Monday 16 February 2015

Absolutely powerful Umno-Pas talks

An Umno – Pas unity talk could dominate national political debate soon. All arrows are pointing towards embattled Pas President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and his Umno counterpart Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Something seems to be brewing.

The recent passing of Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz is widely speculated to have expedited ongoing talks between leaders from both sides. It’s unclear how this marriage of convenience is being proposed.

A bigger mess looms in Barisan Nasional for none of the other component members seems to be in the know of this latest ‘unity’ stunt. Pakatan Rakyat on the other hand have no choice but to admit the leftovers who are against any such cooperation with Umno or BN.

Pakatan Rakyat’s internal spat has worsened since the infamous Kajang Move and the subsequent Selangor Mentri Besar saga. With Anwar Ibrahim lurking in Sungai Buloh and an Azmin-Wan Azizah power struggle looming in the horizon, PKR could better concentrate on their survival. Pas leaving the Pakatan pact would no longer raise too many eyebrows. DAP has been standing on its own. 

In Umno the president is so strong that we may not see even a single Umno branch or division, let alone state, leadership standing up to voice the views of the grassroots. It’s a one-way street.

Whether we like it or not, Najib is one of the strongest president Umno has had in terms of total subservience of the Umno leadership structure. It would not be far fetched to say that Najib’s position as Umno president is unassailable.

The deputy president and three vice-presidents appear ‘not ready’ for greater responsibility, or at least that is how they have been portrayed either intentionally or otherwise.

With absolute power Najib and by extension those close to him are allowed to do whatever they want. A unity talk without prior consultation or deliberations within BN could be the least of Najib’s worries at this moment. In fact such a merger with Pas could be used to help boost Najib’s waning popularity, atlas among the divided Malays.

Unity is good but trust is paramount. Would an open pact between Umno and Pas lead towards betterment of the community and society at large or would it wedge a greater divide between the races? 

What could be the reaction of the dozen other members of BN who represent almost all the other races and ethnic groups in the country? Najib may not care because even his position as the BN chairman appears unassailable. (Najib is even personally micro-managing the power struggle in MIC at the moment)

Hypothetically could a Umno-Pas pact, if it materialises, not trigger similar political pacts between MCA, Gerakan, DAP, SUPP, UPP, SAPP and other Chinese dominated political parties? Who would call whom a traitor then?

It's a precarious situation. If not handled carefully, a move in the wrong direction could possibility mark the beginning of BN's end. 

With absolute power, political expediency could override norms and convention. Whether such an expediency is sustainable is another matter altogether.  

Mystery and mysterious wheelings and dealings have become daily diet in our political scene nowadays. Let’s just wait till the clouds clear. A new political equation could very well be in the making.    

p/s Don't worry. Whatever happens, Najib Razak will remain as Umno president, BN chairman and Prime Minister as nobody has been allowed to appear good enough to replace him at the moment. Thats the picture. 

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Anonymous said...

We the rakyat support umno-pas unity cause this will enhance more solid support, let we show the world that islam is tolerence,fair and just religous

Let we show islam have been in malaysia over 500 years which proven and keep the country in harmony!

chinese distrust and worry have no bearing because we have been living in peace since merdeka

And proven!


Salam Sdr Apanama,

1. I am too old and too jaded to share your enthusiasm. I have heard and seen this before.. mostly hot air and the lip service when Malay party leaders face internal challenge.

2. Perpaduan ummah is a farce and a much abused catch phrase.

3. Sorry to burst your bubble. Both Mohd Najib and Abdul Hadi are too weak to push this through. They are both facing internal rebellion.

4. I once told a PAS VP that they must be sure who is to influence who if Umno and PAS ever get together again and whose "lumpur" will soil the herd.

5. I was there when the great Tun Abdul Razak put together the coalition with PAS and Gerakan after May 13 and formalised Barisan Nasional during the 1974 GE. I was in the very hall when Tun Hussein sacked PAS in 1977.

6. The sacrifice must come from Umno. Some Umno Ministers and deputy ministers will have to vacate their posts to accommodate PAS or Mohd Najib will have to expand further his super-sized cabinet.

7. Must also consider the feeling of non-Muslim BN parties, especially the Christian-dominated BN parties in Sarawak.

8. But there's no harm in Umno and PAS sitting together to consider issues facing the Malays and the Muslims.

9. Umno and PAS being on the same side again? I do not think it will happen.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

1. Defeat is imminentvin pru14

2. Malays and muslims can forget about malaysia as founded by the 1st PM, developed by 2nd PM, united by 3rd PM and brought to greater height by 4th PM.

3. Aspirations of real and true malays and muslims have been let down by 5th PM and literally going to be destroyed by 6th PM, come pru14. I am no doomsday sayer but the exit door is now wide open.

4. Miracles do happen when sacrifices are made


berasiam said...

