antics.

If a blessed nation like Malaysia is to topple her Government via massive street protests as in Egypt, then no future Government of Malaysia will be safe from such ugly street protests. Those in Pas, DAP and even PKR recognise this hard fact.

If you have had supported the lunatic in the past and had looked upon Egypt as an example of how the people protesting on the streets could bring a government down, look at Egypt again. Where are they now?

Look at Turkey, Egypt, also Syria, and don’t forget to steal a glance at Iraq, a 6,000 year-old civilization that experienced Uncle Sam’s ‘regime change’ more than ten years ago.

p/s As the noose around his neck tightens, the lunatic will have no choice but to accept the outcome of the 13th GE and attend parliament on June 24. He will have to be there, minus all sense of shame and self-respect, as he had promised to retire from politics if he failed to effect a regime change in Malaysia. 

... who said the lunatic was a gentleman? 

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Anonymous said...

This lunatic has no integrity at all. He can kongkek a cinadoll and go home to his wife and children as though nothing cynical happened.

How to trust such lunatic to lead a nation.

Anonymous said...

The more news about the lunatic by Utusan and pro-Mamak bloggers, the more discredited the ruling govt. looks in the eyes of the foreigners and Rakyat.

Tak faham lagi ke?

Anonymous said...

I remember during the last Bersih rally. This guy was merrily walking in KL Sentral, babbling about government cruelty this and that. Suddenly, we saw his pics lying on hospital bed with tubes connected to his body. The guy is a soap opera actor.

Yet, people still voted for him. What has gone into Malaysians' head?

Unknown said...

YOU are one of those deserving to have not only your eyes and ears examined but you need a serious brain surgery!
Nabi went on Boraak for Heart and cleansing on Israk Mi'rak!
Poor and pathetic liar and spinner you, no such rotten Luck!
Enjoy your Shrek Sewer!
If anyone is loony and Beany man, its just YOU and your UMNOso thick in the skull!
Happy being kuda for the likes of Mamu and his elks!
Selawat and solat2 so whatever cluttering your brains cleared from the current Haze!
Astagfirullah hal Azzeem!