Sunday, 31 July 2016

TMJ : What is your message to the PM ?

Tengku Mahkota Johor - Bearer of the Rakyat's message
Well, the much revered Tengku Mahkota of Johor Tengku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has made it public that he would be meeting Prime Minister Najib Razak, the infamous Malaysian Official 1, for tea on August 12, 2016. 

The TMJ revealed this during his casual chat with Harith Iskander on the Obviously Harith Iskander live show over Asto Awani last night.

If you listen carefully the TMJ also said "If you all have any message (that) you want me to pass to him... you can see me after the show".  

The time code of this gem of a message is from 34:30 to 35:10. Go listen again. Do listen to the whole episode too, its really worth your time.
Ampun Tuanku. I'm aware that your Highness' offer to be Royal messenger could be a limited one that applies only to those who were present in the studio but would Tuanku please consider making it available to all Malaysians ?  

Ampun Tuanku. Judging from the current state of affairs in our beloved  country I'm very sure there are millions of other Malaysians who are very keen to send their heartfelt wishes and messages to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. 

Ampun Tuanku. Malaysians are generally excited simply because, if our wish is granted, the bearer of the Rakyat's Message will be none other than Brigadier General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim. 

Ampun Tuanku beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik mohon diampun. 


Readers who have been posting long Messages to the Prime Minister in my previous posts, please redirect your messages/queries here. Please be civil or your message/query won't be published. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Tuanku suroh Dato Seri Mohd Najib letak jawatan. Tolong kami Tuanku.

hamba Allah

Anonymous said...

MR.PM... sudahlah... pls go. We are tired of waking up in the morning and having absolutely nothing positive to look forward to in this country. Your primiership has been tainted from day 1. From Altantuya to Millions spent on rings to the 1MDB fiasco. You and your family are costing us just more than money. You are costing us our future. Your term as prime minister has never brought happiness for the future. You are a black spot on our history. We will never fully recover from all your doings. We are as a nation are bleeding... pls go. Lastly but not any less important.. please stop paying people like Xrockybrux ,Bigdog and the foul mouth som of the ex igp to do your dirty work. They are wasting their time and your money....or shd i say the rakyats money. Pls tell them to stop being jerks and try telling them to go get a real job like real people. May be than...may be ...only than will they know what suffering as a malaysian under your stewardship means.

Thank you for all your screw ups...because it will be recorded in future books as a case study of corrupt leaders of the world.

Anonymous said...

Rayuan Kami wahai PM. Tolongla jgn bertahan lg.. Kasihani kami rakyat jelata. Letak lah jawatan..
Sekian terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Tuanku....mohon sampai pesanan saya minta YAB PM Najib Razak letak jawatan.

Anonymous said...

Salam HRH Brigadier General Tengku Ismail ibn Sultan Ibrahim,

Please convey a message to PM that if all allegations by DOJ was inaccurate then by all means:
1. Bring all 1MDB investments abroad back to Malaysia even one cent of it.
2. Bring to court or at least reveal all investigations of mismanagement by former 1MDB CEO, Jasmine Loo and Casey Tang based on evident deduced from PAC and Audit Report.


Anonymous said...

menjunjung kasih TMJ
i wish other royals also have yr kind of gumption esp those in the majlis raja2
TMJ may u hv a blessed and happy life
from rakyat kedah

Anonymous said...

Saya tidak mahu merayu kpd najib. Saya cuma mahu beliau letak jawatan dan pulang kan harta negara. Anda tidak layak memimpin kerana anda seorang MUNAFIK. Itu termaktub dalam Al Quran. Jadi kenyataannya,anda harus pergi dengan pasukan anda. Anda tidak bermaruah lagi dari penilaian saya.

Anonymous said...

Mintak Tuanku suruh Najib letak jawatan.Daulat Tuanku.

Anonymous said...

Sempoi sungguh TMJ ni.Bakal Raja macam nilah yang rakyat suka.Daulat Tuanku.

Anonymous said...

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need."
–Lao Tzu

Dear Tengku Mahkota, in the case of Malaysian Official no. 1, what more than what the whole world is already saying can we say? However, we don't think it is an option for him to bide his time for a state funeral and a grand sending off.

dina said...

tmj please tell najib to be strong and dont give in to fitnah.
dont let certain people dictate things that they know nothing of.

lleekh said...

Tuanku. Please ask Najib loud and clear, who he thinks is Malaysian Official 1?
And please tell us the PM's answer. Junjung kasih tuanku!

Anonymous said...

The highest Malaysian official apparently feels that plenty Cash makes a great King. Would that he in this upcoming meeting, seek the view of the Crown Prince on the marks of royal chivalry.

Anonymous said...

my message to TMJ is simple ... only YDP Agong, Sultan and Majlis Raja Raja who have the authority to advise DSN to step down .. all Tengku Mahkota should respect their father Sultan to hold their duty .. with all due respect to TMJ not to get involve in politic ��

Dapatgajibukanpengorbanan said...

