Monday 9 February 2015

Malaysia needs a new leader

1. I was born some 58 years ago.

2. I have seen PM comes, PM goes.

3. All PMs were inperfect albeit certain degree of difference

4. However, the 1st to 4th PM admittedly lived up to their standing as Presidents of Umno and Perikatan/BN, leaders of the muslim malays and harmonious malaysians

5. When 5th PM took office, whilst maintaining the momentum be it policy or approach, he saw no rush in executing the established agenda. Instead, he expounded his hadharical approach, put his administration in auto mode, and fell into deep slumber without much problem. This has resulted in him given rude awakening only to find himself being shown the exit door.

6. All hopes were pinned onto 6th PM. With much regret, instead of making corrections on the wrong tracks left behind by 5th PM, he compounded the mistakes by abolishing ISA and since then irresponsible rakyat came out with insults to the malays and the muslims, unprecedented before this.

7. Not only ISA was abolished, he even promised to repeal the Sedition Act only to be met with strong resistence and polemic ensued by umno veterans, ex chief judge, ex kpn and the likes. Feeling the heat, he decided to withdraw but the critics are still cynical as whether he might took it up again when the best opportunity arises in the near future.

8. Still being critically examined and spoken are the 1MDB and BRIM payout issues. Whilst najib and his men's response on 1MDB is still hazy with unanswered questions, the BRIM payouts are carried without any feeling of guilt and responsibility albeit use of tax payers money and in the light of
decline in revenue due to lower crude price.

In short, i would still agree that najib is no better if not worse than paklah. - Anonymous
The above is the latest (unedited) comment on my Jan 8, 2014 posting - Najib worse than Pak Lah?

Do read the more-than-a-year-old posting for a better understanding of the issue at hand. I read it again following an email alert of the above comment. 

Lately a few concerned friends have been warning and advising me against presenting unvarnished comments against the leadership of Prime Minister Najib Razak. 

A close acquaintance of the man, a businessman, said 'you're just lucky that the ISA has been abolished' while another retired media personality told me with his eyes wide open at a tea-stall that 'the boss said you're vicious and he is very angry at you'.

Don't know whether to feel honoured or to go into hiding due to such messages and other hidden threats that comes in many forms and phrases. I believe the truth must be told, especially when its in the best interest of my country.

Just look at the unfolding 1MDB scandal. It has now been proven beyond any doubt that 1MDB is in trouble. Our nation could slide into serious financial trouble due to this scandal.

Well, let the unfolding saga of the debt ridden fund tell the hidden tales and expose those criminals whom, I strongly believe, have siphoned billions of ringgit out for them.  

More than a year ago I still harboured hopes that the Prime Minister would take note of the criticisms and mend his ways. That hope has now faded away, completely. It has been six years or so since Najib took office as the 6th PM of Malaysia.

Najib appears worse than any other Prime Minister this blessed nation has had. If Najib is allowed to remain in the PM's seat and nothing is done about the deteriorating state of race relations, religious extremism and abuse of power, this nation will go down the drain in less than a decade. 

This may sound vicious to some or bitter to others but Najib Razak is simply no longer fit to be Prime Minister of Malaysia. Najib Razak has lost the plot and he appears increasingly oblivious to the happenings in our society. 

With the 1MDB scandal hanging like the proverbial sword of Damocles over his head plus the sudden resurrection of the ghost of Altantuya. 

With an exUTK policeman's son threatening to 'reveal all that would bring down the Malaysian Government' from Australia while his father continues to give statements to Australian intelligence agencies in detention. 

With the PM increasingly appearing like a Western apologist who is more concerned about scandalous rating agencies than hard truths on the ground.

When certain personal extravagances appear worse than the Wolf of Wall Street storyline, something is certainly wrong. It cannot be accepted when the abuse is carried out with absolute impunity. 

This country and the ruling government led by Barisan Nasional have never circled around one individual and his/her family. As an individual Najib Razak cannot be more important than this country and her people. 

Those in Umno who are still able to use their grey matter must repent and realign their loyalty to this blessed nation and not blindly support someone who appears lost in his own web. Bertaubat dan kembalilah ke pangkal jalan sebelum kita kehilangan segalanya.

