Thursday 29 August 2013

NOW SHOWING: Tanda Putera

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"Second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and second Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman saved the country from the political violence of 1969 and reunited the people with their vision, foresight, disciplinarian ways and teamwork.

Unfortunately, they were working against the clock. Both men were dying of serious illnesses: Dr Ismail of a heart ailment and Abdul Razak, of leukaemia. They were treated in secret by a mutual doctor friend, Dr Stewart McPherson.

Abdul Razak kept his illness from his loved ones and the country, so that everybody could focus on bringing the country forward with the New Economic Policy (NEP) that he and Dr Ismail had formulated

"While there are violent scenes of the riots, they are kept to a minimum to serve as backdrop to the turbulent period. The shootings of top officers and a terror attack on the National Monument aided by CGI are shocking, too.

Shuhaimi added wonderful CGI effects in the style of Forrest Gump, where the actors images are superimposed and blended into real footage of historical events.

Nevertheless, there are two glaring production mistakes in the logo of one political party and the Malaysian coat of arms.

Still, this film ought to be on every citizen’s “must watch” list for its historical significance. To date, it remains a strong contender for the top prize at the next Malaysian Film Festival.

Read more of acclaimed 'walking encyclopedia' journalist Dennis Chua's review of Tanda Putera in the NST today.

I suggest the Cocky, Arrogant Tokong in Penang who continuously gives the Chinese a bad name and chauvinist outlook by his sheer arrogance and unbecoming behaviour as a chief minister, watch Tanda Putera before shooting his filthy mouth again. 

You should at least give my friend Dennis Chua the benefit of the doubt. We watched the movie together last week and the last I checked he is still very much a happy, bubbly Malaysian Chinese who has managed to stay free from DAP's politics of hatred and chauvinism. 

Grow up lah Guan Eng. You giving the Cinaman a bad name. 

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Anonymous said...

Blockbuster movie or filem Kartun fiction?

Tayang lah kat RTM atau TV3?

Anonymous said...

Cross a communist with a capitalist and expose him to secular power and religious paraphernalia what do you get? Twilight zone

Anonymous said...

I would rather Watch Tanda Putri..

Lagi Syok

Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch Ben-Hur.