Mohon pencerahan oleh para peguam. SRC sudah jadi OSA. Adalah bakal pesara Kerajaan dan pesara Kerajaan ada hak untuk buat laporan polis minta siasat kes duit SRC yang dipinjam dari KWAP dan telah dimasukkan ke dalam akaun Najib? Najib mengaku terima dan sudah dibelanjakan. Adalah beliau sudah ganti balik wang itu?

devilmaycare said...

penuh dengan hipokrit kaya raya negara ni.Rakyat biasa tunduk menadah macam balaci setia, akur kepada orang terbilang yang mengumpul harta hasil titik peluh rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Asskm, Mana2 website yang kena block boleh access guna

Anonymous said...

Read latest Sarawak Report (Blocked by Malaysian Government) @ . Spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Read latest Sarawak Report (Blocked by Malaysian Government) from Latest Sarawak Report @ . Spread the word...

tepen said...

I would like to ask YM TMJ to ask the PM the following 3 questions:
1) Why and for what purpose 1MDB remitted US$700 million Good Star (a company fully-owned by Jho Low as confirmed by investigators, including BNM)
2) Why PM classified the AG report under OSA
3) Why the OM obstructed investigations into 1MDB
Thank you.

Ferwani said...


Anonymous said...

Menjunjung Kasih TMJ

1. Where is Jho Lo?
2. Why riza aziz still in US?
3. Who is Malaysian Official 1?
4. Show us the duit derma refund proof
5. Why PM said theres no money in his account and dont know anything about it at the first place?
6. After investigator place in all evidences then he admit theres a money and its a donation and he has refund it back because he doesnt need it. How on earth PM can said that while RM need to save money since she was born just to buy a 24mil worth of ring? Doesnt make sense right. Everything doesnt make sense.

Unknown said...

hanya satu...NAJIB perlu dan terpaksa letak jawatan, rakyat dan negara tdk perlu kan NAJiB..

mokk's said...

Najib please resign!! we are the very hurt you sold!!

Anonymous said...

So long winded....

Anonymous said...

Ampun tuanku , terima kaseh diatas keperihatinan terhadap rakyat marhaen , sesungguhnya hanya Allah sahaja yang mampu membalasnya .
Mohon Tuanku sampaikan salam rakyat buat DSN ... rakyat didalam kegundahan didalam pimpinan beliau , lakukan sesuatu demi rakyat .

Anonymous said...

Tak payah tanya... sendiri tahu apa rakyat hendak dari Najib..

Anonymous said...

Pujuk Panglima Bugis@Najib supaya letak jawatan sekali dengan orang sekelilingnya.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbt. Ampun Tuanku sembah patik harap diampun. Patik ingin menyuarakan pendapat patik agar menteri menteri yg dilantik olih YAB DS Najib yang menyokong DS serta kroninya diselidiki harta dn kewangannya dari punca manakah yg diperolihinya, Mereka ini yg lantang bersuara membela DS tanpa memperdulikan suara rakyat. Ampun Tuanku.

Law Of Attraction said...

Tell him to resign immediately !!

Atok Pendita said...

Hentikan pentadbiran dan arahan disebalik tabir rakyat semua tahu dah arahan arahan yang dikeluarkan disebalik tabir samaada najib atau rosmah.jangan berselindung dengan janji janji manis didepan rakyat tapi dibelakang dia mengeluarkan arahan yang sebaliknya.rakyat sekarang bukan mcm zaman 60 70 an yang kurang arah arah tuju pentadbiran kurang arif undang undang kurang arif erti hukum hakam dunia apalagi hukum Allah...seeloknya undur lah cara terhormat.manusia mana tak buat silap tapi kesilapan najib boleh menghancurkan negara bangsa dan agama.

Anonymous said...

You must be dreaming, living in a Bolehland!

Unknown said...

Ampun Tuanku. Soalan Patik ringkas sahaja.

Mahukah DS menjadi pemetik buah epal di Australia?

Faris said...

whether najib is right or wrong, it is time from him to step down. Malaysia need a new fresh leader with new vision bring Malaysia forward & to stop Najibs ongoing drama at once.

Dapatgajibukanpengorbanan said...

Najib bijak dan tiada sesiapa pun berani tangkap dia! Dia boleh tangkap sesiapa pun. Jika Majlis Raja2 pun dia tidak pedulikan, inikan pula TMJ.

Anonymous said...

Give him an ultimatum. Resign or be forced to1

Anonymous said...

Mr PM show proof to the rakyat that the allegations are not true. Don't just assume nothing happened and pray hard the rakyat will forget about it. Our reputation are smeared by you if you choose to keep quiet.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Sedangkan Tun Mahathir orang yang begitu berjasa pada Negara dia(najib) buat tak tahu,ini kan suara kita.

Jadi mesej saya,di tujukan buat Raja-Raja....

Tuanku² semua mohon guna kan kuasa tuanku.Tuanku Raja Kami.Tak sedih ke tuanku dengar rakyat bersusah payah,yang miskin bertambah miskin.yang kaya bertambah kaya.sudah lah tu pada cara yang tak sepatutnya.

