Thursday 21 July 2016

1MDB scandal - Malaysian Official 1 is NAJIB RAZAK

The Malaysian Official 1 named in the US Justice Department lawsuit cannot be Rosmah Mansor. I don't think so. 
Rosmah and her kids. Riza Aziz (far left)
Although the details of the lawsuit points that Malaysian Official 1 is a relative of Rosmah's son Riza Shahriz bin Abdul Aziz it cannot possibly be the Malaysian Prime Minister's wife simply because she is not a high-ranking official in the Malaysian Government who held a position of authority with 1MDB, although one cannot be blamed for assuming she had vast, unofficial high-ranking authority.

Malaysian Official 1 cannot be Rosmah because she is also not a public servant as spelled out under Section 21 of the Malaysian Penal Code. 

So who is Malaysian Official 1 named in the US Justice Department lawsuit as a beneficiary of billion of ringgit of misappropriated money from 1MDB ? 
Take note that the plaintiff in this case is the United States of America. 
AMPRIVATE BANKING-MR private account in ArabMalaysian Bank which also received USD 681 million (681 American pies) 'donation' belonged to the Malaysian Official 1

Malaysian Official 1 cannot be anybody else but Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia who also used to be the Chairman of the Board of Advisors of 1MDB until the board was dissolved early this year amid global money laundering investigations. 

The USD681 million and other huge amounts of cash that made its way into Najib's accounts are not donations. We knew it from day one but it has now been proven. 
The tall tale about donation and Arab donors were nothing but a pack of lies to cover up crimes against the state. Those who were involved in spinning those lies better get ready to face the long arm of the law. 

This is not rocket science. It cannot also be any of the other sons of former Prime Minister the late Tun Abdul Razak because none of them are high-ranking Malaysian government officials although they are distant relatives of Riza Aziz, the son of Rosmah Mansor from a previous marriage. 

Malaysian Official 1 is the scandal ridden Prime Minister of Malaysia Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak

The plaintiff (United States of America) has said it without mentioning Najib's name. Its crystal clear. 

At this juncture there is a need to remind both the Attorney General of Malaysia Apandi Ali and the Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar of the Malay Rulers royal decree which was issued via the Ruler Council on October 6, 2015 (last year).

If both of you, Apandi and Khalid, have been busy running errands for Najib Razak that you forgot about your responsibility and what was specified in the Royal Decree please read it again HERE
Members of the Malaysian Cabinet too may want to refresh their mind of the Royal Decree and all that they have stated publicly in defence of Najib and the 1MDB. You guys have a lot of explaining to do.
As for Malaysian Official 1 @ Najib Razak the step-father of Riza Aziz, I don't know what else to tell you. May Allah have mercy on you. 

Truth shall prevail.


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is scheduled to hold a press conference at 3.00pm today at the Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya. 

Maybe the cornered kleptocrat should consider sending his officials, especially the seemingly disoriented Press Secretary, to the press conference to seek further advice from the elder Statesman on what Najib could possibly do to prevent further humiliation. 


Anonymous said...

Some victim of Najib must have prayed this prayer:

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it."

- French philosopher, Voltaire, 1767

amatMok said...

No la brader..geng baju merah yg gian nak gatecrash itu PC

Anonymous said...

The clue to answer who is Malaysian Official 1 is in paragraph 39 page 13:-

39. Upon its formation, MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 assumed a position of
authority with 1MDB. MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 had the authority to approve all
appointments to, and removals from, 1MDB’s Board of Directors and 1MDB’s Senior
Management Team. In addition, any financial commitments by 1MDB, including investments, that were likely to affect a guarantee given by the government of Malaysia
for the benefit of 1MDB or any policy of the Malaysian government, required, the

Anonymous said...

Panglima Bugis....sila letak jawatan!!

Anonymous said...

PM Lanun Bugis sila consider jadi Lanun Laut Kapal Bugis kembali!!!

RD. said...

Najib is now a threat to Malaysian interest. He is now subjected to blackmail by foreign government.
Here is an example:

If we care to notice, anywhere China had disputes or engaged in hostility, over anything with its neigbours, it must be with staunch allies of the US, most of them with Naval or Military bases/attachments on their land.

