Tuesday 28 April 2015

1MDB - PRIME MINISTER going on leave?

In his Comment that appeared in the NST yesterday (Monday, April 27, 2015), Tunku Abdul Aziz says quite a lot on the subject which we know is and has been very close to his heart. Tunku Aziz, as we know, is a man with strong principles in life. It is due to such principles that the once Deputy Vice Chairman of DAP quit the party in the run up to the 2013 General Elections. 
I have had the privilege of meeting up with the man himself on a few occasions, just for brief discussions. I have not an iota of doubt of his integrity and moral values. It is with such awe and respect that I'm writing to highlight certain omissions and seek opinions from the learned man who is the founding member of the Malaysian Chapter of Transparency International.  

Firstly, taking note of the above paragraph in which Tunku Abdul Aziz calls for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to lodge reports with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (of which Tunku is a board member) and the Police, I would like to inform Tunku that detailed reports to the respective agencies have been lodged. In the case of the Police, a specific report has also been lodged against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and two others from 1MDB

So far there has been two police reports, including the one with specific mention of Najib Razak, and another report to the MACC. More reports may follow suit if the agencies remain like a tiger chained to the pole.

I'm sure the learned Tunku Aziz was not suggesting that the respective authorities would commence some form of investigations ONLY if Dr Mahathir himself lodges reports to the trusted agencies. If that is how investigating agencies operate in our country, then I would suggest Dr Mahathir to seriously consider Tunku Aziz's suggestion.

Secondly, I also fully agree with Tunku Aziz that 'we should not short-circuit the systems and procedures that regulate the conduct of government business'. 

It is with this fear of the systems being short-circuited that I'm now seeking Tunku Abdul Aziz's opinion on a very basic issue of transparency, good governance and the likes of it. 

Dear Tunku Abdul Aziz, 

Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak who is 1MDB's Chairman of the Board of Advisors, Finance Minister and Prime Minister is someone who has been directly implicated in the 1MDB scandal. 

Najib is implicated not only in his positions/capacity as mentioned above but also due to his personal/family association with dubious characters linked to the 1MDB scandal. His wife is also very much in the picture.

Do you, as a learned person who is seen to be fighting corruption, upholding transparency, good governance and everything good that comes with it, share my opinion that Najib Razak should take leave from all Government positions until the Police, MACC, Auditor General and the Public Accounts Committee complete their probe into the 1MDB scandal? 

Give us a Yes or No.

Should the Prime Minister not go on leave to allow the respective agencies unlimited access, free hand and a free-from-intimidation environment to complete the probe?

p/s Najib's position as Umno president, though very much inter-related, is another matter and is being addressed despite overwhelming scare tactics and RM.

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Anonymous said...

Nampak jer berprinsip. Dia pun pandai berpolitik.

Lupa ke? Tak apa. Melayu mudah lupa.

Anonymous said...

i am sure and hope that Tengku Aziz hasn't any hidden agenda when commenting on Tun Mahathir.

Anonymous said...

For Tunku Aziz to take years before realizing who or what DAP really is when ordinary people like me can see it all along, I doubt that that the Tunku is as learned as you said he is. It seems to me that he is naive.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.54,

Totally agree with you. He left DAP after he was ABUSED and only then he acted to leave. It was too late. Likewise, following his attitude, moreso in MACC's setting......you may get years after pru14 to complete investigation...but then you are no longer the government, are you???

KBAT said...

A tiger chained to a pole? No way. That description doesnt do justice. I have the equation. Money(position)(contacts)=untouchable= -small fries will die

Selective prosecution is the word. To the dumbass mind, they might take my comment as seditious. But this is the perception that is being painted so dont be blaming me if i see Shit in your painting.

Besides, the relevant bodies cant touch the pm as according to the gimp from kedah on Mukhriz, using the same logic, it is the PM that hired you so you should know your role. The guy is on twitter all day long.

Anonymous said...

Dear Apanama,
sorry to say this, but this Tunku Abdul Aziz seems to be a spent force.
To many his comments and actions sound questionable, talks about this, writes about that, and he is lost in the present, out of the picture.
Not qualified to write about Tun M.

Anonymous said...

"Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other is through acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then that derived from fear of punishment."
-Mahatma Gandhi

I feel that Dr. Mahathir's power does not derive from casting fear into others.

Anonymous said...

Pangkalan TUDM Sungai Besi harus pindah ke Sendayan. 1MDB akan bina pangkalan ITU. Betul ke? Atau kerajaan kena bayar. Dah masuk budget RMK-11 ke?

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure nothing will happen. We will all be talking about 1MDB, Altantuya, Scorpene for many years to come. If Najib is forced to step down, he will threaten to reveal others skeleton and ended up sweeping everything under the carpet. He is too powerful. Look at the story revealed by Sarawak Report on UMNO's laywer visiting Sirul in Australia to shut his mouth. Did you hear anyone talking about it? Why? What happened to DAP, PKR PAS and UMNO pro TunM? Why quiet?

Anonymous said...

Have told you before this person Tengku Aziz is beyond credbility, one of the dunggus, and we should not give him any space or attention.
In the New Straits Times today, he went again on another critique of Tun M. Seems like he is flitting here and there like a mosquito, trying to get his bit of attention. What a nonentity!

Anonymous said...

On Tunku Aziz, DAP supporters.

Tunku Aziz can say whatever he wants. He will be disappointed when unlike him; Dyana Daud will not leave DAP.
Tunku Aziz said when he joined DAP, the party fought against corruption. He too wants to fight corruption. So he found in DAP a form of kindred spirit. But later he found out DAP wasn’t fighting against corruption but against the government. So he says, after the fact- that cannot be because he wasn’t into that kind of fight. Tunku Aziz didn’t know that to fight against corruption, he has to fight against the structures that support corruption.
Only later he found out, DAP isn’t an NGO or a social pressure group, but a political party.
Perhaps to Tunku Aziz, corruption takes place in a vacuum, no perpetrators, no people. Corruption is rampant with this government, how can you fight corruption without taking the superstructure that supports it?
Don’t tell me, this simple association wasn’t intelligible to Tunku Aziz when he joined DAP? Tunku Aziz left because he felt slighted and beneath him to be denied serving as senator. So how come Tunku Aziz is no longer fighting against corruption now?
Is it because DAP is taking this fight, Tunku Aziz doesn’t want to fight corruption fearing that he would be associated with DAP? Then Tunku Aziz is just another egotistical bloke who thinks only he has the right to fight corruption. This man cannot belong anywhere in this case. Not DAP, not UMNO, not any party. He is one man show.


Anonymous said...

Tunku Aziz at his age now could have been a towering personality, but look at him and compare to Tun M. TAziz brought himself down low by his prejudices and personal ego. He was only for himself, certainly not for the party,not for the nation and not for the people.
It's best let him stay retired, out of sight out of mind.