Sunday 12 October 2008



Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, please don’t allow the WANITA which you have also sacrificed and toiled for to slide into self-destructive mode.

Should Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, the Iron Lady of Wanita Umno, follow the path of the RETIRING Umno President and Prime Minister?

Would it not be better for Wanita Umno, Umno in general and Barisan Nasional at large if Tan Sri Rafidah is magnanimous enough to reject nominations from the on-going party Divisional meetings and relinquish her post as Wanita Umno Chief at the party General Assembly in March?

Many are thinking aloud and talking louder, wondering why the Iron Lady wants to stay on until mid-2009 when even Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (whose initial exit plan was mid-2010) could leave earlier (March-2009) in the best interest of Malaysians.

Shouldn’t Tan Sri Rafidah, our Malaysian Madeleine Albright, sacrifice the THREE MONTHS and leave gracefully in March, instead of June or July?

What could you possibly do in the 90-odd days Tan Sri Rafidah?

Wouldn’t Wanita Umno leaders and members throughout the country have fewer headaches if you make it clear to them that Wanita Umno needs a new leader … something similar to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s Oct 8 announcement?

Abdullah finally demonstrated the long awaited Leadership by Example (Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan) trait by leaving Umno to Datuk Seri Najib and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Don’t you, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, think you should do something similar and prevent Wanita Umno from breaking apart during the last few months of your long, memorable and illustrious leadership?

THINK! … and act now before some expired-Princess or princesses HIJACK your much guarded Wanita Umno and raise the level of Wanita skirts. They might even try to turn them PINK.

While Sharizat remains loyal to you and your leadership, she is facing tremendous pressure from within Wanita and threats traveling in high-end PINK CADILLACS.

p/s Wanita Umno is the strongest pillar of Umno, don’t hack it for short-term gains. A grassroots grandmother THINKS Sharizat Jalil & Halimah Siddique would make a good team.

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Anonymous said...

Sudah lah tu Rafidah. Bring yourself down while you are up, before you are brought down...


Anonymous said...

I like Halimah Siddiqe

Anonymous said...


Macamana Azalina boleh dapat pencalonan untuk Ketua Wanita? Dia tu Jantan!

Girlfriend dia bini orang...

IC merah, lokap masuk!

Knights Templar said...

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