Tuesday 3 May 2016

I think you are wrong...

One must either be embarrassingly naive or simply not clever to think Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would develop a sudden hiccup if you revoke the services of his Royal Malaysian Police traffic outriders / escorts. 

You cannot be right with such childish acts because even the staunches of his critics agree that the decision reflects the level of political maturity or rather the lack of it. This could be a classic case of power abuse too but that's not the point yet. 

Has the Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar explained the revocation of the traffic outriders? 

Those in the position of power, including the IGP, must remember to state the relevant legal provisions and Government regulations governing the services for a former Prime Minister of this nation. Let's stick to facts. 

I'm quite sure the IGP would not parrot the many statements by politicians, some repeatedly accusing Dr Mahathir of trying to topple a democratically elected Government. This 'trying to topple the Government' is nothing but a fictitious tale by birdbrained politicians who are fighting for their very own survival. There is nothing more to that. 

Opposition parties have been trying to topple the government since time in memorial. Is that a crime now? 

Dr Mahathir and other prominent leaders from a cross section of the society, plus the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians who have to-date signed the Citizen's Declaration are just demanding for a new Prime Minister.

What is wrong in urging for the current Prime Minister to make way for a new leader? This cannot be trumpeted as trying to topple the Government. It cannot possibly be, unless the Prime Minister is of the opinion that he is the Government of Malaysia. 

The whole world seems to know what Deklarasi Rakyat is, except for Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak, his minions and a shrinking number of subservient media outlets. 

Please read HERE before opening your mouth and making a fool of yourself again. Maybe you don't mind being branded 'stupid' but we are tired of shallow propaganda and outright stupidity. 

I think you are wrong if you think Malaysians are so stupid that you can continue to fool them with carrots and sticks. Dedak cannot be for public consumption.  

Spreading lies by whatever scale and means cannot possibly transform into truth. Whatever the justifications are, intentionally spreading lies for political survival cannot be accepted especially when its the interests of the nation up against that of an individual. 

Don't confuse the people with such cheap, tactless propaganda because a majority of the thinking populace get more information and could do cross references online. They cannot possibly be fooled by those subservient journalists and broadcasters. The traditional media is no longer the mainstream media. 

The mainstream media now is the online media. You can continue to block and ban but you cannot possibly contain this new mainstream media within your mould.

The sole aim of the Citizen's Declaration / Deklarasi Rakyat is to seek the immediate removal of our scandalous Prime Minister who is famous for the wrong reasons. Malaysians who agree with the move have been inking the declaration. The numbers must have been causing sleepless nights for some.
How many of you are not aware why Najib Razak and his strategic investment marvel 1MDB are famous all over the world now? 

How many of you know the truth but choose to defend the elephant in the room solely due to your greed and personal interests? 

I think you are wrong if you think the people don't know about the elephant. Millions from all around the world are surprised, not jealous, as we lead towards being crowned for the biggest financial scandal in world history. 

I think you are wrong if you think we should be proud of the scandalous 1MDB. 

I think you are wrong if you think the people of Sarawak would swallow all hook, line and sinker and love you till dooms day (Kiamat) because you are splashing them with 'allocations' and projects. 

I think you are wrong if you think that the Sarawak state election is about you and a landslide victory an endorsement of your leadership. Don't be fooled by the crowd around you, Najib Razak. 

Is the Sarawak state election not a state affair of an 'equal partner in Malaysia' ? 

None of the peninsula based Barisan Nasional political parties are contesting in the Sarawak state elections.  Lets state facts as they are. 

The Sarawak state election is about Barisan Nasional under the leadership of Sarawak's new Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem.  

From the state BN's point the outcome must reflect the continued unity in BN, slightly over two years after the smooth transition of power from Tun Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. 

Tun Pehin Sri Abdul Taib is currently the Governor of Sarawak and he retired after 33 years as the chief minister. During his tenure Tun Taib carried himself more like the Prime Minister of Sarawak, not another chief minister in Malaysia. 

There maybe shortcomings and mistakes but that is how it was as I have explored and experienced. Tun Taib carried Sarawak as an equal partner and that is Adenan's real challenge, to fill the shoes of his larger than life predecessor. 

As a man who is famous for having stood tall in times of political turbulences of yesteryear, in particular during the famous Ming Court saga, Adenan must be experienced enough to feel the pulse and understand the sentiments.

Many local leaders have repeatedly stated that the Sarawak state election is not about Najib Razak. A lot of people are surprised what the Umno president was doing campaigning in the election which was not even about him. 

The Sarawak state election is a democratic process for the people of Sarawak to elect their representatives to the Dewan Undangan Negeri or Council Negeri. An elected leader who commands majority support of the new 82-seat Council Negeri would then be duly appointed as the Chief Minister. 