Malaysia have inhabited Layang-Layang (a tiny shoal in the Spratlys, 300km from Labuan), since 1982, ordered by Dr.M, 2 months after becoming PM. Today, we have light plane landing stripe and it had become an exclusive tourist attraction, manned by our boys.
But ours boys manning Terumbu Layang-Layang have never been provoked in anyway, most probably because we are not aligned to any super-power. There were instances that PLA's vessels turned their guns away from Terumbu Layang-Layang as a gesture of friendly passage, when they passed-by.
But that would last long if Najib were to decide that Malaysia be a new American ally against China's so-called aggression or expansion in South China Seas.

And now, the US' DOJ is pursuing 1MDB's money-laundering. Obama or maybe Trump could hold some incriminating evidence to squeezes Najib's balls to their whims and fancies. It would not be a surprise if Malaysia were to host another new US Naval Base, most probably in Sabah, if things gets rowdy in the Spratlys. Or they could just take-over Sepanggar Naval Base if there exist an urgency.

Singapore is pursuing 1MDB's money laundering too. Some Bank Accounts frozen. Remember that billion worth of money 'turned into units' by our former 2nd. Finance Minister?
I just hope that Najib would not forfeit anything away just to evade conviction or the return of that 'units'. Or maybe he had already, during the recent High Speed Rail MOU. What about the KTM land swap? Do we lose anything?
I just hope Najib have not been 'arm-twisted' by anybody yet due to 1MDB.

Note:'Cash is King' needs lots of money if he were to hold GE14. He is an extremely desperate man now. Therefore, he would be tempted to do anything to remain in Power.

dt rahman pekan said...

I m still befuddled by d reaction of those that swore allegiance 2 d power house. they r still in denial mode.

d US AG was not talking in riddles. its just diplomatic language/jargon. d Malaysian official 1 is very clearly in reference 2 Najib. it is not rocket science.

I wil say it again. if jo lho or d arabs decide 4 a plea bargain n turn crown witness, d whole defense will crumble 2 pieces. it goes wthout saying that all monies stolen hv 2 b returned 2 d govt coffers.

1MDB is just d tip of n iceberg. d money trail involving rosmah n najib must b followed very closely thru a thorough forensic audit of all their accounts all over d world.

all of them (including their henchmen) must b tried n if found guilty of treason must b put away 4 a longest time possible.

Nenekghuffran said...

Najib n Rosmah telah menyebabkan nama keluarga Tun Razak menjadi hina sehina2nya....sedih...
Semua anak2 arwah Tun Razak adalah lelaki tetapi tidak mampu mempertahankan nama baik beliau..
Malang sungguh semuanya terkepit telor....kesian...

Jgn kata ini isu politik...bukan!
Ini adalah pengkhianatan bukan saja terhadap rakyat dan negara tetapi juga terhadap pencapaian yg telah diusahakan oleh arwah Tun Razak semasa hayatnya.

Anonymous said...

Tak la, tuan.
Hj Pink Floyd educated guess Malaysian Official No.1 could well be Taek Jho Low or Shahrol Halmi.
I wonder what Hj Pink Floyd uneducated guess would name ?
Hj Pink Floyd ni 2x5 macam salleh kerak jugak..bahalol tak boleh diajar. Bahana dedak.

How about the mention of relative ?
Why is the "relative" reportedly in hiding ? It the relative ill-gotten assets the US Department Of Justice is filing to forefeit bukan to freeze.

It will unbearable shame if the relative is not turned over to the DOJ to face the music. Malaysian Official No.1 wiil be squeezed. Jangan digadaikannya Malaysia ni sudah. We know how the US operate. They will get what they want which they had no chance during the Grand Oldman time.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia officer/official no.1 Hj Hadiii....

Anonymous said...

Mal Minister mcn the 3mouseketeers.
1 for all all for 1.
So Sinister.

Anonymous said...


Do you think for an instance TPPA was signed by Malaysia on a tissue paper? That is already a hallmark of Malaysia Official 1 aka Lanun Bugis dah di picit dua biji gajus nya!