Menyerang mereka yang mengkritik dan percubaan memperbodohkan rakyat dengan menyalahgunakan media arus perdana tidak mungkin dapat bertahan lama. Rakyat lebih bijak sekarang. Jika tak percaya sila teruskan strategi serangan berasaskan pembohongan dan kita akan sama-sama lihat kesudahannya.

Pemimpin Umno, bermula dari tahap tertinggi hingga ke Ketua Bahagian dan barisan pelapis harus berhenti sejenak berfikir tentang kemelut dan krisis dalaman masakini. Apakah punca segalanya?

Apakah Umno dan BN akan terkubur jika Najib Razak ditamatkan perkhidmatan sebagai presiden dan pengerusi atau apakah situasi sebenar adalah sebaliknya? 

Walaupun tangan mungkin telah menerima dan terus menerima habuan yang dihulur hati jangan dibiarkan buta. Jika hati dibiarkan buta, Umno dan BN tidak akan selamat. 

We can't afford to have a leader who COULD possibly be threatened or held at ransom for any given reason or reasons. (This is not an accusation, merely stating observation partly based on widespread perception)

Malaysia needs a leader who should be more focused in serving us and leading this nation to greater heights. We used to be more united and flew high on the global scene. Now we appear to be often floated for the wrong reasons.

Abolishing the ISA is one big blunder for which we are paying for very dearly now. Lack of leadership is simply compounding the problem while increasing the price we pay.

Extremists who dared not lift their heads since Malaya came into being in1957, and even during the aftermath of those dark days in 1969, are now poisoning the society from every possible angle. Why is it that they only come into being in recent years? 

Lack of a strong, sensible leadership appears like the root cause of this malaise. Engineered NGOs and parrots cannot possibly convince the people or hold you up if there is no substance. 
Remember, those 'below the surface' operatives would only remain relevant as long as you're in one problem or another. When you're constantly in trouble their 'direct-nego' deals would constantly expand in value. Living in denial is an early sign of lunacy.

This failure of not feeling or living in denial of the pulse could kill BN. Some have started believing that only a defeat in the next elections and only by losing the Federal Government to the Opposition would Umno and BN come to their senses. It is the injury the nation and society could suffer before the defeat that is worrying. 

There would be no use of a new Opposition-led government if our daily staple continues to be racial and religious loaded politics of hatred. We cannot possibly head anywhere but down if we are constantly at each others throats. Even an Opposition-led government can't move ahead if, by then, we are a bankrupt nation with debts running into hundreds of billions. 1MDB itself has for now accumulated debts of about 40billion, if not more.

The nation can't afford to be held back by a leader who is busy clearing his own personal mess while we slide towards the dungeon. 

Malaysia needs a new leader and in my opinion Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is more than qualified to shoulder this responsibility. 

I hope Muhyiddin the Deputy Prime Minister loves this nation, her people and the future generation enough to step up to the plate. 

p/s This is my view and there is nothing vicious about telling or writing about what I feel is the current state of affairs in my country. 
Dear Prime Minister, I'm truly sorry if this posting of mine offends you in any way or appears vicious. I'm just stating my opinion based on prolonged observation as a journalist with considerable exposure to current affairs and latest developments. I did the same during the final lap of the previous PM's tenure before you took the seat from him. I criticised Pak Lah and agreed that he should be replaced because of his lack of competence and the infamous Fourth Floor plus the abuses that came with them. We harboured high hopes on the new PM but you should know better of your own performance and failures by now. You should know better that there cannot be two sets of rules, one for Pak Lah and another for you. My advice - Don't overstay your welcome. Nothing personal and certainly not meant to appear vicious. Nothing but in the best interest of our beloved nation Malaysia and her colorful people. 

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Anonymous said...

Let fresh leaders lead the nation, not tainted ones. No one in the current Umno top leadership is clean enough. As soon as one of them sees the chance to move up, you get the same circus again of secret deals and double dealing. Enough is enough!
Let Datuk Nur Jazlan lead, he is the current PAC chairman, looks clean, very capable and strong to bear the burdens of the country on his broad shoulders.