The BN is widely expected to sail through this election with a clear 2/3 majority. Its just about the exact numbers now. Adenan would most likely be re-appointed as the legitimate chief minister. 

Winning or losing a couple of seats won't change the equation although someone desperate may be disappointed for lack of credit.

The election is about the people's continued endorsement of the Sarawak BN government to lead and administer Sarawak. All Sarawak BN components are local political parties. Lets get the facts right.

It must be emphasises that, despite the Team Adenan and presidential election styled campaigns, the election is very much about retaining the time tested Sarawak Barisan Nasional state government. 

I think you won't go wrong if you put your ears to the ground. 

It must be 'we' and not 'I'. Adenan should know this. I'm sure your personal library holds more wisdom than this simple fact about leadership. 

I think you should stand tall together with all vital components of the state BN coalition. That is your base. That is the heart of your political power. Standing together makes a team, not standing alone.

I think you are wrong if you think standing alone is leadership. 

Watch that fever CM

1. I don't think the Umno president wants to 'sabotage' the state elections to clip Adenan's popularity and growing political clout, as a local daily reporter opined... although I agree that it is not very clever to appear  frequently in the heat of the Opposition's "1 Vote for Adenan = 1 Vote for Najib " campaigns. 


Anonymous said...

Sarawak election doe not diver the world from bringing the Bugis to justice.

What may happen?

1. Singapore

- more charges for the current 2 in Singapore. Then they take Yak down with these 2 getting more charges, and 1 or 2 relatives and others....but within the ex BSI players up to 10 perhaps finally (will be) charged, the ex CEO Hans could well get charged. Wait and see.

- my feeling is that then they will get Seet, Eric and Jho obviously. Finding and extraditing Seet and Eric to Singapore not a hard thing.

For Jho I think Singapore will issue the Interpol Red Notices, but USA will take him first, just my guess, as the FBI, DoJ have long tentacles and can interdict him anywhere they feel like, ie same as Fifa (boss Sepp Blatter) !

2. LUX will hit one of the Arabs, that will be enough and they will hit 2-3 banks. Patrick (Mahoney?) too in this jurisdiction.

3. UAE will hit 3-4 other Arabs - Turki and Tarek etc etc, Qubaissi might be beheaded or hands (chopped off?). They could charge Patrick too.

4. SWISS - well this could involve 4-5 key players, the usual suspects, plus Jho's dad (??)

5. USA will hit Riza, N**ib, Jho and Jasmine and few others....Husseiny of course who (checking into Hotel DoJ first) will sing surely.

The upshot should be that the rulers insist Pandikar accept vote of no confidence or that BN force him into leave of absence, to buy (?) time before the election, but will have to bonk out *pandi, Twitter, azalina and 1 or 2 others.

All augers well for a brighter future than now, and sadly we couldn't get N***b out before Sarawak election!

DAP, PKR and PH will weather these storms and keep Penang and Selangor. Will JB and Terengganu then give over?

Anonymous said...

Of late the Malay politicians are behaving more like kindergarten kids! If not for TDM the Malays won't be where they are today and yet they are willing to say all kind of things about him. Hope TDM and his Team would through UMNO remove those dictatorial rules which have implemented since the days of TDM as PM.

kusufian write said...

If they can get Sepp Blatter of FIFA surely they can get Najib Razak to step down. Just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...


There’s only one reason Najib Razak could have had used to convince Sultan Mizan not to sack the disrespectful Ahmad Razif. And that reason is none other than a plan to call for a snap election this year, after the Sarawak state election. Together with parliament, Terengganu can dissolve the state assembly, preventing an UMNO-Terengganu Palace crisis.

Hence, the Terengganu Sultan can afford to let Ahmad Razif stays for a couple of months pending a state election, knowing very well that a new Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) favourable to Sultan Mizan will be appointed. This is the logical explanation why the palace agreed to keep Mr Ahmad. Indirectly, Najib is saved from an embarrassment of potentially losing Terengganu state.

Anonymous said...

Accusing TDM to topple the gov. And revoking the escort? So gay.

Anonymous said...

Security apparatus accorded to former head of state anywhere in this world regardless of his/her political belief and inclination actually his or her rights. It is an entitlement. If you once held that no 1 top job in your life time, you're already a national heritage which need to be protected and safeguarded by the government at all costs. It is the government's responsibilty to protect you as long you lived. Even if you decide to put yourself at risk by jumping in front of moving train, it is government's duty to ensure you're still alive after doing it and not in any kind of danger while doing it.
It's certainly not a privillege what so ever as mentioned by some minister. Which laws, acts, circulars, government gazzettes mentioned it is a privillege? Please show me.
To say that the government could revoked it at any time should he/she misused it by moving around condemning the government proved how law and authority arbirtarily being used according to one's own whim and fancy. It's actually a total disregard of the well being and security of a former prime minister who has done a lot to the country. The one who was once so used of making sure the security details of all former prime minister of Malaysia since the time of independence were all well taken care of.
How time has change. Showing disrespectful to an elderly by inviting him for a fist fight is now considered as one of the government's KPI.

