Saturday 15 June 2013

Who wants to be the PUPPETEER?

So, the Prime Minister or rather the Government has no intention to get to know, register and record the particulars of each and every Internet user i.e. bloggers and online news portal writers in the country. 

There has been some serious mis-reporting on the part of even the most trusted main stream media. This to a certain extend reflects on the quality or rather the level of responsibility in some newsrooms today.

It's about responsibility, about taking pride in doing what you do. Even if you are doing it just for 'cari makan', or you happen to be the best buddy of the top most editor in your organisation, responsibility remains the cornerstone.

If it had been a Kadir, Dollah or Hardev sitting at the top, heads would have rolled into the bin the moment the PM's office clarified those erroneous reports about the PM wanting to 'discipline' the social media.

At the going rate, most probably such 'hiccups' would be forgotten and life will go on as usual, while the circulation and readership (viewership) continue to head in a predictable direction.

At the Malaysia Press Institute-Petronas Media Awards 2012 nite, the Prime Minister had actually expressed high regards to the mainstream media practitioners for their 'code of ethics'. Najib had indeed praised the mainstream media. Only to be disappointed shortly afterwards.
In his speech, the Prime Minister said :- 
"The freedom accorded to the social media must be parallel with a sense of responsibility.
"Often, in the domain of social media, there are mischievous writers who will use the space given to them to relay information containing slanderous elements that can jeopardise harmony.
"It is my hope that the suggestions given are not against the Communications and Multimedia Act and also those provisions under the MSC Malaysia's Bill Of Guarantee which states that the Internet will not be censored.

Whose idea was it to 'plant' the idea about social media in the PM's speech?  

The PM didn't read/deliver the part in his text which wanted to 'discipline' bloggers and friends. 

The Prime Minister has made it very clear that he is no puppet.

Who wants to be the puppeteer then? 

p/s What is the difference between an advisor and a puppeteer?

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Anonymous said...


situation in the press is so pathetic that committing such a grave sin is tolerated by the bosses in the newspapers.

if i am not mistaken, the pm was wrongly quoted by nst & bh

and mark my word, pm doesn't care. they can misqoute him 1001 times and PM doesnt care

so... the conclusion .. both are pathetic.

PM and the editors in nst & bh

Anonymous said...

And to think that these newspapers won most of the top awards that night!!

Mustapha Ong said...


Ada dalang yang menghalamg di PMO..Janganlah kita menggunakan nama PM Najib sebagai "wholesale atau Pasar Borong"? PM hanya satu iaitu DS Najib Razak. Saya juga tidak yakin bahawa PM adalah seorang pemimpin yang kurang bijak sebab beliau tahu apa maksud "10 Bills of Guarantee as stipulated in the innovation of MSC's conception in 1976".

WHY is Mdec being the author of the MSC Cyberjaya keeping silent on this important public debate? If the CEO of BOD is non committal, then we need to hear from Datuk Dr. Khaw who is now Deputy Chair in SUHAKAM. Anyway, I am death against those who post or give their comments by hiding behind the sarong as "Anonymous posting".

I myself had been subject to such guttered postings by all those "kaki pengecut". Recently, they posted that "my daughter in-law Datin Rosz is a Cina Ah Moi and that I take it as a serious offence, even if Datin Rozita binti Ramlan is as silent as a silent Dragoness!

For information of that idiotic commentator, my daughter's father is a pure Javanese and her mom is a Bugis from Johor. She is not a Cina Ah Moi although she looks fair, cute and intelligent for her age of late 30s! Now a days, you just cannot tell if someone is a Malay or Chinese concoction and neither he or she is from the off spring of the Sultanates!

alatiffh said...

Pms office clarify the news immediately. Pls take note. Who's pathetic?

Anonymous said...

Does It Matter!?

Mainstream Media has been caught So Often Lying that Mis Reporting is considered Irrelevent!

So Why the Hooo Haaaa!!

Mainstream Media is Now in the same Class as PapaGomo and Barking Magpie....

So Why the Fuss!?


Anonymous said...

Bukan ke akmal mokhles in charge of social media?

Why should PMO be taking charge of party social media?

Is UMNO or government paying their salary?

UMNO should take charge of their own party's social media campaign. Bukanlah kasi penjawat awam dan sukarela.

Your party social media law rank and low impact but u kasi duit pada mereka.

It shows UMNO do not appreciate the sukarela. Do they not know that red bean army is about volunteers.

Anonymous said...

Mustapha Ong

Alahai ... mereka yang kuat menghalang dan beri cadangan bodoh pada PM adalah Oxi Fart Omar Ong

As if you dunno. Baling batu salahkan orang ye.

Memang typical cina muallaf kepala pukumak!

Pe'ah said...

Inchek OmOng should just resign all his government related posts and terminate all consultancy contracts with the government that his firm ekzos whateva have now, in order to clear his name on all these (unfounded?) allegations which traumatise his father Mr MusOng no end. Wonder if some lad called Inchek KosOng is also adik kepada Inchek OmOng....kalo betoi, patut la Mr MusOng suka sangat OmOng, KosOng.....hehehe, gurau je!

Anonymous said...

Petronas Bolih dikata Syarikat Antarabangsa yang terkenal di seluruh Dunia. Mana Ada Syarikat Dalam Dunia Yang sebesar ini lantik sebagai Pengarah budah Mentah Setahun Jagung!?

Kalau Syarikat itu Bapak dia Punya Memang ada hak lah bapak dia lantik anak sebagai pengarah.

Jadi Petronas Ni Najib Punya ke supaya dia bolih lantik anak dia si Omar Ong jadi Pengarah?