Anonymous said...

All these latest moves seem to be orchestrated to push the current PM out. Will it happen, wait and see?

Anonymous said...

Said Abe Lincoln:

"At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide."
- 1838 Lyceum Address

Anonymous said...

He has to now. Keeping him will not bring any good for the country. He has no vision, leadership whatsoever for the people and this country. He and his merry family only seek pleasure from the power base that comes along. Thus, bringing shame to the great leagy left behind by Almarhum Tun Razak.

Anonymous said...

Konfirm blogger macam ni jenis blogger upahan RBA.

Pasal duit, kerajaan dan pemimpin Melayu sekarang dikianati dengan cerita dongeng.

Pengampu setia dapat habuan tak?

Anonymous said...

Paklah's achilles heel was his SIL and ahjibgor's achilles is his wife.

If a leader has no confidence in himself he should resign.

Anonymous said...

anon @ Monday, February 09, 2015 3:35:00 pm

Gaya awak komen saperti mengampu kuat ahjibgor.

Anonymous said...

Sounds similar to What Marcos did to the Philippines!

Look at the Philippines...Once the Best of all South East Asian Nations now reduced to a Poor Nation.. Malaysians Beware!!

Anonymous said...

To the comment above, I respect Nur Jazlan too. He has courage, smarts, and the balls to say things that will make him unpopular. He says them, because they are right.

He's almost the only Umno MP to come out and say that Ismail Sabri was wrong, and Najib equally so for letting it pass without any action or warning.

But he cannot beat the system called Umno. Sadly.

"This failure of not feeling or living in denial of the pulse could kill BN. Some have started believing that only a defeat in the next elections and only by losing the Federal Government to the Opposition would Umno and BN come to their senses. It is the injury the nation and society could suffer before the defeat that is worrying."

A great deal can go wrong in the next 3 years. But Najib will not go willingly, even if he has to barricade himself in Sri Perdana while civil war rages outside.

Worst PM ever?

There is no doubt.

None at all.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Apanama,

1. I did not expect my comments being given prominence in your blog. Thank you

2. Anon 1.37 suggested Nur Jazlan's name but I beg to differ. He may be PAC chairman but he lacks quality leadership and was once rumoured to be a liberalist and believed in pluralism!!!!!!

3. Muhyiddin is okay but too cautious. Ranks in umno should gather steam to elevate him.

4. No one is perfect. Do we have to wait for a taintedless person to get into the driver's seat?

Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:08:00
the test of the pudding is in the eating. If at every twist and turn we deny a future leader, does that mean we have to accept status quo? What you see happening now in PUtrajaya and the rise of the warlords is the very result of this type of scared mentality, afraid of going the whole nine yards and succumbing to fear and thus accepting tainted leaders and all. It's back to ground zero, going nowhere, just changing from bad to worse or worse to bad.
Be brave and be courageous, Nur Jazlan knows what the new role takes, he has the stamina, the credibility and the guts to face the big bullies, and the political mojos to save and run the country. This is quality leadership.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.43 pm

We in east malaysia will never agree to have nur jazlan as PM. We know why......brave and courageous ....certainly not... credility and/or integrity.... far from it. Quality leadership.....we have seen nothing of that even as PAC chairman...

People at times are easily hoodwinked by "good actors acting on stage".

Anonymous said...

Anda akan dapat Cuma Satu Jawapan Sahaja dari PM yang tak mungkin dapat di ketepikan!....


Anonymous said...

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said:

"Whosoever of you sees an evil action, let him avert it with his hand; and if he is unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to do even that, then with his heart, for that is the minimum that is incumbent upon a man of faith."
[An-Nasa’i, on the authority of Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri]

"Faith consists of more than sixty branches. And "Haya" is a part of faith."
(“Haya” covers several concepts which should be taken together, amongst which are: self respect, modesty, scruples, bashfulness)
[Bukhari, on the authority of Abu Huraira]

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.34,

1. Kalau u kata apanama blogger bangang, it is 100%, u are more bangang than him

2. Most of us who commented here were people who would like to express their perceptions of current PM viz Paklah and the rest of past PMs.

