Tuesday 14 October 2008

Over The Limit La, AZALINA!

An Excellent Piece By Citizen Nades & His Disciple.

Poser over excessive staffing at Ministry - TheSun
by R. Nadeswaran and Terence Fernandez

PETALING JAYA (Oct 12, 2008): The tourism minister’s office has excess baggage. It’s over-staffed and the appointment of some 20 staff contravenes the Public Services Department (PSD)’s regulations limiting the appointments to only eight. It is also in defiance of a Treasury circular on cost-cutting and austerity.

The minister’s office has three special officers, five political officers, one research officer, six Information technology (IT) officers and five support staff.

The PSD allows a minister to have only one special officer, one senior private secretary or administrative and diplomatic officer, one private secretary or assistant administrative officer, one press secretary or information officer, three administrative assistants one general office assistant.

These details are contained in documents sighted by theSun which also highlight other discrepancies, such as:> the appointments were backdated to circumvent circulars from the PSD and the Treasury;> applicants being paid much more than they asked for;> multiple payment of salaries from different companies; and> absence of proper selection process as the posts were not advertised.

The correspondence between the ministry’s officers and minister’s private secretaries to heads of subsidiary companies of the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board expose a series of breaches of government rules and regulations.

In a letter dated April 23,the ministry’s deputy secretary-general Datuk Ab Ghaffar A. Tambi wrote to the then director-general of Tourism Malaysia Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, directing him to make arrangements to pay the salaries of 20 staff who on paper are attached to the minister’s office – ranging from special officers to administrative assistants. But subsequent letters are telling indeed with the appointments being back-dated.

As only the PSD can approve new appointments, the guidelines were circumvented by getting Tourism Malaysia subsidiary Pempena Sdn Bhd and its affiliates Malaysian Travel Business Sdn Bhd and SD Corp Communications Sdn Bhd to pay their salaries.

PSD Director-General Tan Sri Ismail Adam had on April 30 issued a circular emphasising the restriction of appointments in the offices of ministers and deputy ministers. Each designation is spelt out with a proper salary structure. Ministers can have eight and their deputies, four. The circular was effective March 19 -- a week after the new members of Cabinet took office.

Subsequently, on May 2, the Treasury issued a circular freezing new appointments as part of the government’s cost-cutting measures. But documents show that some appointments in the minister’s office were made after that date and backdated to April 1.

* On June 11, the minister's senior private secretary Mohd Daud Mohd Arif requested the chairman of Malaysian Travel Business Datuk Abdullah Ahmad to employ three persons as "administrative assistants" with salaries ranging from RM2,100 to RM3,000. Abdullah was asked to back-date their appointments to April 1.

* On May 12, the minister’s private secretary, Suziyana Natasya Abdullah, wrote to Pempena human resource officer Mariam Amy, attaching a list of 16 names and 17 Pempena employment application forms for "immediate action".

The appointments of several of these officers do not reflect details in their application forms. For example David Chiam Joy Woon "applied" for a job as "pegawai khas" (special officer) and put his expected salary as RM6,000.

However, in documents related to payment of his salary, he is being paid RM10,000 -- RM5,000 as executive director of SD Corp and another RM5,000 as a board member Malaysia My Destination (MYD) Sdn Bhd. He is also a board member of other affiliates and subsidaries, including Malaysian Travel Business and Awana London, Awana Beijing.

Similarly, former Malay Mail sports reporter, Tony Mariadass applied for a job as a "research officer" with an expected salary of RM8,000. He is listed so in the list of officers in the minister’s office, but has since been "appointed" general manager of Shopping Malaysia Secretariat (SSM) at a salary of RM10,700. Co-incidentally, both he and Chiam had previously worked for the same minister in the Youth and Sports Ministry.

Mohd Radzi Ramli applied for the post of pegawai politik (political secretary) with an expected salary of RM4,405 but also holds the post of senior executive (government liaison) at SSM, with a pay of RM3,000.

For the record, it now costs at least RM23,000 a month in salaries to four people, to run the SSM, not taking into account EPF payments; medical bills and other perks that come with the jobs.

Other appointments on the list of 16 whose names do not appear in the forms include Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, who is executive director of Pempena. She is paid RM10,000 and is provided with a car and driver.

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CITIZEN NADES: http://www.sun2surf.com/article.cfm?id=26524

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Anonymous said...


Azalina is too much. When she took over the ministry of tourism, plenty of billboards were erected along the highway alkononnya to promote domestic tourism industry. But the rakyat are asking what is the relevent of her muka tembam being placed side by side with PM and DPM... mau bodek ka. Come on if you need to do such a promotion please engage a no nonsense consultant if need be after all sapa tak kenal dengan Azalina di mana2 tempat dia bekerja. Hampir semua pegawai meluat dengan kerenah menggunakan pegawai khas yang bapok tu ... ada kuasa macam power rangers kalau engkar menteri panggil mengadap la la tu jugak. Najib need to observe this amazon carefully if he really want to gain support from the rakyat.

Unknown said...

Dear Apanama,

Can somebody kindly furnish me with the achievement of this lady throughout her career as a Federal Minister?

Sadly, I found her to be utterly incapable in all areas.

For example; The ZOOM MALAYSIA campaign while being a brilliant idea was damaged with the BASIC 101 LOW CLASS POLITICAL MISTAKE by having her picture (with Badawi & Najib) as the focal point.

While in Youth & Sport, she also proudly made some stupid mistakes.

Can any of her overstaff prove me wrong?

manggis said...



Anonymous said...

Why is no MP bringing this matter up or questioning the excesses? Sources inside say she is on an 'contracts awarding' spree for the 2009 budget ~ of course given out to her cronies and all done without the proper procedures in place (just award dont question!). This is in case she gets shuffled off somewhere else to another ministry la. Stupid new DG bahlol is put there cos he does not question cos he wants the job of DG!Thats why MIrza was played out cos he questioned too much. New minister come in (if there is a reshuffle) will have nothing else cos she spent it all.