Unknown said...

It is more about our money has been stolen then making Malaysia famous for the wrong reason. The thief has to be remanded and be thrown into jail for the paint Malaysian suffered. Imagine what 50 billion can do for us.Effort must be made to find to salvage whatever money left if there is any and repatriate back to us.

Anonymous said...

Yup, you're right on the spot. We've got a psychotic elephant running rampage in the corridors of power, holding the entire nation to ransom ... either you are with him or he'll go after you! What a load of crap his "im4u" propaganda has been...

Damerdeka said...

What? Lets say if a pm from d opposition, once his reign is over will not be entitled for protection like d rest of d pms', just because he does not agree with najib or d ongoing pm? Really very disrectful of najib to even think to do that to our longreigned beloved pm who has done so much to our nation n who has put malaysia to such good reputation to d world... najib how long have u been in power? How long can u survive? What sort of fame u brought to our nation? Mostly negative! Really u are no comparison at all to mahadhir.So use your brain. Mahadhir is over 90 years old. Give back the respect that mahadhir deserve! U are not even 70 but looking like a dead man already.Insaf lah.

Anonymous said...

"You are ambitious, which, within reasonable bounds, does good rather than harm."
- President Lincoln, 1863 Letter to Joseph Hooker.

Since he knows no bounds in his madcap avarice for money, mappadulung has morphed into the essence of malevolence for the nation.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you. Every word

Waghih said...

Ayoyo macha .. what happened ?
You are contradicting yourself !

Yes , you are wrong !
Waghih Khaled already explained the reasons for revoking the traffic police escort for Tun M . Pure and simple . The peace enforcer are not in game with LAW BREAKER .

Yes , you are wrong !
Going around the bush , instigating rakyat to rebel with an unsubtantiated accuses and breaking the law in the process is a BIG NO NO for waghih Khaled .

Yes , you are wrong !
It was Tun M who lied .
He said RM42 billion missing !
He said RM2.6 billion was stolen from 1MDB and put into PM account !

Yes , you are wrong !
The deklarasi Tun M / LKS is Not deklarasi rakyat .
Frankly , how many rakyat attended ?
It's more a parade of sex minded people . Just look at whose who in the line up .

Yes , you are wrong !
The Sarawak folks are much smarter than Tun M and the ANC gang .
They acknowledged and appreciated the good teamwork of PM Nagib and CM Adenan .
At the same time the Sarawak folks are sending signal to Tun M and the ANC gang that they are not welcome in Sarawak .

So , to Tun M and ANC gang .
Yes , you are all wrong .
No doubt about it .


Anonymous said...

Waghih, we may be wrong but you are definitely senile...

Another Waghih said...

Hello there Waghih.

Long time no see.

Thought you had jumped off a cliff somewhere, God forbid.

And I thought you might have changed your stance somewhat, but fat chance.

So I am not going to waste my precious time trying to debunk your comments, however hollow, illogical and ridiculous they are.

You see Waghih, normal and right-thinking people will accept the logical truth when presented with facts.

But alas, you my dear Waghih, is totally unreasonable, illogical and preposterous.

Only you believe in your own arguments, maybe with a generous helping of dedak.

So sadly for you Waghih, you are absolutely blind to the truth.

Another Waghih

Anonymous said...


This new BNM governor seems to want to join the club of the 24-hour replacement and KTN (Ketua Twitter Negara).

Pay attention to Point 10 here:


That is authenticated by the BOD minutes relating to that transaction, which Arul Kanda says are accurate. BNM conducted their own investigation to verify the facts, and hence concluded that the declarations made by 1MDB to get the money were fraudulent under the ECA.

The US$1.83 billion was stolen under the Petrosaudi scam.

When BNM tried to prosecute 1MDB twice, the 24-hour replacement blocked them twice.

In March 2016, Arul Kanda’s reaction to the demand for the US$1.83 billion to be returned to Malaysia was to tell BNM that the money had been spent.

That makes no sense.

If I steal RM100 and the police catch me, can I avoid prosecution by saying “I have spent the money”?

That is what Arul tried to say.

Now, the new BNM chief says "Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) will give 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) time to repatriate the US$1.83 billion (RM7.76 billion) it has abroad."


So, now that MOF has taken over 1MDB's liabilities, the govt will pay back the US$1.83 billion (nearly 8 billion ringgit) from taxpayer money. 1MDB has nothing to "repatriate". It has all gone - for buying votes, Chanel, jewels, cars, and whatever the Chinese partner's share was.

If I steal RM100 and someone catches me and orders me to repay it, I break into the same victim's house and steal an extra RM100 to repay the first RM100 I stole!

That is the govt's logic now.