3. U may regard yourself as pro or sympathiser of it. Never allow yourself to emotionally and conveniently call others bangang.

4. Blogger like apanama was right in his opinion but not necessarily imposing on us all. I found out that his articles and focus are interesting and very relevant to current political situation now.

5. To blogger apanama, keep it up. Ignore your detractors who are envious of your journalist skills.

Anonymous said...

i remember when a friend called me and asked whether i wanted to watch a match with najib. The friend won a contest and got to sit next to him at the match. And there i was thinking, this is just plain wrong. To be the premier, u need an aura. The premier doesnt have to be anyone's friend. He should be a leader and lead. Then it became obvious that najib is no leader. He thinks its a popularity contest. He treats everything like a popularity contest or a beauty pageant. This man will do anything for cheers to the point where he is a mere puppet. The irony is, the ones that he surrounds and immerse himself with are all crooked. So thats where we are today. A glamour freak being a puppet

Anonymous said...

Monday, February 09, 2015 8:08:00 pm 2. Anon 1.37 suggested Nur Jazlan's name but I beg to differ. He may be PAC chairman but he lacks quality leadership and was once rumoured to be a liberalist and believed in pluralism!!!!!!

Unless you define very exactly what "liberalist" and "pluralism" mean, then what are you trying to say?

In any case, umno has literally hundreds of leaders with corruption, self-enrichment, and unethical behaviour in the veins.

Last election 2 of the umno V-P candidates has been previously been convicted of money politics.

Ko ingat tak?

dt rahman pekan said...

I once commented in aspan alias's blog that d biggest miscalculation/strategic mistake that teng razaliegh made was 2 form s46 n fight from outside. of course being a ardent supporter of tr he did not publish it.

I can safely say that d biggest unfortunate move that najib made was 2 marry a second time. that is all I m willing 2 say. some say it is fated.(takdir).

Anonymous said...

Itu jer la standard cybertrooper PM. They too, are very much responsible for what is happening to the PM. PM is being perceived as low because these cybertroopers have been dragging him down to their level. Only the oblivious would engage with such lowly cybertroopers.

Anonymous said...

Precisely. Well said.

Bustanul Bey said...

Hi Apanama,

Yes I do agree with you that we in dire need of new leader. The possible and sensible option that we have right now is TSM, therefore we as a blogger must proactive in elevating him. Clearly DSN has failed, and we cannot let him keep repeating the mistake, because it would cost us in the end.

Do whatever we can as long it's legal within the law to remove him.

I am love my country and my race more than anything else. Leader come and go, they just only our servant.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

With Pak Lah u have Monsoongate n now wth d current DSN u have d 1MalaysiaDontBothergate..,wakaka., wat a setback for us Malaysian., ur rite bro Apanama., its time to change d leader for a better Malaysia, insya'Allah. Wat else can I say..,heheh.., (,")

Anonymous said...

Apanana Sir,

1. I just read an article by RP in Malaysia Today.Its really no good for 1MDB. TDM must have sensed it in the launching of 1MDB very much earlier.

2. When TDM first created the stir on the need to set up 1MDB, I made comments in support of TDM's concerns in Kluangdiamond's and Din Turtle's blogs. Someone purportedly a staunch supporter of PM condemned me and trying educate me on what was khazanah before and after.

3. I guess this may invite or rather heighten the polemics on 1MDB.....

4. With this article by RP, it seems that rotten eggs have started to emit the foul smell. Why the hack, why deleting of files and worst still the servers?

Anonymous said...

Sdra Bustanul,

Saya sangat setuju dengan anda.

Please get your actions soonest. I cannot do it in KL as I am not an umno member and basically an east malaysian

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Save Malaysia!!! THROW KANGKUNG NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

If your vision comes to past PAS will be split and UMNO will also be split.

youngmaya said...

our goverment is already in 'default' mode...

plss somebody...stop this jokes...

we need a leader...not jokers...

Anonymous said...

When someone is filled with greed and long for power, satan loves him and persuade him to do more, he is the face of the devil himself.