Kami mohon Di dengar suara Rakyat,Suara orang yang pernah berjasa pada Negara.naikkan semula martabat Negara.jangan di biar di pijak² di pandang hina.Negara kita Negara berdaulat kerana kami mempunyai raja.Raja Berjiwa Rakyat.

Pada Allah kami Panjatkan Doa,semoga di makbulkan doa kami.

Anonymous said...

Dina,awak mesti orang kaya yang hidup senang tak tau kesusahan orang miskin.
Dan mungkin awak bukan duduk di Malaysia pon.

Anonymous said...

My message is, why are you working with crooks?

"A large construction firm from China was debarred from bidding for World Bank projects following “fraudulent practices” in a major Philippines road improvement project. The World Bank has blacklisted China Communications Construction Company Ltd until January 2017.

See an extract from a World Bank statement here:

Washington, July 29, 2011 − The World Bank today announced the debarment of China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Limited, and all its subsidiaries, for fraudulent practices under Phase 1 of the Philippines National Roads Improvement and Management Project.

Under the sanction, CCCC is ineligible to engage in any road and bridge projects financed by the World Bank Group until January 12, 2017. This action is based on recent changes in the World Bank sanctions system to clarify that successor organizations – through purchase or reorganization – will be subject to the same sanctions applied to the original firm."

I would not take CCCC's denials too seriously.

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian government planned to double the cost of the East Coast Rail Project from 30 billion ringgit to 60 billion ringgit, a difference of about $9.8bn. A company nominated by CCCC would then assume $US5.6bn of 1MDB’s debt in return for assets held on the sovereign fund’s books at the same amount.

Are Zimbabwe and the Maldives more intelligent than our govt?


"A Chinese contractor chosen for the US$200 million Malé-Hulhulé bridge project was blacklisted by the World Bank over fraudulent practices during a road improvement project in the Philippines.

The CCCC Second Harbour Engineering company was sanctioned in 2009 and barred from engaging in any road and bridge projects financed by the World Bank Group until January 2017.

Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muiz said at a parliamentary committee today that the bidding process for the ‘China-Maldives Friendship Bridge’ was conducted by the Chinese government last week."


"HARARE, June 6 (The Source) – The company that won a lucrative $2 billion contract for the construction of Zimbabwe’s most important highway is under a World Bank ban for tender rigging and fraud.

Zimbabwe recently named Chinese firm China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) as the main contractor of the Beitbridge-Chirundu highway dualisation project. An Austrian firm based in China, Geiger International, was named as the financier of the project.

However, according to a World Bank listing of firms that are ineligible for contracts that it finances, state-owned China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) Limited, CHEC’s parent company, is banned until 2017. According to the World Bank, companies that it places on its blacklist would have been found in violation of its “fraud and corruption policy”.

Does CCCC only deal with countries desperate to make a quick buck, more so because they may have to pay the UAE RM27 billion shortly?

Anonymous said...

Resign aka Get Lost aka Step Down !

Anonymous said...

Let's see whether there's any change on TMJ after meeting with Najib over coffee or tea ! You know what Rosmah is capable of.

Waghih said...

Ouchhh ..." the much REVERED TMJ .." ?

Glancing thru the FB .. the correct word should be the opposite .
With his egocentric show off , no wonder the aye is for RoJ .

Now ,back to his meeting with PM DSN .
Understand that the purpose is get a clear picture on 1MDB issue from DSN himself . Guessed that TMJ must be hearing a lot from ANC group and that he is confused . He figured the best thing to do is to listened to DSN himself .... Good on ya Tunku .

TMJ is actually a wise young man who listened to the elders .

So , ..." what you want me to pass to DSN ..." ?



Anonymous said...

Once again waghih wags his egotistic tail while he delights in mischievous obfuscation...

Anonymous said...


Malaysia is keen to reach a settlement with Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund over a US$6.5 billion (S$8.7 billion) dispute with 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), as the stand-off heads into arbitration next month.

The talks with Abu Dhabi's International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) will help the government decide on legal action against 1MDB's previous management or directors over the soured dealings, Second Finance Minister Johari Abdul Ghani told The Straits Times in an interview last week.

The stand-off over a debt asset swap between the two state funds forms part of a financial scandal engulfing Prime Minister Najib Razak that led to calls for him to resign.

The Najib administration faces public pressure to take action against senior 1MDB officials responsible for the financial mess.
"It doesn't look good for two countries to fight over a business transaction. This is all about getting two parties to sit down and discuss and thrash out whatever differences that we have," Datuk Johari said in the interview.

1MDB signed a debt asset swap deal with IPIC in May last year, but the Emirati firm claimed in April that 1MDB has not repaid a US$1 billion advance and applied for arbitration in London, where it is publicly listed.
Mr Johari said his ministry, which owns 1MDB and provided indemnity on the deal, is "trying to see if we can settle this amicably".


Why is IPIC even mentioned in the documents? Why is Jho Low in there? Why is the govt dealing with a firm (CCCC) that is banned by the World Bank?

If the Chinese govt is serious about corruption, then ask the Chinese embassies in London, New York, and the Beijing govt to respond.

IPIC should not accept the proceeds of corruption in order to cover-up the original corruption.