Back then, the Chief Pirate must have thought he could leverage with Obama for being in a 4some 18 holes golfing whilst the country literally sunk, banjir banjir banjir....bugis is happy shouting foreeeeee...., perhaps after a snap-hooked driver!!!!

Then, by kowtowing TPPA with US, again he must really been counting his blessings that 1MDB & Donation crap must really be kept safely in the pandora box.

So, he must be spewing mad-crazy with all expletives now that Obama is an unreliable golfing buddy, so he thought with latest DOJ surprised gift meant for FLOM's 'wife'.

Look, if TTIP is yet to be finalised between US & Europe long before TPPA were pushed forward in all anxiety, you think Najib's nut has not been cranked already????

The lesson here is Lanun Bugis just did not cut to be a PM material when he's obviously weak in,

- Foreign & International Relations,
- Global & Local Economy
- World & Malaysia's Finances
- as Leader & Lacked Vision

We can list further with details, data & analysis how weak Najib and his Cabinet is....but the informations are all out there for the inquisitive mind to search for!

Having said that, you have to give it to the Malaysia Official 1 that he stood out among the World crowd and arrogantly declared,

- Idi Amin Malaysia is more popular,
- he is one damn good LIAR regardless the holy month of Ramadhan,
- not quite a good professional thief except a good listener and follower of master-scammer Jho Lo by diligently buying into scheming of monies from 1MDB without a blink thinking all those money-trails can simply disappear or cleansed?

Now, you can almost bet he is shitting stone sweating-hell of the possibility ending up just like AI!

Then again he got only himself to blame for being too arrogant and thinking the daily Doas from the RAKYAT will not sticked one way or another.

We save our empathy for the rakyat and Malaysia that this one person can do so much damage to the country and all its institutions that is supposed to uphold the integrity of the country!

May ALLAH selamatkan Malaysia, Tanah Tumpah Darah Ku.


Anonymous said...

Jangan mu nak hina bangsa Bugis saudara. Kita kurang jelas siapanya si bangang yang bagi kepadanya gelaran Sanrabone Mappadulung - ataupun dia berminta-minta kehormatan.

Anonymous said...

This idiot must resign. RESIGN PLEASE. We have had enough of this idiot. He has been cheating the people day and night. He has destroyed the image of this country. What an idiot this guy is...... Don't think that the people are that stupid to buy his lies....

Orang Sabah said...


Rakyat protun kata Malaysian Official 1 itu ialah najib.

Rakyat projib pulak cakap tiada nama najib disebut...jadi najib tidak terlibat...Betul?

So..saya mahu tanya rakyat yang projib, jika kamu mengaku kamu cintakan agama bangsa negara, pencinta keadilan, muslim sejati dan pembenci fitnah,...boleh bagitau tak SIAPA MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 itu ikut teori kamu?

Ayuh..sama2 kita humban Malaysian Official 1 ke penjara dan hukum dia seberat2nya...

Sila jawab dengan kadar segera! Ingat, ini demi kebaikan dan kepentingan rakyat negara ini. Tunjukkan kejujuran kamu dan jangan cuba alih isu. Sekian

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Part 1

TANORE FINANCE - Inside Story Of The "Saudi Royal Donation" - The FBI Files Continued
21 July 2016 63 comments
Confirmed - no Saudi Royal was involved in the 2013 Tanore Finance Corporation transfers
Confirmed – no Saudi Royal was involved in the 2013 Tanore Finance Corporation transfers


The story of the ‘Saudi Royal Donation’ has gone up in smoke, thanks to the clear and forensic detail provided by the FBI.

Step by step, down to the date of each dollar transfer, the Feds have spelt out in their report how, in just a matter of days, $681 million (RM2.6bn) raised from 1MDB’s so-called Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) bond issue was passed to Najib’s now notorious personal AmBank account in KL.

They point out that this was the very same bank account into which earlier transfers were traced from the previous 1MDB heists, processed through the companies Good Star and Blackstone, which were both controlled by Jho Low.

