Friday 10 October 2008


Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan is a DESPERATE man, and an IDIOT on top of that.

p/s I, as a Malaysian citizen who is deeply offended by what Kalimullah says about Dr.Mahathir in his NST column today, am warning Kalimullah to shut-up and leave or face having rotten eggs on your not so pleasant face!

His nasty words against Muhyiddin is also uncalled for.

Jejak Pujangga says here that the Badly-Brought Up-Moron has tendered his resignation as Deputy Chairman of the NSTP group.

So, is Kalimullah's outburst in his column today not a desperate and shameless act of a running dog that has been dumped into the septic tank?

A more diplomatic Rockybru is politely requesting the SOON-TO-RETIRE PM : "Pak Lah, could you take the GARBAGE out as you leave, please?

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Anonymous said...

Let Kalimullah burn in hell....


Anonymous said...

He's a rich sour grape.

Anonymous said...

For that piece of written garbage, Kali-Ular will be amply rewarded. Not that he hasnt. But more.

Anonymous said...

Kalimullah sold the Malay Mail for money, can you imagine that? The paper is so sentimental to the NST Group.

Kalimullah will prostitute his mother, wife and daughters for money. That's how he prostituted Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Abdullah was too stupid to even realise that.

I don't mind paying a few ringgit for the daughter.

Apek, cincau-limau satu!

Temuljin said...


Please stop stooping so low as to give honor by mentioning and getting angry worthlessly to someone who doesn't deserve mention.
The nation has already ignore the integrity of the mainstream media and it is a given that no matter all the provocation and instigation these papers try to stir up won't work anymore.
THEY AND THAT PERSON DESERVED TO BE TOTALLY IGNORED BY SOCIETY AT LARGE. After all his wife did mentioned to him to consider that migration to Australia seriously.
Maybe we should prepare a 'Landfill'sort of place on maybe Pulau Batu Putih or likewise for all the garbage that Rocky mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Dear bloggers,

I have yet to read the NST today, quoting the antics of Kallimullah as posted by some of you on this site. I am sure there are many such "kalimullahs" who may have attributed to Pak Lah's downfall as the shortest outgoing prime minister and UMNO President.

Many of us will agree that "The trouble is not in our institutions, imperfect as they doubtless are. The crying necessity for reform springs from the fact that while our institutions are representative theoretically, our public officers are not so, actually". (Quote from Furton MacMahon)

I don't think we should blame Pak Lah and believe that in his 5 years of contributions to this nation, nothing is worth mentioning in order to openly discredit a man of high personal integrity.I can't say the same for his other family members though, as Pak Lah once said to me "that we cannot take care of everything but leave some to God's discretion".

I have personally known Pak Lah since 1973 and some of us may not know his backqround and personal traits, though a crooked politician survives better than a straight guy who sees thing differently. To me and in my honest words, I think Pak Lah had tried his best to change the norms of governance through his Islamic idealism and his fear for the Greatness Allah swt.

Pak Lah's greatest contribution is not about creating more wealth, but more about integrity and human values, peace and harmony.Hence, the setting up of various institutions and reform strategies in order to combat corruptions, raising the level of public delivery systems, a fair and just judiciary system and a stable political environment with less racial disharmony.These are all enshrined in his ten principles of Islam Hadhari or Islamic Civilization for modern times.

Finally, let me appeal to the sanity of our people, just let Pak Lah go in peace and stop criticising a man who may not be as intelligent as former prime minister Dr Mahathir or even comparable to Najib, the PM designate from March 2009.Afterall in his recent speech after in consultation with the BN leaders, Pak Lah had admitted that he had indeed realised now that he did not deliver to the wishes of the people as proven by the disastrous results of the 12th general election.

Wake up Malaysians and let us look forward to Najib's administration, the last legacy of the Razak's family influence to this beautiful country, for which all of us will be protected under the Federal Constitution. Give Najib until the 13th general election and see whether he sinks or swim together with us who are truly patriotic Malaysians for a "Malaysian Malaysia".

Ted Torrence said...

New Polls on UMNO: -
1. Should Members of Barisan Nasional converge to form a Single MULTIRACIAL Party?
2. Who do you want as the new Youth Chief for UMNO?
3. Who do you want as the new Deputy President for UMNO?

Anonymous said...

Dear Haji Musapha Ong,

Pak Lah a man of integrity! How can anyone have integrity if you overrule a selection committee's decision to push forward your own candidate. He is ZALIM!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bloggers,

Please allow me to comment on the debate of Pak Lah's integrity. I wish to differ from those who think that Pak Lah is not a man of integrity. It's not that Pak Lah has no integrity or moral, except that those greedy family members abused their rights of PM/family relationship and enriched themselves, including those "kaki ampu and masuk melalui pintu belakang sebagai politikus berlalang".

Pak Lah is a man of integrity, but unfortunately he is not a good juggler like the others and let things happen.He is kind and passionate and also God fearing, as reflected in his admission of political defeat with honour and dignity. No healthy political leaders will give up all their power and hand over gracefully to his successor.Only Pak Lah cos he is not power cracy.

I hope that at least some of you will share my humble views, not with emotions but with self conscience, humanity and humility.Good luck to Pak Lah and Jeanne Abdullah and may Allah continue to bless both of you in dunia dan akhirat.

manggis said...




Knights Templar said...

Kalimullah tu memang ANAK HARAM BESAQ bro .... nak kata apa lagi.aku tak suka maki orang ...but this bastard is a bastard.