Sunday 11 May 2014

A referendum on ISA please

ISA copy

I beg to differ with the Prime Minister's simplistic views on the Internal Security Act and the role of the preventive measure in ensuring the peace and harmony of our beloved Malaysia for more than five decades.

By saying 'not all want to return to the era of the ISA' and 'opinions be stifled or live in state of fear' the PM himself is making it appear as though we were living under a communist-like regime before he took office in 2009. That can't be true.

Let's just talk about the ISA and not the era of the ISA because I believe the abuse and misuse of the ACT is not the fault of the act. You can't blame the ISA if Syed Hamid decides to detain a journalist under the act 'for her own safety'.

Well we could argue, on the pros and cons of the ISA and the (yet to be repealed) Patriot Act of the United States of America, but that would not give us a solution... unless we really want to hear what Malaysians in general think. This is about the safety and security of the rakyat and the country, is it not?

Since the PM believes that the majority of Malaysians are against the ISA, I would humbly suggest for the Government itself to carry out a comprehensive referendum on this matter. A national referendum on ISA.

Let the people speak up. Do they want the ISA or not.

The days the Government knew it all is over, has it not?


Keep it simple. Yes or a big NO to ISA.



Anonymous said...

Siapa bagitau pasai majoriti don't want ISA kepada Perdana Menteri

Truly said...

1000 x Yes yes yes. No deal, yes

helang said...

Why don't do a survey in this blog?
For it's YES.

AYAH said...

I want the ISA back for sure. I think lots of other Malaysians that too. There are lots of abuses now because the ISA is not around anymore.

The PM should sack all his consultants and advisors.

azman said...

Najib kata rakyat hidup dalam ketakutan sewaktu zaman ISA!!! Beliau juga seperti menyatakan bahawa sewaktu zaman ISA ramain ditangkap dibawah ISA bilamna tidak bersetuju dengan kerajaan!!!

Bagaimana seorang Presiden UMNO dan jugak PM malaysia boleh menyatakan sedemikan rupa???

Setuju sangat kiranya diadakan referendum mengenai ISA!! Mohon bloger2 senior untuk sama2 berusaha mengadakannya.

Atau mungkin boleh gak diaturkan satu Protest besaran2 mengenai tersebut.

Abdul Jalaini Abdul Jalil said...

Najid berilusi bila menyatakan majoriti rakyat..siapa mereka...mana bukti yg tak sokong ISA... SAYA SOKONG ISA DI KEMBALIKAN.

MHL said...

Yes. Do conduct a survey and let's find out what the majority want.