Tanore Finance was in the name of Jho Low’s associate, Eric Tan and a named signatory was none other than the lawyer Jasmine Loo, whom Low had brought from Sarawak’s UBG corporation to be Executive Director of Group Strategy at 1MDB (before using 1MDB’s money to buy out his own and Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s interests in UBG).

Out of $2.7 billion raised from the 2013 TRX bond issue $1.59 billion was immediately siphoned into a network of off-shore funds that had been used before to launder money. These companies passed $835,000,000 straight to Tanore, which in turn passed the $681 million on to Najib’s account, thanks to instructions from Loo.

No Saudi Royal in sight. - continued

Anonymous said...

The scheme laid out by the FBI reveals how a tight group of key players had been brought together by this astonishing theft – a gang that had already been identified by Sarawak Report as we observed their partying and close connections.

These were the people around Jho Low and they include the American Joey McFarland, who had become the Co-Producer of Red Granite Pictures together with Najib’s step-son Riza Aziz.

Red Granite producer, Joey McFarland, has been identified by the FBI as a key player in Jho Low's art purchases using money from Tanore, after opening an account in his name at Christies....
Red Granite producer, Joey McFarland, has been identified by the FBI as a key player in Jho Low’s art purchases using money from Tanore, in his role as ‘authorised agent’ for the Tanore account at Christies….

Joey, who fancies himself as a discerning art collector, was at the centre of a picture-buying spree, in the period after the 2013 election, when Najib sent much of the money back to Tanore from KL.

The FBI details how Jho Low and his gang set about laundering it through art and other high value purchases.

This is the very same party gang, whom Sarawak Report earlier pin-pointed through their online presence, enjoying themselves in the ski centres of the world, cruising on mega-yachts and clubbing in Vegas.

According to their instagram accounts, this tight gang of thieves considered themselves “family” – tied together by their joint misdeeds, which are now bared to the world in this report.

They include Jho Low, Riza Aziz, Jasmine Loo, Joey McFarland, Khadem Al Qubaisi and a pack of Hollywood hangers on, who have been happy to enjoy their lavish hospitality, gambling chips, magnums of champagne, yachts, jets, art auction donations and the like and they include Leo Di Caprio, Alicia Keays, Swizz Beatz and a number of other well known celebrities.

The money trail
There is not a shred of doubt in this indictment that the person identified as ‘Malaysian Official 1′ is Najib Razak.

There are numerous confirmations and clear pointers that the only person to whom the DOJ is referring is the Malaysian Prime Minister and anyone saying otherwise is merely seeking to convince those who have not read the report or the wilfully gullible.

The section on ‘The Tanore Finance Stage’ of the 1MDB theft is as clear an indicator as any of the Prime Minister’s guilt as a mega-thief and liar, in that it deals with the money trail of $681 million, which led from 1MDB’s 2013 bond issue (supposedly for the Tun Razak Exchange project) into Najib’s personal AmBank Account in KL.

The DOJ points out that this is the very same sum and the very same transaction that has been acknowledged by Najib as having entered his account, confirmed by the Malaysian Attorney General.

Except Najib claimed that it was a ‘Saudi Royal Donation’ and said it was later largely returned to the ‘anonymous donor’, whereas the DOJ explains in detail how the money was flashed within two days from the 1MDB bond issue into Najib’s account through a few short banking moves via Tanore Finance which was controlled by Low and his associates.

Anonymous said...

Part 3

Most of the money was indeed returned to Tanore after the election in August the US investigators say, but it was then used by Jho Low and his gang to invest in art, real estate and other business ventures.

The DOJ devastatingly uses Malaysia’s own Attorney General’s statements, made during his bid to ‘clear’ his boss Najib, against himself, as they quote his admissions about the money:

“263. The Attorney General of Malaysia publicly stated that he conducted an inquiry into the $681 million in payments. In a press release issued on January 26, 2016, the Malaysian Attorney General confirmed that, “the sum of USD681 million (RM2.08 billion) [was] transferred into the personal account of [MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1] between 22.03.2013 and 10.04.2013,” and that, “in August 2013, a sum of USD620 million (RM2.03 billion) was returned by [MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1]. . . .” The Malaysian Attorney General ultimately characterized the payment of $681 million as a “personal donation to [MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1] from the Saudi royal family which was given to him without any consideration.”