Jangan ketepikan kemungkinan PKR pasukan Azmin juga mampu membuat kejutan dengan menyertai Umno. Sama seperti Ku Li dan S46, kemungkinan Azmin ambil langkah yang sama tidak mustahil. DSN pastinya mencongak segala kemungkinan dan peluang untuk mengangkat kembal pengaruh yang telah tercalar. Berbanding PAS, Azmin dan sekutunya mungkin lebih mudah diserasikan terus ke dalam Umno.

tebing tinggi said...

In UMNO the president is so strong that we may not see even a single UMNO branch or division ,let alone state ,standing up to voice the views of the grassroots .

UMNO does not win ,on embers support ,bu by Malays at large .
What Malays on the whole think of Najib does count.

yeop_sepet said...

Najib would always be an Achilles heel for UG between pas-umno. UG team in pas need to convinced other members to support the move but with najib still in power it is impossible. PAS members rather eat their shit than unite with najib's umno. Umno are desperate for this move,but not so with is pas whom had the upper hand in this matter, and if I were in pas high ranking,UG with umno are useless with najib still in power.PAS should pressured umno to removed najib from office since umno are the one in desperation for UG. For umno,tun should back in the arena,permatang pauh is the best platform for tun's return.the only person that can challenge najib position.

Anonymous said...

"Don't worry. Whatever happens, Najib Razak will remain as Umno president, BN chairman and Prime Minister as nobody has been allowed to appear good enough to replace him at the moment. That's the picture."

You have chosen those words carefully, ha ha:

"...nobody has been allowed to appear good enough to replace him."


But this is Umno and money & position can be used to buy almost anyone.

One does not need to prove one is good, you just need to "convince" enough people to say it.

dt rahman pekan said...

salam sdr firdaus,

najib is too well entrenched in UMNO because he has managed to put his henchmen as divisional heads.

of course I think he does feel a bit stressful but knowing the present umno political scenario, nobody dares put up a challenge. tun m has declared openly that he has withdrawn his support towards najib's administration but nobody that counts has openly supported tun's position.

even wth d recent comments that tun made that if he is d pm he would have resigned, did not create any ripples.

najib can only be forced 2 resign if there is a massive public movement 2 reprimand him for his 'direct' involvement in d altantuya murder case and d massive leakages of d 1MDB funds. for that 2 happen a proper investigative exercise has 2 b done n d case b proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

wth regards to d unity government move, it is still premature 4 us 2 speculate. indication of pas's next move n position will b made clearer after d new musyridul am makes his first political statement.

my take is that there wil not be a formal unity government but more propable a loose understanding 2 work together.

this is good enough a move that will thwart PR's (DAP) move towards putrajaya.

Anonymous said...

UMNO and PAS need each other to keep both on their toes but as separate entities.

It is better for PAS to stand alone, divorced from pakatan and PASMA will disintegrate.

BN should not accept PAS for fear of backlash from MCA and MIC.

But both can be discussion partners for Islam.

Otherwise PAS will be eaten alive by pakatan.

Najib has to change his influential mentors including the one at home or it's goodbye ahjibgor.

Anonymous said...

In a country well governed poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed wealth is something to be ashamed of. (Confucius)

The companions of the sage are the silver linings on his crown; but the companions of the brute are the thorns on his hide.

Anonymous said...

Can get some verification of these two items:

Is it true the Next Attorney General of Malaysia will be Shafee ?

Is it true Putrajaya settled the RM2 billion loan owed to banks by debt-laden state investment vehicle 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), PKR asked today, pointing out that two treasury bills amounting to RM2.1 billion were paid out last week. - See more at:

Anonymous said...

Sdr Apanama, I think you are in despair when you wrote as an afterthought:
Whatever happens, Najib Razak will remain as Umno president, BN chairman and Prime Minister as nobody has been allowed to appear good enough to replace him at the moment. Thats the picture.

Remember, man proposes, God disposes. How are the mighty fallen when God removes his support.
Whoever in their right mind thought there would be a MH17 after MY370? God has his own plan.

I tend towards Sdr Kadir Jasin's comments "Umno and PAS being on the same side again? I do not think it will happen."

yeop_sepet said...

We still have one last option before staging malaysian spring to topple najib.we can come out An usul undi tidak percaya in the parliment and the only person able to do it is Tun.toppling najib through Arab springesque will do more harm than good.those Zionist fremasonic NATO alliance are waiting For that to happen.we have to get rid of najib ASAP.he is under pressure from EU/NATO alliance prior to scorpene/altantuya scandal,the reason why najib went to hawaii to have a 'chat' with Obama at the golf course.jibby at the mercy of US,the Big brother that protect him from been sepina/sanction by the EU court with TPPA as offering to the Zionist.we might topple him through Arab springesque,but the american will 'help' us by replacing jibby For anwar.

Abu Alya said...

Perhaps, if the celebrity ustads from both divide could sit, joked and laughed together in the same forum on live tv broadcast then maybe there is a chance for an umno-pas reconciliation.
Malays, in general, are simpleton and romantic fools. That's why they adore P Ramlee movies.