Tuesday 26 January 2016

Endless possibilities in Malaysia

aPandi says Najib has done no wrong
Najib Razak, the scandal-ridden Malaysian Prime Minister has been cleared from any criminal wrongdoings and corrupt practices by none other than the Attorney General whom Najib appointed to replace the prematurely retired former AG Tan Sri Gani Patail.

All must be well and good in my country now. It must be. 

The Guardian reports HERE

The learned Attorney General has also been recently appointed to the board of Tabung Haji. Don't ask me if it is appropriate or even morally right for a serving AG to sit on the board of a national pilgrims fund. The AG may excuse himself if any legal cases against Tabung Haji passes before him but which position he chooses to excuse himself from could be a tough call. 

Could the Tabung Haji appointment be a pre-retirement golden handshake for possibly the shortest serving AG in our history? I don't know.

Whichever way this develops the right hand man would certainly strive to make sure that Tabung Haji doesn't go into a tail spin, as many depositors, including me, fear. 

Tabung Haji CEO Tan Sri Ismee has also come out with a convincing statement assuring depositors and Malaysians in general that all is well and good in Tabung Haji. It must be true. We must trust these guys. 

A long time journalist friend who was at the AG's press conference where aPandi read out a prepared text earlier today thinks she may have seen the soon to be 'promoted' Chief Commissioner of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC).

Is Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed, the serving chief of the MACC, also looking at a pre-mature retirement like in the case of Gani Patail? That has been the talk, she quips.    

She says rumours has it that this guy from the AG's chambers helped clear up the '2.6b' and SRC mess and was promised the post in return for his professional favour in clearing the innocent Prime Minister from baseless slander. It was kind of a national service for 'DZ' the humble servant. 

Najib is innocent because he has returned the unused portion of the more than 2 billion ringgit to the Saudi family. Don't ask me who in the Saudi family donated and accepted back his/her money, I don't know. I don't think anybody knows for sure who that individual is, not even Najib. 
Even Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi was a little confused if the Saudi royal family donor was an individual or a group of individuals. Maybe he is still confused.

Najib also don't know how 42 million ringgit landed in his personal account. He is innocent. The SRC guys who approved the 42 million ringgit transfer must have been intoxicated or outright out of their mind. It could have been just a naughty prank but Najib is believed to have issued cheques from his account without knowing he had billions in cash in his account. It's a bit confusing, I know, but Najib is innocent. 

Sarawak Report says Najib charged millions of ringgits in expenses and purchases to credit card/s issued to SRC. They even produced details including the alleged credit card numbers to prove their claim but it cannot be true because Najib is innocent. Apandi the learned former judge turned AG has clearly indicated that Najib has done no wrong. We must trust Apandi.

We must put our right and left hands together and clap because Najib has been cleared by Apandi Ali, who is also a newly appointed board member of Tabung Haji.

All must be well and good but is Apandi also looking at retirement?  If so who would be the next Attorney General? Here comes the next obedient servant of the ruler.

Oh Ya! Tan Sri Zeti of Bank Negara will also leave the scene sometime in March/April. Ismee Ismail of Tabung Haji is said to be among those in the running for the Governor's post. 

All must be well and good. 

After having managed Tabung Haji with such professionalism and ethics since their appointment I think both Ismee and Tabung Haji Chairman Datuk Seri Azeez Rahim qualify to run Bank Negara Malaysia next. We must trust these guys.

The possibilities are endless. 


When good men and women do nothing, ... 


Anonymous said...

The missing piece of this scandalous puzzle is that brown clad hippo

only then will it make sense

here comes more birkin and fancy diamonds

and also mountainous hair

Anonymous said...

Evil possibilities seem to be endless, sir. Unless our Honorable Sultans will initiate a Royal Commission of Inquiry into these sordid affairs of people in high places, our nation and institutions are presently in grave danger of delegitimization, both at home and abroad.

tebing tinggi said...

Well done PM .

Anonymous said...

Salam tuan. Blog tuan syed akbar ali dah kena block ke tuan?

Apanama said...


Anonymous said...

Well the rm42 million from Najib's account according to international investigations as reported by SR came from SRC after rm4billion borrowings from KWAP to 1MDB was approved by the gomen. The money was used via credit cards to a tune of RM3million in one month by Najib during his holidays with family overseas like US and Italy. Yet he said he didn't know SRC put rm42 million in his personal a/c. Pemimpin Melayu do Malaysia telah memalukan orang Melayu dgn tingkah laku tamak, rakus, zalim, rasuah , munafikun , wujud pulak aktiviti2 kesetanan. Memang betul hanya divine retribution Dari Allah swt yg dapat mwnyedarkan mereka. Mereka perlu diperingatkan.

Anonymous said...

as clear as day

the elephant oooppps the hippo in the room is keeping as quiet as a mouse

it's a wild jungle in Malaysia