It leaves no doubt that the man in question is Najib, as confirmed by AG Apandi’s own statement.

Sarawak Report has distilled the detailed information provided in Section III of the DOJ indictment on the path of the funds raised by the March 2013 bond issue – see the money trail below:

Anonymous said...

Gift letters – ‘This is definitely not corrupt”!
The fact that these paintings were then “gifted” by Tan to Jho Low and McFarland is the final give-away in the Tanore art buying spree. However, the DOJ detail a fascinating touch, whereby Jho Low arranged for letters to be sent to justify these various multi-million dollar gifts.

It is a modus-operandi that followers of the donation trails to Najib’s AmBank account will find familiar:

These “gifts” of art purchased by Tanore were memorialized in several “gift letters.” While the body of each letter was identical, each letter referenced a different work or works being gifted,

Likewise, the various ‘donations’ made to Najib via Blackstone, Tanore and a supposed Saudi sheikh (Saud Abdulaziz Majid al-Saud/Prince Faisal bin Turkey bin Bandar Alsaud), were all accompanied by the same pro-forma donation letters addressed to AmBank – and written in similar tone!

“Each of these gift letters was: (a) dated October 2, 2013, (b) addressed to LOW from TAN and Tanore, and (c) contained the subject line: “RE: GIFT OF ART- WORK(S) AS STATED BELOW IN CONSIDERATION OF YOUR FRIENDSHIP, YOUR CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD, AND PASSION IN PROMOTING THE UNDERSTANDING AND APPRECIATION OF ART-WORKS …

I wish to gift you ALL of the art-work(s) mentioned in this gift letter in consideration of the followings [sic]:

– all the generosity, support and trust that you have shared with me over the course of our friendship, especially during the difficult periods of my life; and

– your continuous generosity in providing charitable contributions to advance the well-being and development of our global communities; and

– your passion in promoting the understanding and appreciation of art- works.

287. Each gift letter closes by stating:
All the art-work(s) gifted to you should not in any event be construed as an act of corruption since this is against the Company and/or my principles and I personally do not encourage such practices in any manner whatsoever.

As the DOJ leaves any reader to conclude, this ludicrous and childish denial of specified corruption bears an almost identical flavour to the letters sent to AmBank by the supposed Sheikh donor to Najib Razak – and the author can only be the youthful, ridiculous and party-loving poser, Jho Low

Same style, same denial as the donation letters to Najib - "“The Gift should not in any event be construed as an act of corruption since this is against the practice of Islam and I personally do not encourage such practices in any manner whatsoever…"

Anonymous said...

Red Granite and the Hollywood Jet Set – ‘Hollywood Actor 1′ !
The funds used to pay for the prestige production of the Wolf of Wall Street are “directly traceable to the $700 million wire transfer and $330 million wire transfers unlawfully diverted from 1MDB to the Good Star Account”, says the DOJ.

It entirely vindicates Sarawak Report’s original query whether the film was funded by Riza’s friend Jho Low, despite furious denials at the time. Referring to lead actor Leonardo Di Caprio as “Hollywood Actor 1″ the DOJ confirms that Jho Low’s ring of gangsters was behind the film:

“In his acceptance speech upon winning a Golden Globe for his role in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Hollywood Actor 1 thanked “the entire production team,” singling out in particular “Joey, Riz, and Jho,” whom he characterized as “collaborators” on the film. Upon information and belief, this reference was to Joey McFarland, a co-founder of Red Granite Pictures, AZIZ, and LOW”

The DOJ report is as detailed as it is damning and now that the Prime Minister of Malaysia has been revealed to be a common crook, he must leave office.

Najib Razak may yet protest his innocence in the face of the overwhelming evidence and claim that he will be vindicated in court. However, people in positions of leadership can never expect to continue in office with such outrageous and well-founded charges against his head.

If under such circumstances he does not step aside to allow a credible candidate to take his place that in itself would be a criminal act against his people.

