Tuesday 21 October 2008


The world is staring at a Global Financial Crisis.

Some in the North, like the United States of America have been hit so bad financially that they have been forced to eat their words -lick the saliva which they spat out uncontrollably 10 years ago – and engage in a USD 700 billion bail-out of all denominations.

They dumped the so called Global benchmarks in the financial structure, abandoned religiously preached and guarded International Financial rules & regulations and discarded the entire financial structure which they imposed on others.

Currency traders and free-market Gurus are leaving America in droves before they’re identified as one of the main culprits and sent to jail.

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank bosses might be heading to their hideout in the Himalayas soon.

All that matters for a Super Power like the great United States of America now is their very SURVIVAL.

They won’t be able keep the Disintegrating States of America ‘United’ if Americans can’t put food on their table, if Americans actually can’t feed their family.

(Remember New Orleans, and how the Black Americans there were left to suffer for weeks. They are part of the disintegrating part of the States of America)

The USA is not only dead worried about the financial recovery at the macro level but also the micro level where Food, Clothing and Shelter to the millions of American citizens who are / will be effected by the worsening financial crisis.

Although President Bush has a reputation of his own, maybe his Government is moving in the right direction and is focused on the Economic Recovery.

Bush and the so-called Civil Society in the US and elsewhere in Europe are certainly not preaching about REFORMS, at this point of time.

They are certainly not talking about Human Rights, Independence of the Judiciary, an ACA with wings or Freedom of Expression.

They are indeed united in trying to avert a Major Depression.

NOW, let’s get back home and see WHAT the Prime Minister of Malaysia is talking about!

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says he has some URGENT unfinished work which he had slept on for a couple of years.

But what is more URGENT now? Some REFORMS which none of the cabinet members could spell-out?

I wonder if we could spread members of the Free Independent Judiciary on our dining table and say out aloud ‘Dinner is Ready’!

No doubt those Human Rights and all his/her friends are vital in a civilized society as ours but I need Food, Clothing, Shelter and a Job before that … I need an assurance that My Government is doing something to cushion the impacts of the meltdown which is flowing down from the North, Don’t You?

p/s I hope and pray that our Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib would drive some sense into Abdullah and set his priorities right.

Malaysians need not suffer due to his arrogance or stupidity … whichever way you look at it.

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Anonymous said...


Pak Lah is obviosuly stupid lah. Otherwise would he have taken Kalimullah as his adviser....?

Ha ha ha...

p.s. Kalimullah and Brendan Peireira (who briefs Lee Kuan Yew every month) should be charged for espionage and put away for natural life.

IC merah lokap masuk....

Unknown said...

well the most powerful nation should swallow her pride and seek advice from a developing country's exPM for tips on how to handle free market rouges

thye should have taken his advice on FAIR market instead of free market (the word free implies someone benefitting at the expense of someone else)

and strangely some sections of Malaysian society is propagating globalisation as a justification for NEP demise

now they know WISDOM should be valued well above INTELLIGENCE

the plain drinking water is healthier than the sparkling champagne

Tun Dr M, the world will remember you. As for the 5th PM, who was he and where is he? probably fast asleep, tired after his outburst