Friday 16 May 2014

Why Ku Nan ?


The self-engineered political crisis in Terengganu has somehow been averted. All those who left Umno to be Independent state assemblymen have returned to the party's fold.

The reasons and justifications for their leaving and prompt return to Umno may sound stupid and ridiculous but we have to accept the fact that such is the level of politics in our nation now, or at least in present day Umno.

If you take PKR out of the equation, Umno could most certainly stake its claim to the 'Political Clown' trophy.  That is the exact state of affairs now.

I refrained from delving deeper into the self-engineered crisis in Terengganu in my earlier posting for wanting to seek solutions rather than pointing fingers and mud-slinging.

I thought the crisis was over but it seems that there are extraordinary moves to wash the party president's hands clean of the self-engineered crisis in Terengganu.

We can't deny that the crisis prompted many to question PM Najib Razak's way of replacing the MB. This uneasiness is an open secret and I guess this is part and puzzle of being a leader. You can't blame the rakyat, particularly the Malays, for expecting more finesse and wisdom from the great Tun Abdul Razak's son.

Many were disappointed but such disappointment could turn to anger, hatred and outright rejection if you attempt to play the blame game.

As the party president the buck stops with you. It would be unwise for you look for a scapegoat to get out of this crisis unscathed. If your smart alec advisors and spin doctors are doing this behind your back, it is nothing but another brilliant attempt to dig your own grave Mr Prime Minister Sir. They're doing it just to remain relevant. If there is no crisis they'll be irrelevant. You need to be in constant crisis for their continued existence. THINK.

I don't know  if the PM is aware of this but there has been deliberate attempt to put the blame (of the Terengganu crisis) on Umno secretary general Tengku Adnan and the long-tainted executive secretary Abdul Raof.  (Personally I think the likes of Raof should have been removed a long time ago but thats a different matter altogether)

The New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia carried reports quoting an obscure Umno deputy division chief's call for Ku Nan to reconsider his position as the secretary general due to his presumed failure in handling the transition in Terengganu well.

There has also been SMS and Whatsapp messages promoting the idea that Ku Nan must be sacked for the Terengganu crisis. Former Malacca Chief Minister  DS Ali Rustam was also identified as the likely replacement.

Those in the know know pretty well what transpired in the days, if not hours before DS Ahmad Said's resignation as the Mentri Besar.

Let's us not open the pandora's box.

Stop such unwarranted attacks against those who genuinely tried to keep the situation under control. The situation got out of control due to ill-evaluated advice and the utter lack of wisdom and finesse, and it was not the secretary general's fault.

Was it the secretary general who was handling the matter, up until the eleventh hour before dumping the hot potato on someone else' lap?

I hope someone would instead start saying something about the rumoured 2,000 hectares somewhere deep in Terengganu.

I'm just asking, not looking for a scapegoat.

Selamat menjamu selera dimajlis kesyukuran perkahwinan yang akan dihadiri kelak.


kancil said...

mesyuarat majlis tertinggi pun dah macam forum bodek membodek. yang paling kuat membodek akan dianugerahkan pingat datuk seri dan mungkin dinaikan pangkat menjadi menteri. itulah parti keramat dikala senja mendahului kegelapan malam

SNS said...

PM is the who should go. He decides. Others advise only. He surrounds himself with bad advisers. He is the only one to blame.

Fadzil Said said...

Trengganu ke$ dah $ettled Bro.....

erie said...

Enough is enough....its time to go....

erie said...

Enough is enough....its time to many blunders n to too many heavy baggages..