Najib must go before he causes further instability in Malaysia.

It's criminal in Malaysia too! DOJ reminds Malaysia's law and order enforcers what their duty is regarding Malaysian Official No 1 - SARAWAKREPORT

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wolf of Wall Street: a fitting end to common thieves

Q: What did one wolf say to another?
A: Let's go prey on some fast food!

Q: And what did the wolf ask on Wall Street?
A: Did the bogeysman say how much?

Cf said...

Apa besar sangat martabat bangsa bugis? Dia yg bangga dgn keturunan bugis.nie dia mencuri kita tak boleh tegur? Sapa yg mendewa kan bangsa dulu?,....

Waghih said...

Folks ...
That's it ... Malaysia is finish , gone , kaput ... bankrupt .

Did somebody say bankrupt ...
And Malaysia are supposedly bankrupt by 11 july 2016 ...
Wowww ... but i'm still getting many raya open house invitation.

City folks are talking about children marriage during this time .

People are now talking about year end vacation ...

Traffic jam are getting worst ...

Now .. where did we go wrong ...?

Now US AG announce civil lawsuit in relation to misappropriation of fund/assets from 1MDB ... purpose is to recover the stolen assets and return it to the owner .
So , in other words .. the US AG just wanted to return the stolen asset to the rightful owner .. which is 1MDB.

BUT .. 1MDB already announce all the assets are accounted for .. nothing missing . There was no report on missing asset by 1MDB .

Looks like 1MDB is going to get durian runtuh folks . Good on ya ...

Going further ...

1. What happened to Scorpene case in France .. as filed by Suaram ?.
So quiet lah ... 2 years already .

2. What happened to Swiss AG announcement on 1MDB investigation ?
There was no communication with 1MDB and our AG .

Guessed that is what CIVIL is all about .

So folks ... dont hold your breadth .
The US AG is only giving face to Tun M and his ANC gang .
After all Tun M has already paid US 1 million to a US senator to lobby for some action .

What a lively Shawal ...


Another Waghih said...

Aahhh, nice write-up, Waghih.

Unfortunately, no sane person with a sound and logical mind would believe anything you write.

So a good try on your part there.

Next time, try to be more concise and precise, and maybe then would your arguments carry any weight.

Would anyone be influenced by your arguments?

I doubt so.

As it is now, you seem to be totally clueless, and you are utterly misguided in your beliefs and views.

So Waghih, do everyone a favour and just stop the spinning and spreading outright lies.

Another Waghih.

Anonymous said...

The prosecutor wants him to sweat by not naming him outright. I mean why should they as this is just the beginning.

They know if they name him now the BN ministers would all go up in arms. They would have to prove the case against the others named first, then lead to Najib.

Md Hasif Md Yassin said...

Msia Official 1 still in power making more damages selling what ever left to destroy msia economi and security..He is a dangerous threat to whole rakyat.
mean while the dedakens also drive for more dedak...

rpremkumar2u said...

Waghih, stop wagging. The DOJ is conducting a seizure; not freeze. The assets were stolen and laundered. They belong to you and me. 1MDB cannot admit nor deny the theft. If it admits, that the theft occured under Najib's watch, he's a goner. It's obviously going to deny, in order to protect him, it's actually nope!the assets don't belong to us, keep em. Rightly so, they belong to you and me.
Stop and think before making baseless comments.

Tajul said...

With enough dedak I'll not be surprised if later "Waghih" will publicly announce that he is the real "Malaysian Official 1"

jamal nasir said...

Well said. Sangat setuju dengan penelitian tuan. Ayahnda Tun M dah nasihatkan. Jangan ambil duit Uncle Sam. Nanti payah anak cucu cicit. Dulu Ayah Lah cuma ambil sikit dari seberang tambak guna ECM Libra. Itupun Ayahnda Tun M mengamok. Sebab Ayahnda Tun M tak mahu gadai kampung. Ini kali memang kita yang faham akan hal ini dari sudut geopolitik kena doa semoga Ayahnda Tun kuat dan sehat untuk terus berjuang. Kita kena sokong sama.