Thursday 26 February 2015

What do you think?

"In short, the Umno president cum BN chairman who is our clueless prime minister is an incipient train wreck waiting to be derailed. I do not see any signs that this man is capable of doing a course correction". - HELEN ANG in How many handbags does she need?

I can't disagree with Helen Ang. I know many of you out there, including those close enough for occasional golf rounds with the Prime Minister, would agree with me that Najib Razak's leadership is not what we expected from the man. Disappointment would be too mild a word to describe his incompetence.

How many Birkin handbags Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor needs is none of our concern. Really, its none of our business. She is not an elected representative of the people. She is just a simple housewife who enjoys everything luxurious provided for by her husband who happens to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The husband is also our Finance Minister.

Inheritance or not, Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor are certainly rich. How rich they actually are is another matter. Rosmah's son Riza Aziz is certainly super rich. I'm not so sure about the wealth of Najib's own children. 

Ok, back to the issue at hand. Let go straight to the point.

What do you think of Najib Razak's leadership as the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Nothing vicious. 

p/s We are not really keen to know about his role as a doting husband. That is his personal achievement. TQ 

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Anonymous said...

First category should be abject failure instead of total failure...

Anonymous said...

Yg kelakar tu, kalau di tengok pada muka najib muda2, dah nampak dah slenger dia tu. Dari muda memang muka failure. Jenis muka diajar bawak basikal bila dah jalan orang suruh tekan brek, dia kayuh lagi. Once a loser, forever a loser

Praxis said...

Total Failure.

Given pedigree and expectations should have been better.

But hasn't performed, by my measures.

bakri said...

Tuan Firdaus thank you for an honest and non malicious write up. How right you are. Here we are talking about OUR COUNTRY nothing personal as you said in your earlier posting. Its not about UMNO or BN. This country needs a leader who can feel the needs of its people, their sufferings and their expectations of a leader.
The welfare of those that a person leads must be his sole target in whatever he does. Islam preaches so as we are all answerable to those whom we lead. More so when your actions affects some 30 million citizens. On the poll I vote "total failure". Islam also preaches when you see something not right being done you need to use you hand, if you cannot, use you mouth and if you still cannot, use you heart and that last action is the weakest potrayal of your personality in the eyes of Allah.

Anonymous said...

Ok, back to the issue at hand. Let's go straight to the point:

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."
(Nelson Mandela)

"It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come."
(Dalai Lama)

maae said...

Too flexible(own kind) and too relax (not sensitive to rakyat) - failure

Law and Enforcement - total failure. No strict instructions given to his ministers. I realized Adnan Satem(Sarawak) knows what he is doing. He administers what is right and wrong.

When you behave in secular manner, being a moderate is just a disguise. Don't you think ? - total failure.

Apanama said...

Hiccups with the 'poll' rectified. You can vote now. Vote wisely. ;-)

bakri said...

The voting still does not seem to respond viz cannot vote and unable to view results. Maybe im the only one facing the problem!

Apanama said...

It's functioning now saudara

Anonymous said...

Agaknya Andalah yang di katakan Najib Blogger Bangang.

Kalau Najib tak popular mengapa pula semua Ketua bahagian UMNO akan berhimpun 8 March ini untuk tunjuk kesetiaaan UMNO kepadanya.

Agaknya you are in the minority.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. I believe you're instead the idiot. Why? Because those no balls ketua bahagian, cawangan and people like you are still dreaming.
I myself is a member of umno caw tmn cantek and most of the members here are just sick and tired of people like kangkung and you. We are going to resign from being the member of umno.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if you think the coming convergence of ketua bahagians as a move to solidify the untouchables strength of umno president position, then you have to think again...

If i were him, i wont hesitate to step down when a mere bunch of 191 fools come together just to say their undivided support for me to go on an lead 30 million people. Talk about a grand disillusion...

Nevertheless, the good thing is that the fortress is being rattled and shaken....soomer or later these fools cant even stop it from coming down.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.16

Dream Onnn.....
Jangan Jadi Bodoh..
Inilah masa UMNO kena kuatkan barisan di Bawah Najib.

Pembangkang sudah lemah. UMNO akan lebih kuat apabila PAS masuk BN jadi sapa yang tak support UMNO bolih belah.

Apanama said...

Kabinet menarik balik persetujuan pinjaman RM 3Billion utk 1MDB, katanya. Katanya lagi beberapa menteri kanan telah mula mendesak agar 1MDB lebih telus.

Apa halatuju 1MDB selepas ini?

Baik tutup kedai. Minimise losses and hold those reaponsible.

Anonymous said...

Friday, February 27, 2015 10:55:00 am

"Kalau Najib tak popular mengapa pula semua Ketua bahagian UMNO akan berhimpun 8 March ini untuk tunjuk kesetiaaan UMNO kepadanya."

Very frankly, I think you are dreaming.

Ketua bahagian UMNO are businessmen, not politcians.

If they think XYZ will make them rich, they give "loyalty" there.

If ABC comes along with a better offer, they will switch in half a second.

If XYZ sinks, they will jump like rats off that ship, and cari rezeki elsewhere.

"Loyalty" means nothing in Umno.

Anonymous said...

My reasons for voting a total failure

1.Najib n RM runs the elected the other the matter of poor upbringing

2.Expose the taxpayers to 40B loan wthout any consultation to cabinet( elected members

3.Hype up by nincompoop chairman FGV is an embarassment...50 parlimentary constituency going to be seething mad.

4.Begging for Chinese votes n Ananda's money


4.Prof DiRaya Ungku Aziz in setting up TH didnot specify that an Azeez, his corrupted namesake ( a nonexistent Preston doctorate university graduate) must helm

Anonymous said...

Do not be jealous ..

Anonymous said...

Why dont you come down and tell it to the grassroot???
Not like the stupid idiot kangkung once said "Who are malays without umno" INSTEAD YOU ALL SHOULD ASK WHAT IS UMNO WITHOUT THE MALAY???

Anonymous said...


Dengan statement hang ni memang betullah pun org2 UMNO skrg ni da x dpt menggunakan akal

Apanama said...

Please be careful with the choice of words. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Ramai juga yg dah lupa sejarah perjuangan wira umno...bekas TPM satu ketika beberapa abad dulu pernah utarakan doktrin 3P yg kuat pengaruhi sebilangan besar tokoh politik...doktrin ni masih kekal relevan dan menjadi pegangan hayat hingga laa ii..
satu..poketism..dua..pangkatism .. tiga.. perutism... Mungkin, ye..mungkin ada tambahan satu lagi..pantatism. Semua adalah subset kepada penyakit taksub...cinta duniya..

Anonymous said...

Ya Allah ya Rasul please bless us with another Tun Perak, bijaksana dan ikhlas.

Anonymous said...

I would pray for a PM of mahathir's calibre.

Even if mahathir now wants to make a comeback, I am all out for it.

Praxis said...

I didn't want to comment on reasons for my choice for fear of geting into polemics, but allow me a comment or two to explain 'my reasons'.

Firtsly, he was given the momentum of a world-class economy - world class because not subservient to any power but
technically competent - but they (He and predecessor) scuppered it. I wont hold their lack of technical qualifications against them because I think it has more to do with wisdom than technical quaifications per se.

Second, on the question of self-interesst vs. national interests, even if we can't speak or act, we have heart to follow, not turn Left or Right. From the progressive decine from peace to chaos, we can see path taken.