Tuesday 7 October 2008


Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s SHOCK & AWE announcement … the Bush Way.

The estranged and worst Umno President in the history of Malaya/Malaysia is not going to give up his coveted position to his deputy as easily as many of us are hoping for.

Sources say the bandits and sycophants around him have somewhat convinced him of their detailed strategy for him to stay on.

They have something like George Bush’s SHOCK & AWE strategy which would take everyone by surprise and some with their pants down.

I won’t be surprised though, as the TV3 group, Utusan Malaysia, Bernama, NST and STAR have been asked to include a specific paragraph in all related political reports which says ‘ Abdullah is expected to announce his decision not to defend his Umno presidency’.

Even MalaysianInsider, the news portal which knows the exact color and brand of Abdullah’s underwear, has been singing a similiar tune way too early and appears to be trying hard to show readers that it has dropped its 'sycophantic verses' for Abdullah.

Now, why these famed 4th floor strategists would want to do such a thing?

Is it not too plain and simple, especially when it comes from such crooked people?

Could it be a method of conditioning the people’s mind with the wrong picture, so that the SHOCK & AWE announcement by Abdullah after the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council meeting on Wednesday creates maximum impact?

Would such SHOCK & AWE announcement then portray Abdullah as a true fighter … a Malay hero who never gives up?

And would the gullible Umno pakciks and makciks (uncles and aunties) then shed some tears and rally behind Abdullah while the brave hearts of Umno Youth, led by none other than superhero Khairi Jamaluddin, unsheathe their much feared KERIS to defend ‘Abdullah the Warrior’?

Many moons ago, my mentor explained that such acts could be simply classified as

p/s Whatever the outcome is after the BN meeting @ 1530hrs on Wednesday, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin would remain as the main target of the ‘Great Khazanah Robbers’.

I think Malaysians should embark on a manhunt for the robbers before they start looting Bank Negara Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Pak Lah hentam the blogs and now he uses the blogs to fight najib. They even use opposition websites bro.. so no class these people, bro.

btw.. tomorrow pak lah will announce he will stay put. so no surprises.

Anonymous said...

Agreed,he WILL stay on coz everyone of importance have shown their cards on the green velvet!He is the last to throw.Sure got ACE mah.Watch hsi chesshire cat grin on TV and looka t the body.100 to 1 he stays and go for the Prez.Arjun

Raison D'etre said...


I, too, have seen the ominous "expected to announce his not seeking .. bla, bla" mostly in Bernama bylined stories.

We shall see later today.

In the meantime, God bless.

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